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Monday, February 22, 2010

A Two Week Update

Area: Townsend, Montana
Companion: Elder Lanham

Hey Everyone!

I'm finally getting to write you all after a crazy pday last week with no email and then a crashed attempted email on Tuesday I'm finally getting an email out. Well I'll start with last week. First off the big thing was Zone Conference in Bozeman. Here in Montana they do combine Zone Conferences because everything is so spread out. So we went to Bozeman and had our conference with the Bozeman Zone. I like it this was though because you get to meet even more elders and have a better chance of seeing ones you know. Like Elder Stewart who was a comp in the MTC. I was able to see him and see how he's doing. He covers  2 wards there. One's a family ward and the others a student ward on Montana States campus. They walk a lot more than we do and he's lost some weight. He doesn't think he looks any different but when the new elders and the ones going home soon had to bear our testimonies you could tell he's thinner. haha. The drive down to Bozeman was pretty crazy. A member from Helena drove all 8 elders from our district in an old suburban and I was in the middle stuck between the door and 300 lbs of Elder Coker. Oh man was that a long painful ride. Luckily on the way back he sat in the front and it wasn't such a tight squeeze. President didn't have time to interview us at Zone Conference so he said he'd drive up to Helena that night and do it. Then President on his way from Bozeman picked us up and took us to Helena. We thought this was all going to work great because he could take us back to Townsend on his way back to Bozeman that night. Well come to find out he was on his way to Great Falls. So after our interview we were stuck in Helena with no ride. Luckily our prayers were answered and this member who was at the church told us she and her husband would give us a ride. Not only that but they bought us dinner at Wendy's because we hadn't eaten yet. We were so thankful to them for helping us out on such short notice. Well other then that I can't remember a whole lot from 2 weeks ago.

Last Monday we had an awesome pday! We went up from Helena with 4 other elders to an old train tunnel near Jefferson City. This train tunnel is 2 miles long and it no longer has tracks in it. There is a little stream that runs through it now though so in the winter time it freezes over and you end up with 2 miles of smooth 2 feet thick ice. We slip slided our way through the tunnel and took a lot of pictures of different ice formations and icicles in there. It was a lot of fun. I sent some pictures home so hopefully they'll get posted on the blog.

Now on to this week. First off there are two sisters we help chop wood at this community wood pile they started. They are both doing a triathalon this summer and they have been talking about swimming with me. They want to know what my times are and I can't really remember. So could you go look on AIA's website or if we have a heat sheet from last years regionals so I can tell them my times. Especially my 500 time. O.K. so this week was pretty good. We taught a lot of member present lessons which is really good because the lessons just go so much smoother when you have a member there. We also taught this new investigator we have. He lives up above this bar in town and he's done a lot of crazy and bad things in his life but he is looking to change. We taught him twice with a member of the bishopric who did a lot of that same stuff once upon a time. So it's good because he can relate to him and help us out a lot. We were able to get him to church this week and despite his different appearance of long hair a flannel shirt and jeans the members all were so nice to him. We just hope he's going to stay around town because he's trying to get a job on an oil rig in Miles City and Elder Lanham said that's the last place we want him because oil rigs and the drugs and bars that come with them tear up you spirit. We'll see what happens though.
We are still working with another investigator. He's being stubborn but we know he's still just dragging out what he knows to be true. He keeps bringing up little things like the whole coffee thing even though he doesn't drink that much coffee and could kick it easily. I think he's just scared because he knows it's true now and part of him wants to get baptized but the other part of him feels like that'd be giving in. We just keep trying to be patient with him. We had really good lessons with another family this week. The daughter had a really tough week last week but after our lesson her whole body language had changed back to normal. She is getting so close. I'd say within the next month she'll be ready. Her parents have told us privately the same thing. The District Leader Elder Conway and his comp Elder Coker came to Townsend on Friday night to go on exchanges with us on Saturday. We ended up spending the whole day pretty much moving that pastor who had been fired and his family across town. It was good though because between us 4 and one other member it was pretty much all Mormons moving them. They invited all of us back for dinner in two weeks so we are setting a good foundation there and hopefully things will progress. It's really funny when he prays for food at lunch or when we were starting. He just kind of breaks into prayer and says stuff like Lord you are so awesome! We thank you for your awesomeness! and his wife sits there and says oh yes, uhuh!( The spirit of it all is lost but we'll teach them :)

