Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Snow?

Helloooo Everybody!

It’s been good to hear from home and hear about Elder Heywood’s homecoming. I'm glad you were able to go and finally meet him and his family. Also glad you were able to meet Elder Unga and Clous. Elder Unga is awesome! Lauren you're right he is really funny. And mom you were right Elder Heywood is the real deal. As I read your emails about his talk and meeting the other Elders it’s caused me to reflect again on how great this mission is! I have been blessed and privileged to serve with such great missionaries. It also helps a lot of us are from AZ, a definite connection that will last forever. I think a lot of this is the Gardner’s doing. They find ways to make everyone in the mission really close and feel like a family.

Ok so the blog, it has really taken off the last two weeks! This Mormon March Madness stuff has really increased my views. I even know other Elders who are sharing my blog at dinner appointments because they know the family loves basketball and they want to show them basketball stuff with a spiritual thought. I maxed out yesterday at 91 views in a day. That's the most I've ever had. I had 242 views the end of Feb. and I'm at 739 for the month of March. A lot of my views are coming from Facebook but a lot are coming from google too which means a lot of people are just happening upon it. I hope they keep checking back and find things they like. I really wonder how many returning viewers I have. It’s also really cool to see the different countries viewing it. US, Canada, Germany, UK, Israel, Belgium, S. Korea, Malaysia, Denmark, and France just this week. You had asked about which blogs I've written and which I've copied. The Danny Ainge one I wrote with a few quotes from those articles I cited, The Missionary one I wrote, the Cosic one I wrote with a few quotes from an article, the Jimmer one I wrote, the Hoops Reunion I didn't write. That one was from the Church News. And the sElection Sunday was one I wrote. So I've pretty much written all of them with the help of a few quotes. Do I need to cite better on those quotes? I'm thinking about doing a General Conference review for the month of April reviewing talks given in this weekend conference. What do you think of that idea? I hope I can keep up my viewer ship. Any other suggestions please give them to me.

So we were in Butte/Helena for three days this last week. We had a fun pday in Butte. We got to play some basketball with some other Elders besides ourselves so that was nice. Also a few different people from the ward were there. Jimmer Mania has definitely hit Butte. When they'd shoot and make a shot they'd say Jimmer! Also they kept calling this one kid Jimmer. He was just a wanna be though. All the Elders hate playing with him because he literally thinks he's Jimmer. I wanted to tell all of the Butteites that there is only One Jimmer! and that that kid is not him. haha It's neat to see how popular Jimmer is though even in little ol' MT.

Tues. we had great team ups with the Zone Leaders. Me and Elder Butler were at it again just like the good ol' days of team ups together. It was a lot of fun. We ate at this ladies house and her husband died not too long ago. He had a gun shop and she let us look around. We walk in and Elder Butler sees these gunstocks without the barrel attached and he says really loud Wow! Check out that Awesome Rubber Band Gun! It was really funny! The members said that'd make one expensive rubber band gun. Elder Catron had to explain to him what it really was. haha

Wed. I went to Helena with Elder Catron, Butler, and Garcia for leadership. President started off by saying he knows we are sheltered as missionaries but he wanted to show us a video of what has been going on in Japan. It was Amazing to see that! I can't even put it into words. That water just moved so quickly and despite those people trying to get away from it it just caught them and wreaked havoc. It helps you feel more for the people of Japan when you see what it did not just hear about it. President then showed us a scripture in Sec. 88 of the D&C. It talked about how the waves of the sea will heave themselves beyond their bounds. Then it talks about how the angels are going to be preparing people for the Second Coming. He talked about how we are some of those angels who are here right now to prepare people. It was pretty cool. Also found out in leadership Duce Lutui from the AZ Cardinals is going be baptizing an investigator in Billings. Pretty cool huh?

Finally back in our area Wed. but then turned around for Sheridan for District Meeting. It was a really good meeting. Then we ate at the Wagon Wheel. It’s a pretty good place to eat in Twin Bridges.

Finished out the week not too bad considering how long we were in our area. Had a great lesson with A. I'm really excited for him to be able to watch conference this weekend. He's really enjoying his spiritual experiences he's already had and the studying he's been able to do. Also planned more for H's baptism on the 9th. We are excited for her and she said she keeps feeling really comfortable with her decision so she knows it’s what she needs to do. Didn't get in with the A family but we did talk to him. He said he’s been following the Word of Wisdom for a week and he said he feels the difference. He sleeps a lot better at night. That was awesome to hear.

Tough week for Elder Lunt. He got a call Sat. morning from his mom. She said she has breast cancer and will be having surgery Tues. It was really tough at first, I think shock more than anything, but G and I gave him a blessing and he said he just feels peace. His mom seems pretty confident too. She said they caught it pretty early. I was able to share with him the things we've been through with Lauren and I hope that helped. President said 6 Elders in the mission have had parents get cancer while they have been out. It’s amazing to see how it’s affecting everyone in some way. Brother J seems to be doing better with the chemo this time around but you can tell he still is very uncomfortable.

