Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pictures and Greetings from Lewistown - Monday, May 31, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Greetings from Lewistown, MT. We are here for pday and District Meeting tomorrow. Then we'll drive back to Havre for 2 days and then to Chinook for 2 days and then to Havre again. Back and forth. Never a dull moment around here. We are always on the go. The drive up here was really nice. We drove a different way then we normally do and it seemed faster and more scenic. I got some cool pictures. I'll have to send them to you.

Ok so this week was a really good week. We taught 21 lessons this week. We exceeded our goal of 20. We even taught 10 lessons in Chinook which is rare. We are really focusing on less actives and trying to reactivate them. We taught 11 Less active lessons and we feel really good about 2 of them really trying to make a good effort to start coming back to church. They even said they want to get back to the temple so that's really good. Of course with the good comes the not so good though. Our most progressing investigator got in a fight over bananas with her friend who is the member and her fellowshipper.

I received quite a bit of mail and emails this week. I just want to thank all those who sent mail and emails. It's fun to hear from you all and see how you and your families are doing. I'll try to write back this week to you all. Thanks for the package this week. That tshirt is cool. What's up with the color though? And that whole baseball thing made me laugh so hard. I can't believe you actually sent that. Those cds are a big blessing too. We have been using them frequently in our long drive to Lewistown. I still haven't heard if Lauren got my bday present yet?

My ear has been bothering me the last few weeks. It doesn't hurt a lot but it just felt full and I can't hear out of it very well. So the doctor in the Havre Ward who is also the Ward Mission Leader had me come into his office. He said it is a little cloudy but not infected. He thinks it has to do with sinus stuff so he put me on some meds to clear it out. I hope it will fix itself because it's annoying not being able to fully hear.

It's been raining a lot up here. All week in fact. I like it. It's not cold and it's rainy. It was nice to see the sun come and stay out yesterday though. Our truck once again is muddy. We'll have to go wash it today.

It sounds like the girls are already enjoying their summer. That's so good to hear that you girls got such good grades this year. You are all definitely smarter then me. Keep up the good work. And way to go G. on getting that President's Award. As far as those 89's L. that's too bad. That stinks when that happens. Some teachers will round it but a lot won't. And you got a B in Chicci! Nice job. That is no easy task.

So Dad I was wondering if you could send me some world cup news. It starts in 11 days correct? There is a new elder here in Lewistown who is from Colorado. He's a big Chelsea and Colorado Rapids fan. Me and him have been talking a lot of soccer today. Could you at least send the pools so we can see who's playing who? I heard the Suns lost. At least they put up a good fight. At the beginning of the year they were talking about just hoping to make the playoffs. How's everyone in Phoenix taking it? I'm also glad you got my letter. The family should be getting some pictures soon.

Oh how could i forget. Canada! So we drove up last pday to the Wildhorse Boarder Crossing. There is a guy from the Havre Ward who works there. He was so surprised to see us there. He talked to us about what they do there and then him and another guy were telling us a bunch of stories. Most of the stories they told were from when they lived in Texas and New Mexico. One story he told was about a time they searched a car and they opened up the glove compartment and this head looks out at them! These people had taken out part of the front of the car so they could stick this guy in there and then they opened a hole for his head in the glove box. How crazy is that? They also said the south border is a war zone. They both said they're too old for that. They said the Canadian Border is much easier to work. You still get some crazy stuff but not as often. So we got to take some pictures and got about 25 yards from Canada. We also went to Fresno Reservoir. It's really full because of all the rain. We saw a guy fishing on the river that breaks off the dam. It made me want to go fishing with Dad.

Ok quick question and then I have to go. What's the population of QC?

Love you all. Enjoy your day off everyone.

Everything is so green here!

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