Some have asked what I have been fed so far. Nothing crazy or different so far. Just pretty much normal meals. Sister P cooks really good french toast with almond flavor, W M  cooked a really good spaghetti, Sis. J also cooked a really meaty spaghetti on Saturday. The only different thing came from the H's. She is from England and has a full on accent. We've eaten there twice and both times she's given us peaches with ice cream. It's not your normal ice cream and peaches though. It's a flavor of ice cream that doesn't go with peaches at all. It was a chocolate chip swirl ice cream once and it just didn't go with the peaches. I normally just eat the peaches by themselves and then the ice cream so it's all good. Well I didn't get any emails from anyone this week. Maybe I missed out on the family ones because we checked email earlier than normal today. If you were going to send one just type it and send it to me if you have time. You guys must all be pretty busy with all of the school, work, EVMCO and tennis going on. By the way how is that all going to work with tennis? Evmco that is. And what day is the concert? And how much are tickets? Maybe Sister P's daughter who lives in Scottsdale would want to go. It sounds like you guys are doing good at selling tickets so far.

One last thing before I go. Transfers are at the end of this week. Elder Lanham thinks I'm guaranteed to stay and he's pretty sure he will be to. I hope so. I want at least 1 more transfer with him. Oh and Grandma G asked a question about weeks in a transfer and it's 6. OK well I better go. Hope everyone has a good week. I'd love to hear from any of you this week if you have time. Thanks to those who have sent stuff so far. It's really appreciated. Love you all and talk to you later.

-Elder Davis (Mitch)
PS it was 5 degrees yesterday morning when we were going to church. It's 16 today but I must be getting used to it because I'm just wearing my normal suit coat and nothing more. Not to bad unless you're walking a lot.

Pictures and letter received Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Well Tuesday I wrote my email to you and when I hit send it asked for my user name and password and then kicked me out. So I hope you got my email but I don't think you did so I'm writing you this letter. I also have some pictures for you so enjoy.

I've been feeling that feeling I get this time of year. It's time for tennis and spring training baseball! It feels that way even here because it's 47 degrees right now. It feels good out there right now. The weather's been kind of crazy. We've had a little of everything. Woke up Monday morning to a snow storm and maybe an inch of snow but by 12:00 it was sunny and by 4:00 it was 42 degrees plus and all of the snow had melted. Then Tuesday morning it was really foggy. Around 4:00 it rained a little. Pretty crazy! Who knows what's next.

Well we had a good week of work. Taught 20 lessons. A lot of that was to less actives trying to get them back to church. We also went to White Sulphur and taught a part member couple and visited a few others. That also meant we stayed with members in their little cabin that's near their house. We were also there on Sunday with the branch.

Well pday was awesome! We went to Helena to go with the other elders to an old frozen over train tunnel. The tracks are no longer there but a stream runs through it and when it freezes there's 2 miles of solid ice. We walked back and forth in it so total we went 4 miles on ice. The tunnel is near a city called Jefferson City up in these mountains. It was so much fun to slip and slide through that and see all of the different ice formations. We took a lot of pictures. Well I need to go. I hope you get this by Monday. Have a great week. Talk to you later.
Elder Mitch Davis

Enterance to the ice tunnel

Second enterance to the ice tunnel
View from the other side of the ice tunnel

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey Everyone

Area: Townsend, Montana
Companion: Elder Lanham

Hey everyone, how's life treating ya? I hope everyone had a good week. It was good to hear from a few of you this week. It was also good to hear about BYU and the Super Bowl. I don't think I've felt that home sick while being out until yesterday. I remember all the good times we've had as a family eating and watching the Super Bowl. It was also the first time I've really thought about sports and felt a little bad I was missing the game. I really didn't feel this way until we started knocking doors and running into people saying they couldn't talk because the game was starting soon. That made it really hard. I bet Andrew will run into the same thing in Uruguay in a few months with the World Cup. So to solve the problem we visited two families that don't have TV or we knew wouldn't be watching the game. So that was good especially because one family had a baby that was really sick and they had missed church so when we went over there we ended up giving him a blessing and after 20 min. he was crawling around like his old self. It was pretty cool to see the blessing work that fast.Well this week was pretty good. It hasn't been too cold. It was about 7 degrees one morning but it warmed up into the low 30's.

