Monday, June 28, 2010

The last week of the transfer - Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm going to send in shifts in case this computer dies.

Hey everyone,

Don't have too much time to write but I'll try to type quick. First off thanks to all who sent letters or packages this week. I received stuff from Mom, Gma G, Aunt Cindy, Ms. F, Brendan, and even Elder Hamblin. Definitely a good week for mail now I just need to start writing some letters back to you all. Sounds like the trip to SD is going good. Not quite as much fun for Dad but hopefully he'll get to do something fun with the rest of you. How long are you going to be there? Sounds like the weather is nice and it sounds like Nani is having some fun new experiences.

So this week was a pretty good week. We're finally back to Havre/Chinook for good this week. We had teamups in Lewistown on Monday, and Tues. It was pretty fun. It's always fun to spend some time down there with E. Heywood and Holbrook. While we were there we took a district field trip to the Lewistown Livestock Auction. Jaxon Allen, Lyndee's cousin, was doing the auctioneering. He's pretty good at it. Hey if anyone wants to buy 5 sheep you can come get some here for the low price of $18. And that's for all of them. They also seemed to be selling horses for less than I thought you'd sell a horse for. So if anyone wants a horse come up here. One sold for 145 bucks. I bet that will get the wheels in G's head turning as to how she could get a horse someday. It was a lot of fun to watch them auction off the different animals. Mostly cattle, sheep, and horses. It's all inside and you sit in these stands and then they have some dirt down at the bottom with gates where they bring the animals in. E. Heywood has been inspired to become an auctioneer now. haha

So me and E. Child were sitting on this porch swing that's outside of Lewistown's apartment building and the building and the swing are kind of old. Anyway we were just sitting there not even swinging and Boom! We both just fell to the floor. The swing just busted! My arm got cut up by some screws but other than that no damage done to us. The swing on the other hand...the Lewistown Elders said they'd take care of it. I'll have to send a pic of it. Pretty funny though.

We had our missionary fireside in Havre yesterday. It went really good. It went a little longer than anticipated but I think the 40 or so members that came really enjoyed it and I think it will help the members know a little better how to start doing missionary work. The Lewistown elders came up last night for it and for pday today and District Meeting tomorrow. They said we did a good job of planning it all out so that was nice to hear.

So I was talking to E. Heywood about EVMCO the other day. He's interested in maybe joining. He did choir in high school. Got any kind of info about it you could send me to give to him?

A member showed us a video of the Billings tornado the other night. That funnel was so long! The video we saw just showed the Metro roof being ripped off. Go to youtube if you want to see some videos. The weather has finally calmed down. Chinook has had a lot of fields flood and they are on flood watch till today. The Milk River is majorly over flowing. One guy who lives close to the river, his whole house is now surrounded by water. I feel so bad for him. I have no clue what I would even do in that situation.

You said you read about E. Heywood and Child's tickets huh? Wasn't going to tell you but now that you know E. Child got a ticket coming home from Zone Conference. We were in the middle of no where. I thought that it was funny how he and E. Heywood got pulled over by the same guy and both got only $20 tickets. $20, that's the cheapest ticket I've ever heard of. E. Child said it's his first ticket ever. Transfers are this weekend. We both think E. Child's outta here. He's been here 7 1/2 months but there are 14 new missionaries coming in so you never know. He could train.

The work has been pretty good. It's slowed down since we've been gone quite a bit. It will help to finally be in our area a full week this week though. We are going to really focus on finding some new investigators this week. Well I g2g. It's going to kick me off. Talk to you later. I'll send a letter. Love you!

-Elder Davis

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