Monday, July 26, 2010

Good week in Havre/Chinook-- Monday, July 26, 2010

Well Hidy Ho Everyone,

We are emailing later in the day today because we are in Chinook. We scheduled to be here for at least half of our pday so we could play bball with a priest in the Chinook Branch, B R. It was pretty fun. We played bball for a half hour or so and then played some frisbee. Now we are in the Chinook library emailing. We also helped Pres. Johnson but more on that later.

So it sounds like everyone had a good week camping and fishing. I'm glad you were able to get the trailer out. G and L went float tubing huh? That sounds like a lot of fun. We'll have to come float tube here in MT someday. I think we'd catch a lot bigger fish than the girls did. At least you guys caught something though. So what are the plans for the trailer?

You asked about Pioneer Day and if we celebrated it in MT? The answer is yes. The Havre Ward had a ward party last week for it because the Havre Fair was this weekend and Chinook had a dinner Friday night and a breakfast Sat. morning. The dinner was a lot of fun. We went out to a park a little ways out of town and there is an old log building that is used for dinners and dances. So we ate and then they taught some different dances. It was funny watching the old people try to relive their glory days of square dancing and the younger generation struggling to learn them. Breakfast was good too. We had sourdough pancakes, sausage, and juice.

So Tuesday the Zone Leaders were in town for team ups. This is the first time I've had team ups with the Zone Leaders since they changed the rules back 3 months ago. I guess they came for team ups because E.Whitlock is new because they went to the other new elders area too. We had a really good day that day. We tracted some and found some new potential investigators. We also taught 8 lessons between the four of us. Our dinner on Tues also fed us Brats which I haven't had since leaving home. They were really good.

One really funny thing that happened to E. Whitlock was on Tues when he was with E. Colf.  They street contacted a young couple who was walking their little kid. They got to talk to them for quite a while. At one point the guy started telling his fiance about how we, the missionaries, pay $10,000 to not watch TV or movies or do anything with a girl. His fiance was really surprised with this. She said what, you can't even touch a girl?! and E.Whitlock says nope. She then says what if I did this! And she gives him a big Hug! HaHaHa E. Whitlock said it was sooo awkward but luckily the guy gets mad at her and said Hey! You can't do that! Respect his beliefs! hahahaha Anyway they said we could come back this week. They seem interested but would definitely have to work through some things. Nothing the Gospel couldn't fix though.

Wed. we contacted one of our potentials that E.Whitlock and Cox had tracted into. His name is K. He told us we could come in and we were able to teach him the first lesson. He is a young college student who goes to Northern. He seemed interested and told us he'd read what we assigned him to read. We are having a return appointment with him this Thurs. We hope that he can progress. For now he is at least willing to have us come over and teach so that's good.

We got word this week that a young man who is a recent convert just moved up to Havre to live with his aunt for the summer. He is from Ahwatukee AZ. The Havre Young Men are really excited to get him coming to this ward and coming to YM. We went over and met him. He seems like a really good kid and he seems a lot of fun. He though it was cool that we both are from AZ. Hopefully all of this will maybe open the door to us teaching his aunt.

On Thurs we get this call from a sister in the ward. She is one of those sisters that when you see her name on the caller ID you think oh boy this should be interesting. Anyway it was raining and she needed us to lift some windows she was getting from a guy into a truck. She was panicking because the windows were first come first served so we needed to get over their asap. We ended up helping her as it was pouring rain. She was worried the windows would fall out of the truck and tried to tell us we needed to sit back there with them. We both thought to ourselves are you kidding it's pouring rain and we are both in dress pants, tie, and shirt. We didnt' think it'd be too good for us to ride back there because the Mission would probably say it wasn't safe. Luckily we convinced her to let us drive and that if she went slow she'd be fine. I'm fine with helping people out but sometimes they aren't the smartest with some of their ideas. haha

So we got into Chinook at around 4:00 Thurs. We decided to go see a sister from the branch who has this disability. We usually go read the Book of Mormon with her. So we get there and her old lady neighbor is about to start mowing Sister M's lawn. So we asked if we could mow it and she hum hawed around so finally we just took it from her and started to cut it. About half way through these huge dark clouds roll in and it starts to rain and the wind is blowing like crazy. Man E. Whitlock booked it and that lawn was mowed so fast. I've never seen a lawn mowed so fast.