On Wednesday Elder Lanham said it was my day to do door approaches with a big list of former investigators we were going to try. Well after we had knocked all of them I lucked out and hadn't had to talk to a single person. It was kind of a relief but not really because we didn't get to teach anyone or anything so it just made the afternoon feel long. Friday and Saturday were pretty good days. The Zone Leaders came out to Townsend for splits. They arrived Friday morning and Sis. P cooked us a really good breakfast. We then went out on splits. I first went out with Elder West. He trained Elder Lanham so they were telling me he was my grandpa. He is a really great elder. He is from New Mexico. He is 22 I think and he was baptized when he was 19. It's really cool to see elders like that who aren't forced to go and don't have any family pushing them to go but they go because they want to. I'm here because I want to too but it's just different when you're a convert like that. I also went out with Elder Brooks from St. George that night. It was a lot of fun to take a little break from your comp and go out with a few different elders.

Our meal calendar didn't get passed out last Sunday so for a while we didn't know where we were going to eat. Luckily the Townsend Ward is really great and we had some of the best meals set up this week. One member just had us over for pizza so that was really good. I'm trying to not gain weight but dang it's hard here. Especially with Sis. P cooking us big breakfasts every morning. By the way were you able to find the house on google? Hopefully my directions helped. It hasn't been to bad here. There were some really pretty clear days this week and then there were a few ugly days where it was even a little foggy. Tomorrow is Zone Conference in Bozeman. It will be fun to see where Dana and Ryan used to live and to see Elder Stewart my MTC comp and get to talk to President Gardner again. Someone asked where we email from. When we are in Townsend we go to the library after 4 at the school. If we are in Helena which we were last week and we are this week we go to the Montana State Library by the Capital Building whenever it fits into what we are doing with the other elders in the district. Good to hear my scarf is being sent. That will be fun to get sometime in the next week or two.

Another funny random thing about Montana that I've noticed and wanted to share was that every ones houses here have 2 doors. Usually a front and a side door which is sometimes by a garage. During the winter they are too lazy to shovel the one to the front door so you go to the one on the side. But sometimes there are tracks up to the other one so you have to guess which to try because sometimes if you go to one and knock no one will answer and then you'll walk to the other and then they will. It's just kind of a funny thing I've noticed happens. That and everyone has some kind of deer or buck or something mounted on their wall. Almost forgot we talked with that pastor who'd been fired again. He is practically Mormon except for the fact that he doesn't think you need any more then the bible. He is really nice and likes to debate but peacefully. Most of the time he ends up agreeing with stuff but he is still stuck on the whole B.O.M thing so we are working with him to try to get him to read it. Well I better go. Elder Goff is complaining he wants to go shopping. Haha. Hope everyone has a good week. Enjoy the rain you've been getting. Love you all. Hope to hear from you soon.

Elder Mitch Davis

Parts of a letter written Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Not much time to write so this will be kind of a boring letter. Mostly wanted to send some pictures that Pres. Gardner sent me from when we were at the mission home. Also wanted to let you know of a few things I forgot in my email.

Well today we played a good 4 hours of ping pong. It was a lot of fun. I had a winning streak of 5 matches at one point but then we started doubles. It was a really fun pday. Well I better go. Hope everyone has a great week.

Elder Davis (Mitch)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mitch's address

Mitch really wants letters. His Mission President in a letter to us stated how important letters are to missionaries and how they contribute to their success. If you are interested in writing to Mitch please contact anyone in the family and we will be happy to give you his address.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey Everybody

Area: Townsend, Montana
Companion: Elder Lanham

Well things are going pretty good. We are in Helena today playing bball and now we are at the state library. Well this week was pretty good.

We are teaching a family where the parents are members but two of their daughters have not been baptized. They have a ping pong table in their basement and today the whole district was invited to go play at their house. We are going to have a tournament today. It should be fun.

The weather hasn't been too bad. It's snowed off and on and it's been cold but the locals say it's a very mild winter. The lowest I've seen on our car is 5 degrees. That was one morning at 6:30 when we were going to exercise. Its not too bad as long as you wear thermals and bundle up if you are going to be doing a decent amount of walking. We drive to the more far out homes but the area that's surrounding downtown we walk more.

