Monday, July 5, 2010

Transfer news and more - Monday, July 5, 2010

Hey Everyone,

First off I guess we'll get the transfer news out there. So Friday around 11:30 we got the call that told us Elder Child was being transferred. This was sad news but pretty much expected because of him being here 7 1/2 months. So Friday we went around and said goodbye to some people in Chinook. While at the R's which is the family that lives in Chinook that treats us the best and is always feeding us (they are a really fun and crazy family) anyway we were at their house and we were commenting on how we never got a call from President so neither of us must be in a leadership position (Sr. Comp, District Leader, etc). Well we spoke too soon. About 2 min. later the phone rang and it was Pres.! Elder Child talked to him first and then handed the phone off to me. Pres. asked how I was doing and if I felt ready to show a new missionary the area. I said Yes. To this point I was just thinking I was going to stay Jr. Comp. and show a new Sr. Comp the area. Well then he surprised me by saying well I normally don't have a missionary jump from Jr. Comp to Sr. and Trainer all at once but would you train a new Elder? I said yes. I'll do my best. After hanging up I thought to myself, Wait...Did Pres. Just Call me to Be a Trainer?!?! Holy Cow! I went inside and Elder Child said so what's the news? I said yours first. He said I'm going to White Fish to be a District Leader. That was really cool to hear! Then I broke the news to him. He said No Way! Awesome! The Rs were really excited too. So end of story I am training. I hit 6 months on Wed. and now I'm going to be training. Crazy stuff! I still don't think it's hit me yet that I am going to be training a brand spankin new Elder straight out of the MTC. I am really excited to train and yet scared to death. I have to set a really good example so that I can set the tone for this new Elder. I think it's pretty cool that Andrew and I are training during the same transfer. So I am currently in Great Falls and Elder Child is leaving today at 3 to head off to White Fish on the transfer van and I have to hang around here with I have no clue who, well I know it will be one of the elders around here in Great Falls til my companion arrives here late Wed. night on the Greyhound. We will then head back to Havre/Chinook on Thurs. morning. So I'll be here in Great Falls for a while. I still can't believe I'm training. Crazy stuff. Other sad transfer news. Elder Heywood's being transferred to Glendive to be a Zone Leader. He is sad to leave Lewistown because they were just starting to get things going there. I'm really going to miss Elder Child and Heywood. I hope our district is still as good as it was. We'll see. So next week you'll get all the news on my new greeny. Even though I've decided to call him what they called new elders in Dad's mission. Wasn't it Golden Dad?

Elder Child going to Whitefish to be District Leader and Elder Davis to be Sr. Comp and Trainer

Elder Heywood, District Leader, going to Glendive to be Zone Leader and Elder Davis

Elders Heywood, Child and Davis

Hi-Line District prior to transfers July 5, 2010
Elders Holbrook, Heywood, Child and Davis

So Fri. Pres. sent out a message to everyone telling us we could stay out til 10:30 on the 4th. This made us really excited because we were going out to the B's (our top missionary friendly family in Havre) for the 4th. Well Fri. night we got another message. Pres. forgot the 4th was on a Sunday so he changed what he had said and we had to be in by 9:30. So the 4th of July was ok compared to 4th of July's in the past. But I guess not to bad for being on a mission. We went out to the B's for dinner and a lot of other people from the ward were there so that was fun. We had a big bbq, played a few games, and then at 9:00 they did some fireworks for us. It had been a really nice day for the most part. 75 degrees and clear but at about 7 it got cloudy and rained. It luckily cleared up a little so that we could see them shoot some stuff off. They certainly have bigger fireworks here then in UT or AZ. The funny thing is the wind was blowing so they would blow downwind and then blow up. haha. They also did a parachute one and the parachute carried for a long distance before finally falling in a big field. I guess the only thing that made the 4th not as much fun was not being with the family, no parade, and no big city fireworks. We were in bed by the time they shot off. We could hear them but not see them from our place.

That's pretty exciting that Uruguay is in the final 4. It's also crazy that Brazil lost but I hope that increases Uruguay's chances of making it to the finals. Any free agent news in the NBA?

Sounds like the family had a fun 4th of July and trip to SD. Yes I did get the post cards. They are all sitting on a window ledge right by my desk. One thing that mom said though was Gma and Gpa D said they've been sending stuff. I haven't received anything, email or letter, from them in a while. So if they've tried to send emails I don't know what's not worked. Hopefully you guys can help them while you're in Utah to see what they might be doing wrong because I'd love to hear from them. Dad I feel for you being alone. I hope you can find some stuff to keep you busy and not so lonely. Maybe you can write me a letter. That would be nice. That and watch soccer. Ok well I best be going. I hope you all have a good week wherever you are. Love you all. Talk to you later.

-Elder Davis

PS we emailed from a church building in G.F. Everything else was closed.

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