Well yesterday we talked in church in Chinook. It went really good I thought. I wasn't even nervous. It just flowed really well. I talked on Repentance and E. Whitlock talked on Missionary Work. There was a member of the Stake Pres. there so he was the closing speaker. All in all I think it was a pretty good Sacrament Meeting if I do say so myself. hahaha  I'll have to send you a copy of my talk.

Early tomorrow morning we are headed for GF for a 2 day Preach My Gospel training. This is taking place of Zone Conference this transfer. We will be there from 8am-9pm on Tues and 8am to 4:30 pm Wed. It should be really good. I haven't sat in more of a class setting like that though since I left the MTC. It will be good to see Pres. and everyone else. I talked to Pres. the other night when I was giving him an update on E. Whitlock's progress. I asked him about Brother D and he said he had called Pres. last week and told him Pres. Gardner, I just want you to know I'm praying for you. Pres. said oh thank you Brother D, I need it. hahaha W M has also supposedly committed to baptism but still no date. He is still slowly getting there.

Well I better get going. I hope you all have a good week. Enjoy the last few days of summer girls and I hope your schedule works out for you L. Stay cool and I love you all.

-Elder Davis

PS I want a recipe for that easy pizza dough, a copy of BYU's football schedule, and any info on the Jazz signing Bell and getting Al Jefferson. Oh and let me know if Brett finds out anything about his call. Thanks.

Dad- Barry Lamb has been there a while huh? What position did he coach? You said you didn't know who the new DCord. was going to be? Hills the DCord. So I didn't get what you meant about that. And what's the name of the new coach that's been there for 3 years as a Grad Assist.? And just wait 2 years and you can really come fishing up here :)!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Another busy week-- Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello Friends,

So this area is officially probably the craziest area in the whole church! haha I feel sometimes like we are never in our area. This upcoming week will be the first normal week in our area in a month. No team ups, no waiting in GF, no Zone Conference, nada. So I am happy to finally get to Work! I guess when I was the Jr. Comp it didn't really bother me I just went with the flow. Maybe I'm noticing it more now though because I have a new elder to train up and I feel like we have had no chance to really dive into the work. So we are both excited for the week to come. OK enough about the week to come. Let's go back in time.

Hi-Line District with Kyle Shobe, World Champion Livestock Auctioneer 2010
Mon-Wed. morn we were in Lewistown for team ups and District Meeting. Monday night was pretty cool. So we ate with a member in Lewistown named Brother Kyle Shobe. He is THE WORLD CHAMPION Livestock Auctioneer! It was so much fun to talk to him about auctioneering and how exactly one becomes a world champ auctioneer and how someone even gets into auctioneering in the first place. He has always wanted to be an auctioneer and him and his dad started an auctioneer business. He was doing a lot of local livestock auctions around MT. Then he went to the divisional competition in Billings a couple of months ago and won. Then he went to the Regionals (don't remember where they were) and he won. Then he went to the World Championships in Oklahoma City I believe. He said you are judged on how well people can understand you, how much you know about livestock, how well you can up-sell, and how well you can pick out the little signs people make to bid. So in Oklahoma City he competed against 10 others and won! So now he goes all over the county doing auctions and talking at conventions and all sorts of stuff to promote livestock auctions. He also won a brand new full size Chevy truck that has a big picture of this Huge belt buckle he won and on the sides it says 2010 World Champion Livestock Auctioneer. He got a golden gavel and a massive ring for winning. The ring is like a super bowl ring. And the coolest part is he's a convert to the church. So you never know when you baptize someone if someday they could be a champion at something. I'm thinking the Ensign or the Mormon Times needs to do a story on him. We got a picture with him and his truck after we ate with them and helped them move. Maybe if I have time I can send it.