Ok so the weather here is crazy. It snowed every other day here and then the next day it’s sunny, kind of warm (30-45), and everything melts. It snowed all during church Sunday and then once we got out of 2nd Ward it stopped. Sun came out and melted it all away. It’s crazy! I guess this is what they call spring here.

We met with Brother C this week and he is starting the stop smoking program so that he can get the priesthood. That will be really cool. He seems really determined to quit so that definitely helps.

Thanks to those who sent letters/scores this week. I was bummed BYU lost but what a great year they had. And what a great chance to follow Jimmer and all he did this year. He better win player of the year. I heard he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated this last week. Tried to find it but I think Dillon is behind in their magazines.

I think I would just like some money this time around instead of a package for Easter. That way I could buy candy if I want or maybe something Montana memento.

Well I better get going. I hope all is well with everyone. Enjoy going back to school and have fun playing tennis Lauren. I wish I could. Enjoy conference and yes we Montana boys are white. Haha

I love you all and I'll talk to you later.


Elder Davis

Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Sounds like everyone had a good week especially with spring break and BYU winning. We've had a pretty good week here too. Tues. Elder Hineman and I headed off to Butte to drop him off to the transfer van and pick up Elder Lunt. It was definitely a bummer seeing Elder Hineman go but I think it'll be good for him to experience some new things and I'm excited for him to be in Elder Whitlock and Ika's district. He kept saying man, I don't want to go to Billings but once he's there a while I think he'll like it. I was also able to meet up with Elder Butler again in Butte. He's my new ZL and was my DL in the hi line for 4 1/2 months so it was good to see him and talk with him again. He said that Elder Ika and I really helped him change his mission so that really took me back. A lot of missionaries haven't got along with him for some reason but I guess me just trying to be a friend helped him so that's good. After a while it was time to let Elder Hineman go but first we were able to see Elder Whitlock and Wahl who were on the transfer van. I was able to get a picture with all the Elders I've trained. That was pretty special. I'll have to send you a copy. So Elder Hineman was then off to Billings and hello Elder Lunt.

Elder Lunt is from Pima, AZ. He's a country boy who likes guns, horses, and sports. We are getting along good so far. He's definitely different than Elder Hineman but I am really excited for him to be here because he's been in bigger cities the 7 1/2 months he's been out and now he's finally in a town more his size. He's really liking it so far. He keeps saying Oh man I love being here! So that’s good. Only complaint and he said he knows he needs to work on it is that he's a little messy but it will be fine. haha To break him into the ward we ended up being asked to speak in Both wards! It was good though. As I've said before I've come to enjoy speaking. I talked about conference coming up in 1st ward and then being an example in 2nd. I was able to use that story from my blog about Kresmir Cosic. I had to find some way to get March Madness into my talk. Haha

We had some great lessons this week. We had a really good lesson with the A's. They asked about the Word of Wisdom. We talked about it and the spirit and commited them to live it and they said they would. It was one of the better lessons we've had with them. We also had a good lesson with the F’s daughter H and P C. Also we reviewed some things with H to get her ready for baptism on the 9th. P and H were both at church. The only thing that could slow us down with P is she is leaving for 2 more weeks to AZ to be with her step dad and then bring him home for the summer. She's going to be flying into Gateway Airport. I told her that's right by my house! Haha

At church with A, his first Sunday after becoming a member, we had a good lesson in Gospel Principles. Brother L joked around that he needs to get on LDS now hahaha. He turned really red. It was really funny.

Well I better get going. I hope you all have a great week. I love you all. Sorry if this is shorter than normal. We're trying to run off to Butte for Pday with the elders there and then teams ups there tomorrow. Then I have leadership on Wed. and then we'll be back. Hope to hear from you all soon. Go Cougars!


Elder Davis

PS Did you go to Elder Heywood’s homecoming? Wasn't it this last Sunday? Dad said something about going next Sunday so I'm confused.

Oh and my blog ( has been getting a lot of hits since I've been doing the Mormon March Madness. 40 a day consistantly. pretty cool huh.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

If you wouldn't mind helping him out with feed back on his proselyting blog as he has asked in this email. You can send your comments/suggestions to him directly at

Thanks, now on to the best part!

Baptism Does a Missionary Good!

