Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

My Own Breakfast

Well Helloooo Everybody!

While you were off eating Little America breakfast buffet I had my own breakfast to attend here in Kalispell. Every year they do a big tri ward Memorial Day breakfast here. So this morning we got up and came to the church to help set up and then enjoyed a great breakfast of pancakes, eggs, breakfast burritos, sausage, bacon, fruit, and orange juice. There is a family here who is big into cooking. They have these two massive grills that they cooked everything on. The big one they call "The Holy Grill". They even have aprons that say The Holy Grill and then have the church logo. I guess they cook for a lot of ward and church activities. We had called or visited everyone on our teaching list and invited them. We only had J there but that's ok. We tried.

Speaking of J we had some mini teamups this last week with the zone leaders and Elder Wells (from Mesa and in Hineman's ward) taught J. We had a really good lesson and at the end I asked her why she wanted to be baptized and she told us how she had grown up in a christian home and they kind of had a church of their own but she was looking for more and something that was her faith and that she has found it. It was really neat to see her open up like that and talk about why she wanted to get baptized. Her only concern was her family and their lack of support. Elder Wells was thankfully there because he was able to talk about how his mom joined the church at J's age and that her family didn't support her too but that eventually they got over it and that if it wasn't for his mom doing what she did despite the pressure he wouldn't be where he is now. We then talked about how this is a big step not only for her and potentially her family but a big step for her future family. That really helped her feel better about it all and she said ok I am ready for June 4th. So later in the week we visited her again and went over what a baptism is like. We also talked to her about choosing someone to baptize her and give some talks. The next day I got online and there was a message from her asking me if I'd baptize her! I of course said I'd be honored to do that. So this upcoming Saturday is J's baptism and I'm going to be baptizing her! Pretty cool huh? The ward is really excited and I think we are going to have a great turn out. That and the singles branch that hopefully she'll be able to transition down to is also planning on getting a lot of people to come. It's going to be a great experience for all of us.

We had zone conference here in Kalispell on Wednesday. Elder Ika and Wixom stayed at our place Tuesday night which was fun. They're over the online stuff so they also go to zone conferences and give a presentation and answer questions. It was weird to not have to drive at least an hour and a half to the meeting. That was a first. It was really good though. We were combined with Missoula which was good. Nice to see other Elders from other zones. We focused a lot on how the Lord always goes after the one in the ninety and nine. Pres. has been collecting pictures from baptisms in the last 6 months and he did a presentation where when he clicked the button on the computer it would zoom into different pictures of people and randomly go to different pictures of people dressed in their white. And then at the end it zoomed out and we could see all of them. He talked about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has changed all of these people's lives one at a time. It was really neat to be able to see C, J B, and J's pictures on there. We were also able to hear a talk from Elder Holland that he gave back in January at the MTC. He talked about how the missionary program was lacking something and how PMG was created to not teach the missionaries what to teach but how to teach and that it's our responsibility to know what to teach through our studies. As always it was a great talk because it was Elder Holland speaking. haha

After zone conference J had her interview and Pres. was finishing some other things up so were were talking with Elders Catron, Adams, and Sister Gardner. We got on the topic of BYU bball and Jimmer. She said she felt bad for me because I missed this season. That brought the idea to my mind do you think Chad Bunn could burn me copies of some of Jimmer's awesome games like the Utah one, SDSU, New Mexico? Dad you should give him a call and ask him. I'd love to get to watch those some day.

Speaking of bball last pday after most everyone had left the ZL's, Sisters, and us were just hangin around in the gym. I started to try to throw the ball full court and got really close the first time. So I tried again and almost made it. So I tried again. Sister Tuckett pulled out her camera and got it on video and I made it. It was pretty cool. Also I learned last Monday that Brett wrote a sister missionary in my mission. haha So I had printed out Brett's email and was going to read it later. Well then I left it in the Family History Center so the sister took it out and put in on the couch. Well we came in from lunch and it was sitting there. Sister Mace picked it up and looked at it. She said hey this isn't mine but I know an Elder Duke. I asked one serving in Ft .Worth? She said yes. I guess an Elder in Sister Mace's MTC group went to Ft. Worth and then told Brett he should write Sister Mace. So they've written back and forth twice. hahahaha I laughed so hard. We are going to write him a joint letter today.

Well besides the rain I can't think of anything else that's gone down in Kalispell this week. Another great week full of beautiful scenery. Definitely one of the best looking places anyone could serve in the world in my opinion. Not that I'm trunky or anything but I sure am excited to show this state off to you all someday.

Well I better get gone. Good to know school ended well. Have fun in Utah. Take lots of pics of choir stuff and get some pics with family up there too. I'd like to have some pics of everyone. I love you all. Enjoy your fun time in Utah. God Bless!

