Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pictures and letter received Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Well Tuesday I wrote my email to you and when I hit send it asked for my user name and password and then kicked me out. So I hope you got my email but I don't think you did so I'm writing you this letter. I also have some pictures for you so enjoy.

I've been feeling that feeling I get this time of year. It's time for tennis and spring training baseball! It feels that way even here because it's 47 degrees right now. It feels good out there right now. The weather's been kind of crazy. We've had a little of everything. Woke up Monday morning to a snow storm and maybe an inch of snow but by 12:00 it was sunny and by 4:00 it was 42 degrees plus and all of the snow had melted. Then Tuesday morning it was really foggy. Around 4:00 it rained a little. Pretty crazy! Who knows what's next.

Well we had a good week of work. Taught 20 lessons. A lot of that was to less actives trying to get them back to church. We also went to White Sulphur and taught a part member couple and visited a few others. That also meant we stayed with members in their little cabin that's near their house. We were also there on Sunday with the branch.

Well pday was awesome! We went to Helena to go with the other elders to an old frozen over train tunnel. The tracks are no longer there but a stream runs through it and when it freezes there's 2 miles of solid ice. We walked back and forth in it so total we went 4 miles on ice. The tunnel is near a city called Jefferson City up in these mountains. It was so much fun to slip and slide through that and see all of the different ice formations. We took a lot of pictures. Well I need to go. I hope you get this by Monday. Have a great week. Talk to you later.
Elder Mitch Davis

Enterance to the ice tunnel

Second enterance to the ice tunnel
View from the other side of the ice tunnel

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