Well most of this week I've been fighting a little cold. It wasn't too bad though and is mostly gone. I guess my body just wasn't used to the cold yet. I went with Ricky's grandpa on splits Thursday. We went down to a little town called Raidersburg. Not much success but it was fun to be out with him again. Oh one random and crazy thing that happened this week. We hit a deer. Coming back from exercising Elder Lanham normally goes fast down this one stretch of road that goes back to our house. Well on Tuesday he was going only 15 or 20 mph and this deer jumped out. He tried to stop but we hit the deers rear with our left front bumper. It didn't do any damage though and I think the deer was ok. It really woke us up that morning though. Oh and there's this pheasant that walks in front of us every morning at the exact same time. It feels like the movie Groundhog Day. It's amazing how often you see deer, eagles, and even these ram looking things one day. It's pretty cool. We drove up to White Sulphur Spring which is a little town about 45 min. away that we cover. They just have a small branch up there so we only go maybe once or twice every other week. We have to get rides up there from members or it would kill our miles. Anyway we drove up this really pretty canyon to get there. There were a lot of trees and a creek that runs along the road. It was crazy though because once we got out of the canyon it was just flat rolling hill again. We were up there on Sat. and spent the night with a member so we could go to church with them on Sunday. There were only 6 people there on Sunday so we blessed the sacrament and talked a little bit for the second straight week. It wasn't too bad though. I'm getting better at speaking on the spot. Last night we went to the Gospel Sing. For the size that Townsend is it sure has a lot of different churches. I feel like Joseph Smith in Palmyra. Well anyway the Gospel Sing is a thing where once a month every church gets together and has a night were members can volunteer to sing. It was at the Catholic Church last night. L talked about missing the American Idol auditions but I don't think I did. I lived them last night.

Well how's everyone doing? Sounds like the girls are doing good in school. Especially mom.

Well it sounds like everyone enjoyed the rain. Good to know no one died in the wash. Sounds like BYU bball is doing good. That stinks they lost to NM but at least it was @ NM and at least they beat Utah! Good to hear that the cubs are hopefully staying in town. When it was really cold the other day I just started to think about spring training and how nice and warm it is but then I got a little homesick for a sec. so I stopped thinking about that. haha. Homesickness hasn't set in yet but I guess it's only been a month. Elder Lanham said it will come and go a little every week. We are doing some good work here. We are going to try to search and contact a lot of old investigators so we'll see how that goes. That means my tracting skills should get better here soon which is good because they really stink. It will come with time though. ok well I better go. Have a good week. Send me a letter or email if you get some time. Have fun watching the Super Bowl. Should be a good game. Miss you all. Talk to you later

Here are some pictures Mitch sent from the day he got to Montana:

MTC District plus two temps and Pres. and Sis. Gardner at the Billings Temple
From left to right: Elder Stewert, Kuck, Cabral, Wardel, Jones, Me, Seymore, Hamblin, Proser, and Pres. and Sis. Gardner

Me with Pres. and Sis. Gardner

Monday, January 25, 2010

Townsend, Montana

Area: Townsend, Montana
Current Companion: Elder Lanham

Well it feels good to be writing you again. Since our pday is Mondays I haven't had a chance to write yet. There is also so much to write I don't even know where to being. When we got to Billings it was only 40 degrees. Not too bad. We had a dinner and then a little testimony meeting that night and then we received our calls. I got mine to Townsend as you all know and when I first read it I though wait a sec. that sounds really familiar. I think that's where Ricky's grandparents live! But I wasn't a 100% sure so I didn't tell anyone that I might know someone there. Well that next day we got on a Greyhound at around 1:00. That is the way they transport elders around here. That or they have an older man who's on a mission with his wife and he drives a big van around for transfers. But anyway I rode the Greyhound with a few others from my district. One comp went to Bozeman the other went to Wyoming. So anyway we went on the Greyhound and slowly would lose elders on the way. Then in Butte most of us got broken up because they had you switch buses. I got on the bus headed for Helena. So at 8:00 Wed. night I got to Helena and my companion and some other elders met me there. His name is Elder Lanham. He has been out about 10 months. He was a gymnast till he was 15 and then he coached. He's pretty buff. haha. He's a really nice guy though and pretty down to earth so that's good. He has never trained anyone but so far so good.We stayed in Helena that night because of a district meeting that next morning. So I didn't even get to Townsend till 2:00 Thursday. We unpacked and then went to dinner. Townsend is a little farming town that sits down in a valley near a lake that is currently frozen. Anyway we live with this older couple probably around Grandma and Grandpa G's age. We live in their upstairs and you won't believe this. You know how you guys always said I couldn't get a bigger bed because I had to stay used to a twin for the mission, well here in Townsend we sleep on queen size beds! It's awesome. That and every morning we go down the street to this farmers garage and they have a full on gym in there that we get to use with a self spot weight set. And then after exercising we get home and Sis. Price insists every morning on making us breakfast. I'm going to get Fat! She is so nice though. I love sitting at breakfast and talking with her.