Good Day to you all,

How's everyone doing? It’s spring break back home so I assume everyone is doing good and is enjoying the break. First off transfer news. For those who haven't heard through facebook I am staying here in Dillon but Elder Hineman is being doubled into a new area in Billings. I definitely have mixed emotions about this. I am very happy to be staying in Dillon but am sad to be saying goodbye to Elder Hineman. We have had so many good things happen and so much fun in the time we've been here. It’s going to be tough to be in Dillon without him but I know he's going to do good in Billings. President Gardner is showing some good trust in him sending him to a new area so I'm excited for him. He wanted to stay so bad and he keeps complaining about having to leave but I think once he gets there he'll enjoy it. One thing he is excited about is being in the same zone as Elder Ika who I've told him a lot about and they were able to meet once when Elder Ika was going to Billings on the transfer van. On the other hand he's not looking forward to being in a car share with the sister missionaries. haha I wouldn't either. Elder Lunt from the Gila Valley, AZ area is going to be my new companion. He's been out 6 months and I think President Gardner is probably bringing in someone younger but still able to probably go senior comp next transfer and take Dillon over if I get transferred. Elder Lunt was in my zone in Great Falls. I wasn't around him much but the little bit I was I think we'll get along and do good. It'd be good to finish up some more things before I leave.

One thing Elder Hineman and I were able to finish up before he left was A's baptism on Sat. It went really good! The talks were the best I've ever heard at a baptism. Sister L spoke and so did one of Brother L and A's business partners from Utah. The only thing that could top them is when Elder Hineman played the guitar while the two youngest L girls who are 6 and 7 sang I Like to Look for Rainbows. When they finished they ran up and gave A a hug. It was so cute and everyone had tears in their eyes. Then we did the actual baptism and that went great. After we had a lunch at the Ls. It was a great baptism! Then to cap it off we had the confirmation on Sunday. We are standing there waiting for A. Waiting, waiting, waiting. 5 til no A. Time for church no A. We go ask Brother L and right as we do he gets a text. Because of the time change A's phone didn't change over times until 11. So he was rushing to get ready and get to church by 11:30. So right as they are getting ready for A to come up for the confirmation he walks in. Hew. Elder Hineman confirmed him. He was nervous but he did a really great job and gave him a really good blessing. I was so happy he was able to do that before he left. It just completed everything.

Other than the baptism we probably had our worse teaching week together. No one was home at all all week long and even if they were they were sick. We did have a good lesson with the A family. They still have a lot of questions but that’s ok. The toughest thing is being able to teach while their 3 year old twin boys are running around like crazy. They sure are funny boys though.

We got our Jimmer shirts Thursday. I never told Elder Hineman Dad was sending them or one for him so when he got it he was really excited. I think they look really good. You should get one Dad. Elder Hineman is an ASU fan but he is now calling himself a BYU bball fan. Jimmer and I have swayed him. hahahaha. I'm going t attach a picture of us wearing them.

We went to the ghost town Bannack today. It was a lot of fun to go roam around an old settlement. It’s amazing to see how they lived back then and the different things they built. We'll have to go there when we come back up here as a family.

Elder Hineman heads out tomorrow afternoon so we'll head to Butte around 10 or so. Elder Butler who was my district leader for 4 1/2 months is now my new Zone Leader along with Elder Catron who is a huge USU fan so we talk a lot. I'm really excited to have them as my ZL's.

Elder Wahl and Elder Askey are going to be companions in Lander. All I'm going to say is that could be really interesting. They'll either be really good for each other or kill each other. They are just very opposite. I hope it turns out though.

I can't believe Elder Heywood and Lanham are going home. That’s good you're going to Elder Heywoods homecoming. I can’t wait for you to see him in person. You should ask to see his beat up toe when he comes for dinner. Maybe Lauren and his Mom could play tennis. haha

Glad to see BYU got a #3 seed. I think they've got a good shot to make it to the Elite 8. I think they have very winnable games from the little I've seen. That's Amazing Jimmer scored 52 pts with only 1 free throw. Go Cougs!

Also a reminder to check out Davis' Daily Bread dedicated this month to Mormon March Madness. I've got some really good stories coming. Give me more feed back please everyone. I want to know what more people are thinking besides my family and grandparents. Their feedback is good but I'm looking for some more. What did you think of my sElection Sunday one?

Oh and I'm glad you liked those shirts. I probably shouldn't tell you this but I feel like I should because I'm like Mom and I love to tell people when I got a screamin deal. All four of those MT t-shirts cost me 16 bucks total. $4 a piece. Great deal huh? I hope they all fit good. I still want a family picture of you all wearing them.

Well I've got to get going. Hope you all have a great week. Talk to you later.

-Elder Davis

PS questions answer time.

No I ended up not talking to Pres. about transfers.

Yes I knew the Pratts had their baby but I didn't know the details. Girl #5. Poor Brother Pratt can't produce any girls. haha

Havre and Chinook split this last transfer. They are in a district together and Lewistown is in a district with a set closer to Billings. So that whole area is not even close to the good old days when I was there. Chinook Elders are staying in a house some members were renting. The Johnsons surprisingly moved to California to start to run her dad’s ranch because he's getting too old for it. I never thought Brother Johnson would leave that area. He lived there his whole life and hates Cali. haha.

