Monday, June 14, 2010

Half way through the transfer already?! - Monday, June 14, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all had a good week. From the sounds of it summer is in full swing! Glad to hear L had a good time at EFY. Maybe if she gets a chance she can write me and tell me about it. I enjoyed reading all of your emails you sent today. It was nice to hear about all that's going on back home. It sounds like your summers are even busier than when I was around.

Ok so this week was a pretty good week. First off I told Dad this in an letter but I want others to know about the funny connections you always seem to make out here on a mission. So I was talking to Elder Heywood this Monday because the Lewistown Elders were here for District Meetings. He was talking about a close family friend in Utah and how the husband named Pat worked for some sports radio station. I said to him, "You know Patrick Kinahan?!!" He said, "Umm yeah how do you know him?" I said, "Oh Man! I've been listening to DJ and PK's sports radio show with my Dad since I was like 10." He started to laugh because to him he's just Pat but to me he's a guy I've listened to on the radio forever. We talked about it and I told him what PK was like on the radio and he kept saying, "Yep that's Pat". It was really funny. I'm sure only Uncle Jeff and Dad will appreciate that but oh well.

So we were teaching this less active family in Big Sandy on Wed. and they had this huge dog. It was a Bull Mastiff named Elmo. That dog was SO big! and yet it was the calmest and nicest dog ever. It sits in this Lazy Boy and it takes up the whole chair. It's so funny to see. Maybe next time I'm there I'll ask if I can take a picture of him.

So we met with K on Wed. this was the lesson we were finally going to inquire about her being on probation. So we went over the baptism questions at the end and one says are you on parole or probation? She looks over at Sis. B and then back at us and says, "Ummm yeah is that bad?" So we explained to her how you have to be in good standing with the law before you can be baptized. She understood but then was worried that we were mad at her and wouldn't want to come visit and teach her anymore. We quickly assured her that if she still had the desire to learn that missionaries would always be here to teach her all the way until 2012 when she gets off probation. That made her not so sad which was good and she was at church yesterday so hopefully she can continue to keep the desire to learn and come to church. It's really too bad she has to wait but we told her if she kept the commandments that she could still be blessed from Heavenly Father while she continues to repent and wait out her probation. Hopefully it all works out.

We also went to see C this week. She's been struggling so it really was no surprise when she tried to in a round about way drop us. She said she feels like she has pushed herself to much and that she still wants us to come over but wants to progress at a slower pace. That was really too bad especially because she really wasn't progressing as fast as she thinks. We're still going to keep working with her and hope this new playgroup thing at the park will help her gain some friends in the church.

One cool thing they do here that I think all wards should adopt is High Council Sunday pot lucks. Because the stake leaders have to travel so far all the wards up here have a pot luck afterward so that the leaders can eat before they go home. It's a lot of fun to have a scheduled pot luck with the ward every month and I think it helps the wards become closer and investigators that come make more friends. I wish they'd do that back home.

So another crazy connection. You know Gary Coleman? The actor dude that died. He's been living in Santaquin where E. Child's from.

So now for another indian story but my first Rez story! Elder Child and I went to Ft. Belknap for the first time by ourselves on Fri. We visited a recent convert who just moved from Polson so that was good. It's really funny the directions they give you. No street addresses. When he told us how to get to his house the directions were go past the casino take a right then wind down past the police station turn left after you pass 5 garbage cans and then a quick right at the stop sign. Then you'll see a blue truck and we live next to that trailer. I have no clue how we even found the right place. So after talking to him we asked where this other guy lives who requested a Book of Mormon. He gave us a bunch of crazy directions again and luckily we found where we were suppose to be. So we walk up to this apartment and there's a sign on the guys door that says ''No drunks or alcohol allowed in here or you'll be sent away and the cops will be called." So now we're thinking alright we finally found someone on the rez who doesn't want to drink! Well we go inside and this old guy invites us in. Right away we suspect he's tipsy. We talk a little to him and then another younger guy who turns out to be his nephew comes down the hall bobbin and weavin all over the place. He's really drunk. So the young guy sits and is talking to us and all sorts of stuff about the Bible. He's quoting scripture but he's changing it. There's a scripture that says it's easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to get to heaven. Well he quotes that but changes rich man to drunk man and then says well I guess I'm not going to Heaven. So while we're talking to him the old indian gets up and goes to the kitchen. The next thing we have a bowl of giant pickles in front of us and he says here have a pickle. Well not wanting to get a drunk man mad we take a pickle. It was so nasty! Then he brings us some fry bread. Well as we keep talking to the young guy the old guy keeps bringing us random food and telling us to take it with us. He brings us two oranges, two puddings, two ramen noodle packets, and then hands us a 2 liter of soda. Finally Elder Child motions we've got to get out of there. So we give the guy his Book of Mormon and tell them we have to get going. The young guy says, "wait!" So we stop....he then says "You remember the day you boys met Chad Cox!" as he pounds his chest. He then hands us a quarter and tells us to keep it to remember him. Oh man we booked it out of there, got in the truck and drove out of Ft. Belknap. I said to Elder Child, "Where the heck are we Elder!?" he said "I have no clue!" HaHaHa It was crazy but it makes for a good laugh now. We're not too sure how much more we'll go to the rez. The retention is just so bad out there.

Well I better go. Talk to you all later. Thanks for the news and updates. And thanks for the sports updates. Love you all. Have a good week.


Elder Mitch Davis

PS just got L's email. Zone Conf. is Friday in Great Falls. Should be good.

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