Bye Now,

Elder Davis

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011

Kalispell Week 4

Hello Everyone,

Sounds like the EV concert went well and everyone is excited for school to be out. You all definitely have some fun things coming up including once in a life time opportunities. That's really cool that they are doing two concerts and that BYUTV is recording it. That would be really cool if they put it on TV at some point. I'd definitely try to see if I could watch it. haha Also glad you were able to catch up with P and that's pretty cool that you ran into R's AP. Definitely is a small world.

This week was the best week number wise that we've had since I've been here. J is moving right along and when ever questions (which usually come over facebook) do come up they are pretty minor and she accepts our answers pretty quick. If she's all ready to go we'll finish teaching her this week, she'll be interviewed, and then we'll review up till the baptism. I hope everything keeps going good and she doesn't get nervous at the last minute. I don't think she will though. She came to church again and has been doing a lot of her own studies in the Book of Mormon and on I got some really good feedback from her this week pertaining to my blog. I asked her if she'd check it out and she said oh I already have. She said she's been reading it frequently and it really helps her understand things. So that was really cool to hear.

While talking about the blog I've had a lot of views this week mostly from just reposting the gospel of baseball which is cool because I really enjoyed writing that series. I'm also going to be teaming up with Elder Holbrook and we are going to do a guest post on each other's blogs. It should help to expose his crowd to my stuff and my crowd to his. Hopefully it gets more people reading what we are writing which is always cool but again was nice to hear from J that it really is helping investigators even if I don't know it. I'm hoping to start a preparation for the restoration series and am also going to be writing about an observation from this week.

That observation is that forecasts and predictions of man are never accurate like God's are. This week we were told all week long that it was going to rain all week never did! It was the warmest and sunniest week we've had all month. Then there is the prediction that the world was going to end on May 21st. Don't know if anyone else heard that but it was a big topic up here. And what do you know we're still alive. So that should be a fun post to write here soon. Today maybe but for sure tomorrow. We were walking quite a bit on Sat. and after the time the world was suppose to be over by these crazy people were running around this apartment complex screaming We're Saved! and having a party. Some people are pretty crazy but entertaining that's for sure.

We've got our bikes all ready to go but we've had so many set appointments we've needed the car which I'm definitely not complaining about. It's always nice to have set appointments but it's also nice to have bikes if we need them. The sisters also obtained some bikes from a sister in their ward. They are like old school pink and blue Lance Armstrong bikes. I keep calling them Sis. Lance and Sis. Armstrong. haha

If you are seeing some of my money disappear it's for a good cause. Let's just say my companion isn't the brightest or best with money. He's been riding on low money since almost week two of the transfer. He's surviving but he also forgets his wallet all of the time so I've had to bail him out a few times. He keeps telling me not to do it but what am I suppose to do let him starve? I just hope in someway it will be payed forward someday hopefully and he'll help someone else out when he does have money and a wallet.

Zone Conference is this Wed! I always love Zone Conference! I'm excited to see Elder Ika again too because he gets to go to the Zone Conferences because he's an online AP. Also excited to see Elder Catron.

Well I better get going. I love you all. I hope you have a great last week of school. Have fun in Utah. Talk to you later!

-Elder Davis

PS- I got the shoes and they are great!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kali Week 3

Greetings to Everyone,

Well this week had some exciting things happen. But as always the good comes with some bad too. But hey as I think my family has learned this week that's part of life. First off the really good. We met with our new investigator J again on Tuesday. This was only our second time meeting with her and the first since she had attended church. We taught her the restoration and committed her to read the Book of Mormon, which she had already started, and pray about it. You can tell she really felt the spirit and she said she really enjoyed church. She said it was peacful. Well K, who Elder Lanham baptized while here, has been coming to the lessons and has been a really good fellowshipper. He is 19 and waiting to turn in his papers because he has to be a member for a year to do that, and he has been a really great friend for her. Well they talked about our lesson afterwards and we got a call later from K saying how she was feeling and we determined that she was ready for a baptism commitment. We prayed about her date and felt that she could be ready by June 4th if she continued at the same pace she was going at. So when we met again with her on Thursday. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and committed her to that date. At first she was a little taken back but then said that she would like to be baptized and felt like if she got an answer by then she would be ready. It was Awesome! Later we heard from K that she was pretty nervous after but is now feeling a lot better about it. We met again on Saturday and watched the restoration with her and then she was at church again Sunday where two younger sisters invited her over for dinner. So one of our dinners this week is going to be with her and the family that invited her. It's been neat to see all the fellowshiping that's helped her out thus far.