Well what a surprise Bro. D got when we came in to do splits on Thursday. He jumped up and gave me a big hug and screamed NO WAY! He was so excited to see me. He is an awesome member missionary and he'll be fun to work with. My first Sunday in Townsend was pretty good. Me and my comp had to speak along with Bro. D. I only had to speak for 5 min. though so that was easy. We also blessed the sacrament. The ward is smaller than an AZ size ward but still decent for how big this town is. Their building reminds me a lot of the church building up by Brighton Ski Resort. It's a lot smaller but really for the size of this town it works perfect. Funny thing in this ward is that the Bishops name is Cory Davis! I saw it on a paper and said hey that's my dad's name and Elder Lanham said no way that's the Bishop's name too. HaHa. So on Sunday I got up and said Hi I'm Elder Davis, son of Cory Davis...but not that one pointing to the Bishop. Everyone laughed. It was pretty funny. Bishop Davis said we're going to have to go through some family history and see if we are related. Priesthood is also funny here. They combine Elders and HP so you get some funny side conversations going about farming and how much things used to cost. It's pretty entertaining. Well the work here is pretty good. There are quite a few potential investigators and a few that if we worked with a little I think they'd be baptized.

How could I forget it snowed! We went tracting while it snowed but I stayed pretty warm. Those thermals help and those sweaters. The coldest the car has said so far is 10 degrees. It's not too bad as long as the wind isn't blowing. Well I better get going now. We have a dinner appointment at 7:00 and 2 investigators will be there so it should be a good night. Hope everyone is doing good and I hope you all have a good week.

Letter received Saturday, January 16, 2010

How's everything going? I'm writing this letter quickly just to write a few things I forgot in my email. That timer makes you feel so rushed I don't really know what I fully said. I've been pretty good here at keeping things clean. Like I said in my email I've made my bed every day and our room is the cleanest in the district. Laundry is also pretty easy. Just 2 loads. Takes about an hour.

I've talked to two BYU players since I've been here. Elder Tialavea thanked me for opening the door for him. He said "Thanks Elder Davis!" as I stared in awe. That was the first time I saw him here. Now I see him around quite often. And then today while waiting to get a haircut I talked to the youngest Alleto brother. He plays offensive line. He redshirted this year and missed out on the bowl game. His older brother is starting and another is on a mission. He's a pretty cool guy. Cougarboard would be jealous!

You know how you said the boy/girl ratio is different here, well it is. But that means some elders are dumb and will flirt with any semi decent looking sister. We just laugh, make fun of them, and yell Code 33 at them. Code 33 means page 33 of the mission handbook. It talks about all the things not to do with the opposite sex including flirting.

The snow here is starting to somewhat melt away. I hope it snows again. I'm doing pretty good. I've been in class a lot lately. We are learning so much about the gospel, the scriptures and how to teach people. It's so hard sometimes to sit there and be quiet and sometimes it's hard not to fall asleep. Our class got a talking to by our teacher the other day because some elders in our class still use words that missionaries aren't suppose to use like stupid or other slang words. We need to always remember to use good words to please not only the Lord but our teachers and he helped some realize that.

Well I better go now. I have to go get my laundry out of the dryer. I'm going to go print some pics I took on Sunday. If it all works out I'll send some. Have a great week. Love and miss you all.

Letter received Saturday, January 23, 2010

1/19/10 @5:00 p.m.

Well I made it! We arrived here to Billings a little late. The Billings Airport is kind of cool. You land on a butte that overlooks the city. Billings isn't too small but it isn't too big either. The city like I said sits in a little valley. The mission home can easily be seen from the butte the airport sits on. I don't know how big other mission homes are but this one feels pretty good sized. It also has a very cabin homey feeling. There isn't a lot of snow but it does feel like winter. Most of the missionaries live with members. This helps the church save a lot of money. Now onto the after airport stuff. The Pres. and his wife and the office elders greeted us at the airport. They took us to take some pictures and then to the mission home. We ate a really good soup and then had a little orientation. After that we went to see the temple. It's really pretty and it backs up to these cliffs. We just went in the entrance and they have some fountains inside. It's pretty cool. After that we came back to have interviews. Pres. Gardner seems really great. I can't wait to get to know him better.