So on Wed. Morning we headed back to Havre. We stopped in Big Sandy and Box Elder though to try some people. We got in with a few but the one that went really good was with L J. She is the one, I don't know if I've talked about, who's son died in Iraq about 2 months ago.  She and her husband are less active and we have been trying to get them back to church. Her mom lives in Havre and told us Sunday that her daughter said our visit was the perfect thing she needed this week. We had watched a video by Pres. Hinckley called Lessons Learned From My Childhood with her about how the Lord knows what we are going through and need in our lives and how he will bless us through the help of other people. It was cool to see how we taught that and then later find out that the Lord was using us for that same reason to help her feel comfort this week. It truly is great to be his servant on the earth for him right now.

So the Chinook fair was this weekend. We stayed in Havre an extra day to avoid it on Thurs. We also didn't go to the rodeo. We had more work to do in Havre and felt it was best to stay and work. We ended up tracting and finding a potential investigator so I was glad we didn't go. We had a whole list of people to try Friday and no one was home. Everyone was off at the fair. Luckily we had set up a lesson with G to watch The Testaments so Chinook wasn't a complete failure. We did head off for Havre on Sat. earlier than normal. Havre fair is this week but we should be out of Havre by the time it starts up.

We had a really good lesson with K this week. It went really well because it was the first good complete lesson me and E.Whitlock taught together. We also had good lessons about the temple with the recent converts the W's and C. They are really excited to go to the temple and they were even more excited when we told them they can go do baptisms now and they don't have to wait a year like they had thought.

E. Whitlock lives in Chandler right on the boarder of Gilbert so he tells everyone Gilbert. We are having a lot of fun together and he is picking things up pretty fast which makes my job easier. Like I said it will be good for the two of us to finally be in our area a full week.

Sounds like the UT trip was fun. The yearly trip to UT was definitely missed this year but I'm in a whirl right now and can't even believe it's July!  L, I commend you for trying to wake board. Keep lifting weights and maybe next year you'll get it. Oh and Dad thanks for that article on the Sunday play. I really liked it. Well I better go. I'm getting kicked off by a librarian. haha I'll try to send a letter this week. Especially to L. I think I still owe her one. Well I love you all. Have a good week. Talk to you later and Stay Cool.


Elder Davis

Current temp. 70 degrees and cloudy

Monday, July 12, 2010

What a Week! Monday, July 12, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone's summer is going good. Well it was kind of a crazy week for me. First off Mon. we went to Great Falls and sent off E. Child to White Fish. This meant I was now companionless until late Wed. when my new companion was suppose to come in. So I spent the next 2 1/2 days with E. Weight and E. Smith in Great Falls. It was a little hard and awkward to be with three out working but we started to get used to it. I had a lot of fun with them. E. Weight is from Kaysville so we had a lot to talk about and it turned out that we went to Fairfield Jr at the same time. He was just one grade older. So it was fun to talk to him about different people. Anyway Wed. I get a call telling me my new companion is Elder Whitlock and that his bus will come in at 9:30 that night. So 9:00 all the elders in the Great Falls area arrive at the bus station and just before 10:00 the bus pulls in. I kind of stood back and waited for E.Whitlock to go through all the elders as he meets them and looks at their name tag looking for me. haha Finally he gets to me last and we finally meet each other. He is from Gilbert, AZ so now two AZ boys are taking over in Havre/Chinook. haha The typical stereotype that all missionaries are from UT is slowly changing to AZ. hahaha He graduated in 09 and turned 19 in April. It's been a lot of fun to have different things from AZ in common and it certainly helps you feel more comfortable right away with someone so that's cool.

