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Monday, January 25, 2010

Townsend, Montana

Area: Townsend, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Lanham

Well it feels good to be writing you again. Since our pday is Mondays I haven't had a chance to write yet. There is also so much to write I don't even know where to being. When we got to Billings it was only 40 degrees. Not too bad. We had a dinner and then a little testimony meeting that night and then we received our calls. I got mine to Townsend as you all know and when I first read it I though wait a sec. that sounds really familiar. I think that's where Ricky's grandparents live! But I wasn't a 100% sure so I didn't tell anyone that I might know someone there. Well that next day we got on a Greyhound at around 1:00. That is the way they transport elders around here. That or they have an older man who's on a mission with his wife and he drives a big van around for transfers. But anyway I rode the Greyhound with a few others from my district. One comp went to Bozeman the other went to Wyoming. So anyway we went on the Greyhound and slowly would lose elders on the way. Then in Butte most of us got broken up because they had you switch buses. I got on the bus headed for Helena. So at 8:00 Wed. night I got to Helena and my companion and some other elders met me there. His name is Elder Lanham. He has been out about 10 months. He was a gymnast till he was 15 and then he coached. He's pretty buff. haha. He's a really nice guy though and pretty down to earth so that's good. He has never trained anyone but so far so good.We stayed in Helena that night because of a district meeting that next morning. So I didn't even get to Townsend till 2:00 Thursday. We unpacked and then went to dinner. Townsend is a little farming town that sits down in a valley near a lake that is currently frozen. Anyway we live with this older couple probably around Grandma and Grandpa G's age. We live in their upstairs and you won't believe this. You know how you guys always said I couldn't get a bigger bed because I had to stay used to a twin for the mission, well here in Townsend we sleep on queen size beds! It's awesome. That and every morning we go down the street to this farmers garage and they have a full on gym in there that we get to use with a self spot weight set. And then after exercising we get home and Sis. Price insists every morning on making us breakfast. I'm going to get Fat! She is so nice though. I love sitting at breakfast and talking with her.

Well what a surprise Bro. D got when we came in to do splits on Thursday. He jumped up and gave me a big hug and screamed NO WAY! He was so excited to see me. He is an awesome member missionary and he'll be fun to work with. My first Sunday in Townsend was pretty good. Me and my comp had to speak along with Bro. D. I only had to speak for 5 min. though so that was easy. We also blessed the sacrament. The ward is smaller than an AZ size ward but still decent for how big this town is. Their building reminds me a lot of the church building up by Brighton Ski Resort. It's a lot smaller but really for the size of this town it works perfect. Funny thing in this ward is that the Bishops name is Cory Davis! I saw it on a paper and said hey that's my dad's name and Elder Lanham said no way that's the Bishop's name too. HaHa. So on Sunday I got up and said Hi I'm Elder Davis, son of Cory Davis...but not that one pointing to the Bishop. Everyone laughed. It was pretty funny. Bishop Davis said we're going to have to go through some family history and see if we are related. Priesthood is also funny here. They combine Elders and HP so you get some funny side conversations going about farming and how much things used to cost. It's pretty entertaining. Well the work here is pretty good. There are quite a few potential investigators and a few that if we worked with a little I think they'd be baptized.

How could I forget it snowed! We went tracting while it snowed but I stayed pretty warm. Those thermals help and those sweaters. The coldest the car has said so far is 10 degrees. It's not too bad as long as the wind isn't blowing. Well I better get going now. We have a dinner appointment at 7:00 and 2 investigators will be there so it should be a good night. Hope everyone is doing good and I hope you all have a good week.

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