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Kali Week 3

Greetings to Everyone,

Well this week had some exciting things happen. But as always the good comes with some bad too. But hey as I think my family has learned this week that's part of life. First off the really good. We met with our new investigator J again on Tuesday. This was only our second time meeting with her and the first since she had attended church. We taught her the restoration and committed her to read the Book of Mormon, which she had already started, and pray about it. You can tell she really felt the spirit and she said she really enjoyed church. She said it was peacful. Well K, who Elder Lanham baptized while here, has been coming to the lessons and has been a really good fellowshipper. He is 19 and waiting to turn in his papers because he has to be a member for a year to do that, and he has been a really great friend for her. Well they talked about our lesson afterwards and we got a call later from K saying how she was feeling and we determined that she was ready for a baptism commitment. We prayed about her date and felt that she could be ready by June 4th if she continued at the same pace she was going at. So when we met again with her on Thursday. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ and committed her to that date. At first she was a little taken back but then said that she would like to be baptized and felt like if she got an answer by then she would be ready. It was Awesome! Later we heard from K that she was pretty nervous after but is now feeling a lot better about it. We met again on Saturday and watched the restoration with her and then she was at church again Sunday where two younger sisters invited her over for dinner. So one of our dinners this week is going to be with her and the family that invited her. It's been neat to see all the fellowshiping that's helped her out thus far.

Another good lesson we had was with a 14 year old girl who is part of a less active part member family. We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ too and focused a lot on baptism. We also commited her to baptism but as a goal for the future. No date yet. She's really big into softball so I told her about my gospel of baseball blog and she was really excited to check it out.

So one week into living with the M's is going great. I really like being there. They are a great family. It definitely has more of that home/family vibe. I was missing that after leaving the Ws to the Gs. I heard from Elder Lunt that the J's house was sold (they were renting). Someone needs to get me some more info from that. I feel really bad for them and all that Brother J's going through.

We had a really good lesson with a new investigator last week named J. He even called us earlier in the week to tell us he watched the restoration and loved it. Well then later in the week on Friday he called back and said his girlfriend said our lessons were going to take too much time away from them and that he'd call us in a month. LAME!!! Darn girlfriend! We were pretty shocked! It was really weird. Trying not to reflect on it too much though.

Another interesting thing that happend this week was on Friday, which is a day the family history center is closed, we were trying to get someone to open it for us so we could facebook/blog from there. The RS was setting up for a stake activity that was going to be on Saturday and we were told that one of those sisters had a key and could let us in. When we went to ask she ranted to us about how they've had problems with youth on those computers in the past and how we needed an adult with us in there or we couldn't be in there alone. It really made me mad. I was nice to her, looking back I should have said something maybe but then again maybe not, but it just bugged me that she felt like she couldn't trust four missionaries to use the computers by ourselves and how she said we needed an adult in there with us, which we are. Yeah I wasn't happy. We all kind of ranted about it to each other. We thought about our mission theme Entrusted by Heaven and how we are entrusted by God more than man. Some members will trust us when they realize God trusts us.

Overall we taught 10 member present lessons which is a record for me on the mission. It was awesome! I hope we can continue to build on this success. We also met with our new ward mission leaders in each ward and they are really excited so that's going to be good.

Well I've got to get goin. I hope everyone has a great week! I love you all. Talk to you later.

-Elder Davis


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