1/19 @ 10:00 p.m.

Well I just received my first area. I'm going to the Butte Zone, to the Townsend area. We cover the Townsend and White Sulphur Springs Wards. I think that's where Ricky's grandparents are but I'm not 100% sure. I'll leave tomorrow afternoon and leave for Helena, I think, and then to Townsend on a bus. I'm not sure how long of a drive that is but I think I'm going to get a lot of scripture study done on this mission so that's good. Well I'm excited to leave tomorrow and to see how all this bus stuff works. I'll write you or email you when I get there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Only 5 More Days

Area: Provo MTC
Companions: Elder Stewart & Elder Kuck

Well only 5 more days till I'm off to Montana. I can't believe my stay here at the MTC is coming to an end. The first few days felt like they went by so slow and now they are going by so fast. It's exciting though. There is talk that we might be able to make a quick call home so Mom if you could be home that morning that would be great. I'd hate to call and get an answering machine.

We've been working really hard this last week and we hope to finish strong the rest of this week. We have been going to the teaching center at least 2-3 times a week to teach lessons to people that come and volunteer to be investigators. Sometimes it really does feel like a real lesson but other times, and this happens mostly with students, it doesn't feel as real. The most realistic lesson is when we met with this lady named Dixie twice. She was really good at making it feel like she was a real investigator and those lessons were really spiritual and good for practice. Well our district is getting along pretty good. I don't know if I've answered this yet but all 7 of us are going to Montana so that's really exciting to know we will all see each other again. Our zone consists of elders going to Finland, Jamaica, and Illinois. The Fins have been here 9 weeks now. I don't know if I could have lasted that long here. Maybe it's different when you're learning a language though. Oh and yes the email has a timer here. Don't know if it does in the field though.

Well one of the most exciting things so far in the MTC happend last night. We had really bad seats for the Sunday fireside that were broken and you had to lean forward really far so for last nights fireside we got there really early and it payed off. Elder L. Tom Perry was the speaker. Also Elder Hinckley ( Pres. Hinckley's son) was in attendance. Elder Perry spoke for about 45 min. and gave a pretty simple talk based on the first lesson and things we need to know. He pretty much just bore simple testimony about Christ, the apostasy, the restoration and Joseph Smith, and the priesthood. Despite being pretty simple it was very powerful. I guess it shows you that by small and simple things great things truly do come to pass. I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who has sent me letters so far. Since I'm the District Leader I'm the one who picks the mail up for our district. It's really nice to be able to look through the stack and find something pretty much everyday. I've tried really hard to be able to get letters to everyone. We are allowed to write on pday (Wednesday) and Sunday afternoons. It makes it a lot easier to write a letter when someone has sent you one. It helps you be able to talk about different things going on here and in their lives.

The food here is pretty crazy. I can see how some people can gain so much weight. I gained 6 lbs the first week because it's a 3 meal buffet everyday. But now I've cut back and only weigh 3 lbs more than when I left which isn't bad considering how much you sit and how little you exercise. We do have a pull up bar in our hall though so I've tried to do that every night and I am getting stronger. We had a room check yesterday. Our room got the best room score out of our district. My bed has been made every day so I guess I'm getting better at keeping my things clean. It's easier here too because you have less stuff to have to manage. I love living such a simple mission life. So how's everyone doing? Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good now that they are over their sicknesses. Sounds like everyone is pretty busy with EVMCO and school. Keep up the good work girls and dad. And it sounds like mom is running quite a bit. This clock thing makes me feel so rushed. Love you all and hope you have a great week.

Pictures and a card Mitch wrote while on the plane to MT- Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This card is a card I picked out at the bookstore. It symbolizes me leaving the MTC and looking back one last time like Joseph Smith. I hope to not be martyred though. Don't worry. The pilot we talked to said everyone is nice. Even the Indians.