Well last week I said I think the Lord is showing his trust in me and also helping me get more on top of things. I was just getting maybe too complacent with being the Jr. Comp and now I'm definitely having to step out more, lead out, and juggle all of the different things a Sr.Comp has to do while training a new elder. But so far I think I'm not doing too bad of a job. Maybe you'd have to ask E.Whitlock though. hahaha Things are a lot busier around here though. Well mostly because Thurs. morn we drove from Great Falls to Big Sandy to have E.Whitlock meet Bishop Quinn and then went to see some people at the hospital and then out to Chinook. So going from no driving in 6th months to a lot of driving is different but not too bad. My leg was sore the next day though and now we are in Lewistown (drove down last night) and my leg hurts a little today too. Weird how driving tires out muscles like that. Especially when you haven't been using them. haha

I've been trying to introduce E.Whitlock to a lot of people to get him familiar with investigators/members and so far I think he's picking it up well (at least in Chinook). He said that he could never tell anyone any directions to anything yet though. haha but that's ok. That comes with time. I think he'll be a good missionary though. He has the drive now we just have to help him open up in lessons and dinner thoughts and stuff like that. He is more open then I was when I first came out though so I think he'll do just fine. He was way more excited to tract the other day than I ever was so that's good. He also didn't have to say anything yet though. haha He's learning and I'm starting to give him little tests. Like last night we ate at Pres.Johnson's and I said as we were walking in, "You got the thought ok." He said, "What! Umm I don't know about this" but I assured him he'd do good and he did so see he's already learning. He has a brother serving in Ammon, ID right now. You should see if the K's can track him down.

So we got to our home home on Thurs night. Sis. J is in Cali visiting family this week and you can tell Bro. J is kind of enjoying it. He has a big stack of movies by the tv and I asked him about it. He said this is the only time he ever gets to watch tv so he has to live it up while he can. hahaha He also did no work on Sunday and just watched tv which normally never happens. Normally she has a few little farm chores she wants him to go do. He cooked lunch for us on Fri. E.Whitlock said, "Thanks Bro. J that was good." He laughed and said, "Just a little bachelor cookin!" hahaha

Ok really quick while I'm remembering. My oil vial broke so if you could please send me a new one that would be really good. I have oil to put into a new one I just need a vial. Not good to be oil less as a missionary. Thanks.

Grandma and Grandpa D- I got your email this week. It must have been the .net that you had wrong. I'm glad to finally have heard from you. Good to hear you're still razzin the U fans and to answer your question about who said, "Have you inquired of the Lord" that was Nephi to his bros.

So this week is another crazy week. Team ups in Lewistown today and tomorrow then back to Havre on Wed. and then back to Chinook on Thurs. The only thing is that in Chinook they are having the Blaine County fair this weekend, Thurs-Sun, so I have a feeling the Whole Town is going to just shut down and we are going to have no work to do. We have been invited out to the rodeo Thurs night by a part member family who rodeos so if we get permission we might go to that. We passed the dinner calendar around on Sunday in Chinook and no one signed up so we might just head back to Havre early. The Rs want us to come watch their kids pig wrestle too but if we do go to the fair it would probably be better to go Thurs with the part member family but we'll see what we are allowed to do. You have no idea though. This town will literally SHUT DOWN! Empty streets and all. Anytime there is a town event the town is a ghost town. hahaha Hi Davis's mom!!! (that was E. Holbrook)

Well I want to send some pics so I'm going to end this. Hope everyone is doing good. I'm off to read Mom and Dad's letters I had to print so I had time to write. I love you all and enjoy your week.

-Elder Davis

PS L- Ask Lyndee for her Provo address please. I'd like to write her and tell her about meeting her family. And thanks for all the pics! :) And If you still have a chance to go boating you should try wake boarding this year.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Transfer news and more - Monday, July 5, 2010

