Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1 Week Down

Area: Provo MTC
Companions: Elder Stewart & Elder Kuck

Well 1 week down and I'm doing good. It was a little rough getting used to the schedule but after Sunday I think I'm used to it by now. Wednesday I got on the plane after saying goodbye to you guys. It was really hard not to let my emotions get to me but I wanted to be strong in going off to serve the Lord. I got through security pretty quick and then sat at my gate. I was thrown off because it said Seattle on the board. Little did I know it also said SLC every once in a while too. So I just kept sitting there waiting for them to say SLC. But then I saw it on the board and realized it was going to SLC and then Seattle. So I jumped up, and this was after standby got on, and gave the guy my tickets. Luckily there weren't very many standby or they maybe would have given my seat away. I don't know. So I got on and then the other elder we saw comes running in. He barely made it. I slept a lot on the plane. Not a lot to see. Just heavy clouds. When we were about to land the other elder across the aisle from me started to talk with me. He is from Gilbert and he is going to Canada. He had walked by the gate and then realized what he had done and they had almost closed up the door without him. He wasn't too airport savvy so I helped him find baggage claim.When we were landing in the snow it was pretty crazy. We slid around a little as we came down the runway. It was a little scary but everything was ok. When I came down the stairs in SLC to baggage claim I saw gma on the phone with a very nervous look on her face. She then saw me and was really happy I had made it. We got to Little America with 20 min. to spare. We grabbed our food and ate. I think everyone felt a little rushed but oh well. We drove down to Provo in the snow and went up to the temple to take some pictures and say our goodbyes. Then we went down to the MTC. The new way they do things is way better. Everyone is just so welcoming and excited for you. It doesn't make people as sad as it did before. The host took me to check in and then to my room. It was really cool to get my name badge and be able to have Christ's name on me now as one of his reps. When I got to my room no one else had been there. So we just dropped my stuff. We then went to the classroom where we were suppose to meet up with our comps and the other elders in the district. After a while of elders coming in we started introductions and got other info from our two teachers. This was great except my comp still hadn't come yet. So we did some get to know you stuff and a lesson and then went to a few other meetings. One was with the MTC Pres. Well after all that and dinner still no comp. Pretty much he hasn't shown up so now I'm in what we call a tripanionship with the other two guys in my room. You might think this would be hard but honestly I really like it. Elder Hamblin is really funny. He says Hecka a lot. He really likes BYU like me. He said if me and him were comps we would get hecka nothin done because we'd be talking BYU all day long. HaHa. Well for some crazy news I was made District Leader. It really isn't that hard because everyone is so willing to do things here because they know they are here to learn and serve. Our zone is pretty cool too. Sunday was my favorite day so far. I really liked sacrament meeting. It was really spiritual. And the MTC meetings and the firesides with the whole MTC are Awesome! We have those every Sunday and Tues. My favorite part besides the speakers is that they have everyone sing songs for 10 min. prior to the meeting starting. It's really amazing to hear that many people sing some of my favorite upbeat songs! As far as the rest of the MTC there is a lot of sitting. My butt and back are finally getting used to it I think. We have some great teachers though so that makes it worth it. The cafeteria is pretty good. I know I've gained some weight so far so I've cut back on eating a little bit. It's hard though when you don't have a way to really get a snack in between meals so you feel like you have to eat up.

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