Another good lesson we had was with a 14 year old girl who is part of a less active part member family. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ too and focused a lot on baptism. We also commited her to baptism but as a goal for the future. No date yet. She's really big into softball so I told her about my gospel of baseball blog and she was really excited to check it out.

So one week into living with the M's is going great. I really like being there. They are a great family. It definitely has more of that home/family vibe. I was missing that after leaving the Ws to the Gs. I heard from Elder Lunt that the J's house was sold (they were renting). Someone needs to get me some more info from that. I feel really bad for them and all that Brother J's going through.

We had a really good lesson with a new investigator last week named J. He even called us earlier in the week to tell us he watched the restoration and loved it. Well then later in the week on Friday he called back and said his girlfriend said our lessons were going to take too much time away from them and that he'd call us in a month. LAME!!! Darn girlfriend! We were pretty shocked! It was really weird. Trying not to reflect on it too much though.

Another interesting thing that happend this week was on Friday, which is a day the family history center is closed, we were trying to get someone to open it for us so we could facebook/blog from there. The RS was setting up for a stake activity that was going to be on Saturday and we were told that one of those sisters had a key and could let us in. When we went to ask she ranted to us about how they've had problems with youth on those computers in the past and how we needed an adult with us in there or we couldn't be in there alone. It really made me mad. I was nice to her, looking back I should have said something maybe but then again maybe not, but it just bugged me that she felt like she couldn't trust four missionaries to use the computers by ourselves and how she said we needed an adult in there with us, which we are. Yeah I wasn't happy. We all kind of ranted about it to each other. We thought about our mission theme Entrusted by Heaven and how we are entrusted by God more than man. Some members will trust us when they realize God trusts us.

Overall we taught 10 member present lessons which is a record for me on the mission. It was awesome! I hope we can continue to build on this success. We also met with our new ward mission leaders in each ward and they are really excited so that's going to be good.

Well I've got to get goin. I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all. Talk to you later.

-Elder Davis

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to the Rest of You--

Happy Mother's Day to the rest of you I wasn't able to talk to yesterday. What a joy it is to see and talk to your family through the inventions of modern technology. The last two skype phone calls have gone a lot better than that first one. I think my family would agree it's a blessing to have. I thought i'd write a quick email so that the rest of you know what is going on here in Kalispell.

The big news of last week was probably that we were moving this week. It was a pain to move houses in the fact that you have to worry about getting all of the past missionaries junk that has been left there out. We made a trip to good will and have another to make today. We have moved into the Ms' home in Kali 2nd. They are a really nice couple who have kids in their 20's who are all moved out except for one son who is here for the summer. We moved all of our stuff Friday with the help of the G's trailer and Bro. Ms' truck. We are now moved into their basement where we have two bedrooms, one to sleep in and one to study in, a bathroom, and a little open area with a chair in there, a fridge, and our food. We use their kitchen to cook and store any other food in. I really think this is going to be a good move for us. We are a little closer to our area and we see the Ms' a lot more which gives it more of a home and family feel than living on our own at the G's. So now that that's settled I really think things are going to pick up. Which they already have.

We found two new investigators this week. One was a referral named J. She is probably 19-20 and working while going to school here. We taught her the first lesson with a recent convert who is her age and it went really well. She is definitely searching for something and we know what it is. She even came to church with the help of facebook. haha She had told us she would come to church when we had met with her but when Elder S talked to her on FB she told him her concerns about being really nervious. So they talked it over on FB and arranged K to pick her up and that we'd all sit together. It worked perfectly and she stayed for the 2/3 hrs of church. We are meeting with her on tues and im excited to see how she liked it.

Another one we taught was J. His brother is a Bishop in Washington and he referred us to him. He said he's gone through a lot of crazy things including being a alcoholic and that AA helped but now he is looking for more. We shared the first lesson with him and he really enjoyed it. He even said he'd attend church next week and that despite his girlfriend trying to get him to go to a church he said I think my brother's going to win out. So that's positive.

Real church in Kalispell was good. We go from 9-2 covering the two wards. These are definitely the biggest wards I've ever covered but the people here seem really great so I'm excited to keep moving the work forward here. That and we've got two new ward mission leaders which will be tough at first but hopefully we can mold them into what we want them to be. haha

Well I better get going now. I love all of you and hope that was a great update. Not quite what my family got but that's ok. I love you all. Have a great week. And pray for this area. The water levels in all of the rivers and lakes is rising and there could be a lot of flooding. Luckily the Lord has blessed us to live on a big hill and safely away from any flooding. We could be helping a lot of people soon though.

Talk to everyone later. Bye Now.