Hey Everyone,

First off I guess we'll get the transfer news out there. So Friday around 11:30 we got the call that told us Elder Child was being transferred. This was sad news but pretty much expected because of him being here 7 1/2 months. So Friday we went around and said goodbye to some people in Chinook. While at the R's which is the family that lives in Chinook that treats us the best and is always feeding us (they are a really fun and crazy family) anyway we were at their house and we were commenting on how we never got a call from President so neither of us must be in a leadership position (Sr. Comp, District Leader, etc). Well we spoke too soon. About 2 min. later the phone rang and it was Pres.! Elder Child talked to him first and then handed the phone off to me. Pres. asked how I was doing and if I felt ready to show a new missionary the area. I said Yes. To this point I was just thinking I was going to stay Jr. Comp. and show a new Sr. Comp the area. Well then he surprised me by saying well I normally don't have a missionary jump from Jr. Comp to Sr. and Trainer all at once but would you train a new Elder? I said yes. I'll do my best. After hanging up I thought to myself, Wait...Did Pres. Just Call me to Be a Trainer?!?! Holy Cow! I went inside and Elder Child said so what's the news? I said yours first. He said I'm going to White Fish to be a District Leader. That was really cool to hear! Then I broke the news to him. He said No Way! Awesome! The Rs were really excited too. So end of story I am training. I hit 6 months on Wed. and now I'm going to be training. Crazy stuff! I still don't think it's hit me yet that I am going to be training a brand spankin new Elder straight out of the MTC. I am really excited to train and yet scared to death. I have to set a really good example so that I can set the tone for this new Elder. I think it's pretty cool that Andrew and I are training during the same transfer. So I am currently in Great Falls and Elder Child is leaving today at 3 to head off to White Fish on the transfer van and I have to hang around here with I have no clue who, well I know it will be one of the elders around here in Great Falls til my companion arrives here late Wed. night on the Greyhound. We will then head back to Havre/Chinook on Thurs. morning. So I'll be here in Great Falls for a while. I still can't believe I'm training. Crazy stuff. Other sad transfer news. Elder Heywood's being transferred to Glendive to be a Zone Leader. He is sad to leave Lewistown because they were just starting to get things going there. I'm really going to miss Elder Child and Heywood. I hope our district is still as good as it was. We'll see. So next week you'll get all the news on my new greeny. Even though I've decided to call him what they called new elders in Dad's mission. Wasn't it Golden Dad?

Elder Child going to Whitefish to be District Leader and Elder Davis to be Sr. Comp and Trainer

Elder Heywood, District Leader, going to Glendive to be Zone Leader and Elder Davis

Elders Heywood, Child and Davis

Hi-Line District prior to transfers July 5, 2010
Elders Holbrook, Heywood, Child and Davis

So Fri. Pres. sent out a message to everyone telling us we could stay out til 10:30 on the 4th. This made us really excited because we were going out to the B's (our top missionary friendly family in Havre) for the 4th. Well Fri. night we got another message. Pres. forgot the 4th was on a Sunday so he changed what he had said and we had to be in by 9:30. So the 4th of July was ok compared to 4th of July's in the past. But I guess not to bad for being on a mission. We went out to the B's for dinner and a lot of other people from the ward were there so that was fun. We had a big bbq, played a few games, and then at 9:00 they did some fireworks for us. It had been a really nice day for the most part. 75 degrees and clear but at about 7 it got cloudy and rained. It luckily cleared up a little so that we could see them shoot some stuff off. They certainly have bigger fireworks here then in UT or AZ. The funny thing is the wind was blowing so they would blow downwind and then blow up. haha. They also did a parachute one and the parachute carried for a long distance before finally falling in a big field. I guess the only thing that made the 4th not as much fun was not being with the family, no parade, and no big city fireworks. We were in bed by the time they shot off. We could hear them but not see them from our place.

That's pretty exciting that Uruguay is in the final 4. It's also crazy that Brazil lost but I hope that increases Uruguay's chances of making it to the finals. Any free agent news in the NBA?

Sounds like the family had a fun 4th of July and trip to SD. Yes I did get the post cards. They are all sitting on a window ledge right by my desk. One thing that mom said though was Gma and Gpa D said they've been sending stuff. I haven't received anything, email or letter, from them in a while. So if they've tried to send emails I don't know what's not worked. Hopefully you guys can help them while you're in Utah to see what they might be doing wrong because I'd love to hear from them. Dad I feel for you being alone. I hope you can find some stuff to keep you busy and not so lonely. Maybe you can write me a letter. That would be nice. That and watch soccer. Ok well I best be going. I hope you all have a good week wherever you are. Love you all. Talk to you later.

-Elder Davis

PS we emailed from a church building in G.F. Everything else was closed.