After sitting on the tarmac for about 40 min. we were finally able to take off. It was different going down the smaller terminal though. While standing there waiting we talked to a lady who was neighbors with Pres. Gardner in St. George, I guess. She said they are very nice and we're going to love them. We also talked to a pilot. He asked us where we were going and when we said Montana he got really excited because that's where he went. He said it's an awesome mission and that in 2 years he only had 1 door slammed on him because the people are so nice. He also said they play a lot of horse shoes there. Sounds good to me! I am really excited to finally get to Billings. I hope it isn't too cold. But maybe if I get sent to Kalispell for my first area I'll be able to go through the really cold first and then it can be all down hill from there. I guess we will see soon enough though. Well it was great to talk to Mom and Dad today. It sounds like everyone is doing good. I love you all and don't worry, just keep writing and 2 years will go fast.

My bed at the MTC

My MTC residence desk

Montana flag in our residency (flag mitch got from Uncle Wayne)

My residency room 5m-215

Elder Kuck
Elder Cabral from Hawaii

BYU defensive tackle Russel Tialavea. He's going to Chile

Elder Kuck, Elder Stewert, and Me

Flag at the Provo Temple
View of LaVell Edwards Stadium from the Provo Temple

Provo Temple

Provo Temple

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1 Week Down

Area: Provo MTC
Companions: Elder Stewart & Elder Kuck

Well 1 week down and I'm doing good. It was a little rough getting used to the schedule but after Sunday I think I'm used to it by now. Wednesday I got on the plane after saying goodbye to you guys. It was really hard not to let my emotions get to me but I wanted to be strong in going off to serve the Lord. I got through security pretty quick and then sat at my gate. I was thrown off because it said Seattle on the board. Little did I know it also said SLC every once in a while too. So I just kept sitting there waiting for them to say SLC. But then I saw it on the board and realized it was going to SLC and then Seattle. So I jumped up, and this was after standby got on, and gave the guy my tickets. Luckily there weren't very many standby or they maybe would have given my seat away. I don't know. So I got on and then the other elder we saw comes running in. He barely made it. I slept a lot on the plane. Not a lot to see. Just heavy clouds. When we were about to land the other elder across the aisle from me started to talk with me. He is from Gilbert and he is going to Canada. He had walked by the gate and then realized what he had done and they had almost closed up the door without him. He wasn't too airport savvy so I helped him find baggage claim.When we were landing in the snow it was pretty crazy. We slid around a little as we came down the runway. It was a little scary but everything was ok. When I came down the stairs in SLC to baggage claim I saw gma on the phone with a very nervous look on her face. She then saw me and was really happy I had made it. We got to Little America with 20 min. to spare. We grabbed our food and ate. I think everyone felt a little rushed but oh well. We drove down to Provo in the snow and went up to the temple to take some pictures and say our goodbyes. Then we went down to the MTC. The new way they do things is way better. Everyone is just so welcoming and excited for you. It doesn't make people as sad as it did before. The host took me to check in and then to my room. It was really cool to get my name badge and be able to have Christ's name on me now as one of his reps. When I got to my room no one else had been there. So we just dropped my stuff. We then went to the classroom where we were suppose to meet up with our comps and the other elders in the district. After a while of elders coming in we started introductions and got other info from our two teachers. This was great except my comp still hadn't come yet. So we did some get to know you stuff and a lesson and then went to a few other meetings. One was with the MTC Pres. Well after all that and dinner still no comp. Pretty much he hasn't shown up so now I'm in what we call a tripanionship with the other two guys in my room. You might think this would be hard but honestly I really like it. Elder Hamblin is really funny. He says Hecka a lot. He really likes BYU like me. He said if me and him were comps we would get hecka nothin done because we'd be talking BYU all day long. HaHa. Well for some crazy news I was made District Leader. It really isn't that hard because everyone is so willing to do things here because they know they are here to learn and serve. Our zone is pretty cool too. Sunday was my favorite day so far. I really liked sacrament meeting. It was really spiritual. And the MTC meetings and the firesides with the whole MTC are Awesome! We have those every Sunday and Tues. My favorite part besides the speakers is that they have everyone sing songs for 10 min. prior to the meeting starting. It's really amazing to hear that many people sing some of my favorite upbeat songs! As far as the rest of the MTC there is a lot of sitting. My butt and back are finally getting used to it I think. We have some great teachers though so that makes it worth it. The cafeteria is pretty good. I know I've gained some weight so far so I've cut back on eating a little bit. It's hard though when you don't have a way to really get a snack in between meals so you feel like you have to eat up.