-Elder Davis

PS I loved the Osama got Jimmered Pic.!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Latest Pictures From Dillon, MT: May 3, 2011

Spring Snow!  April 8,2011 

April 9, 2011 Dillon 1st Chili Cookoff
Moose in Whitehall, MT 

One Happy Family--Elder Davis with his 3 "sons": E. Hineman, E. Wahl, E. Whitlock, Elder Davis 

First Baptism in Dillon
Second Baptism in Dillon

Monday, May 2, 2011

One week in Kalispell and I'm moving?

Hello Everyone,

Sounds like everyone had a great week. That's pretty exciting news about Osama! It's about stinkin' time right? We'll see what happens next. Now not to alarm you with my title of this email but I am moving. But not out of Kalispell. The members we live with have a grandson who is moving in. The ward has been looking for housing for us for a little while and found a place for us this weekend. So this week we will be moving to a new house. Not quite sure on the address yet but I will get it to you ASAP. For now you can keep sending mail to the other address. I am sad to leave and have to repack my stuff up but at least I'm not really attached to living at the Gardner's like Elder Schermerhorn is.

Ok so Mother's Day calls. Wow, I can't believe we are already to this point again. It seems like just yesterday when I was at the Jackson's for Christmas. We are going to be Skyping!!! It will be around 2:30ish our time. I can't remember when you are out of church so if that time doesn't work let me know. I'm excited that we were able to find a home to skype at. They have an Elder in Cali so they are all set up for it and know the routine. I can't wait to talk to all of you on Sunday. If you could get the Grandparents on speaker phone again that would be great! And please, Mom, send those questions. I think that's a great idea.

Well this week in Kalispell was great! I just feel like I fit in so well here. I don't know if it's because it's my fourth area or what but just remembering people and streets and how to get places is coming so easy this time around. The spirit has to be helping me! Elder Schermerhorn is trying to learn a lot about the area too. He's been here 4 1/2 months but his last comp. kind of dominated everything and didn't really give him a chance to do anything. So despite being district leader and in some ways sr. comp I feel like I really need to help him and get him more involved. So I'm looking at us more like co sr. comps.

We taught two twin boys this week. They are 10 and really sharp young guys. Their Gma is a member and their mom is less active and married to a non member husband. They really want to get baptized and that's what we talked about with them this week. They'll need to get permission from their parents before it can happen but we are praying that their Dad will let them.

We worked at the food bank this last week. It made me laugh that they were so willing to have us help. Unlike the one in Dillon who told me and Elder Hineman that we had to fill out an application and they'd get back to us. We went with the sisters and filled bags of oats for oatmeal. It was fun to just fill bags and get to know my comp. and the sisters better.

The weather has been nice. Some may not agree but we've had a lot of rain and our temps haven't been warm but not cold either so I'm not complaining. The word from Dillon is that it has still been snowing off and on so I'm glad to be here right now. Today is a really nice clear day though. The mountains are so pretty and they remind me of living right next to the mountains in Utah. And like I think I mentioned last week it's sooo GREEN!! I love it!

We helped out a recent convert that has a sheep farm. She's a single older lady so we help her every Thursday to move hay around and set up new pens for them and what ever else she has for us to help her with and then she feeds us lunch. She asked if I was a city boy and I said yes but then when I picked up the hay and used my knee to help me lift it like Elder Child taught me in Chinook she said hey for a city boy you sure know a few things. That's when I told her how I'd helped the Johnsons in Chinook. Elder Lanham was the one who baptized J. Elder Lanham served here after Townsend a year ago so a lot of people know him and loved him so it's nice to be able to say he trained me.

It was Stake Conference weekend here for us too. It was interesting to read Dad's email and see how Elder Packer who was the one who was here in Nov. talked on the same topic as Elder Gibbons did here but presented it in a different way. I really liked Elder Gibbons. Very personable and got everyone really involved during the leadership meeting and the adult session by having them read things out loud or having people give answers as he passed the microphone around. Pres. Gardner was also here so that was good to hear from him three times this weekend. He thanked the Kalispell area for treating the missionaries so nicely so I hope they'll continue that. haha

So remember our Hi line Tub T's as we called them? Well me may be making some new ones in the Kalispell Zone. We determined this weekend that we should be the Kalispell Pirates. We figure we are the only zone that could ever have this as a mascot because we are so close to a giant lake. We are going to see if Sister B can do them for us again.

How was my blog this week? I tried to implement some of Damon's suggestions. I hope they work. Elder Ika and another Elder have been called to be Online Assistants and are looking for more tips with online blogs and stuff so any info I could pass onto them would be great.

Well I better get going. I hope everyone has a great week! I look forward to talking to you at 2:30 our time on Sunday. I love you all!

-Elder Davis