I got the other pair of pants and they're working great. Thanks.

Elder Lunt is coming from Missoula area. He's been in bigger cities so far and will probably love Dillon because it’s more like Thatcher. hahaha.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Great Week Here in Dillon

Good Day to you all,

Hope everyone had a great week. Sounds like everyone is pretty busy and it sounds like the East Valley Mormon Choral Organization concert was a success. Only one more week till spring break for the girls and Mom. Doesn't it seem like those breaks always come at the right time? This spring break in March was always my favorite. I think it was because the weather was so nice, I was playing tennis everyday, spring training baseball was going on, and of course March madness. Oh boy I better move on before I start feeling homesick. hahaha Anyway enjoy your break but work hard this last week. Congrats on winning your match against McClintock L. We lost to them the time we played them. I should have beat the kids I played but didn't. haha oh well.

Anyway, so this week in Dillon was really good but for different reasons then last week. First off ZL's were here Monday and Tuesday. We had good team-ups with them. Elder Catron and I had a really good lesson with A. He said that he had a feeling after attending church the first time that he can't describe. One that just helped him know this was something he needed to pursue. He's dropped smoking and coffee like it was nothing. He said when he puts his mind to something it just gets done. When asked about what he thought baptism was he said he'd never read this or been told this before but he thought it was the gateway to receiving the Holy Ghost. I've never seen someone not fully know what it is describe it so well. He does that with a lot of things though. He was interviewed this week and is ready to go for Saturday. He told us that he moved here to Dillon and felt like it was for some sort of reason but didn't know what it was. Now he said he knows what the Lord was leading him here to do. It’s neat to hear him say that though because when Brother L first told us about him he told us that he told Brother L he felt that way. Brother L said he doesn't know yet but I think I do. Fast forward about two and a half months and A's realized the same thing as Brother L. We are really excited for Saturday. The Ls are helping out quite a bit including Brother L baptizing A and their two cute little girls who are going to sing When I am Baptized while Elder Hineman plays the guitar. Also some people from down in Utah that A has worked with are coming up for it so it should be a really great baptism.

Also this week we set a baptism date with our investigator H. She will be getting baptized on April 9th the day before her birthday upon her request. It’s good to see her come around and set a date because there have been times we really felt like we may be losing her but she's stuck with it. The biggest change was she started going to some other churches with a friend who was trying to find a church and by doing that was able to feel the difference in the spirit at other churches compared to ours. It’s helped her see this is where she needs to be not only for her but for her son too.

I got a pretty big surprise Saturday. We were in the church with Brother B the ward mission leader from 1st ward trying to figure out the font plug because the last member baptism we had he filled it up but the plug wasn't on real tight and the water level dropped quite a bit. That can't happen with Andy because he's a tall and well-built guy. Anyway were working on that and who comes walking in.....President J from Chinook. He and his family were in Dillon to meet up with their daughters/sisters who are at BYU and to see Sister O who was converted when living in Chinook and was able to get back in touch with the J when she found out I had served there and had their number. So I was able to talk with President J a little and then see all of them on Sunday at church. I think President J knew I was in Dillon but the kids didn't so they were really surprised to see me. That just made my day to see them all again.

What also made my day was P C finally came to church. We've been teaching her for almost the whole time I've been here and she was always really nervous to go. She's had some members of the church fellowship her though without even knowing we were teaching her and so when we challenged her to come Saturday night she agreed. I think she really enjoyed it and I know her husband loved to have her there with him. Total we had four people at church so that was great!

Last week of the transfer if you can believe it or not. I really have no clue what's going to happen. I would like to see Elder Hineman and I both stay and finish things out but we'll see. I'm half tempted to call President and tell him I'm willing to go where ever the Lord needs me but I think us staying here would be really good for some of the people we are working with. I'm still debating whether to do that or not though. Can you believe Elder Heywood and Elder Lanham go home in a week and a half? That is just crazy! Time just goes by too fast. I told Elder Heywood he needs to go visit you and eat deep dish pizza. He said he'd do that and get a picture of him eating pizza in my house with my family and send it to me. I assume you're going to his homecoming is that true?

Oh another cool thing that happened on Sunday. Brother P came up to me and gave me a hug and said that was from my grandma and grandpa. He said Grandpa Davis had called and talked to him about Scotland. He said he really enjoyed visiting with Grandpa Davis and looks forward to talking with him and hopefully E B again. So thanks Grandpa D for making Brother Ps day. That was really good for him.

Tough news to hear about Brandon Davies. We've had a few people bring it up to us which made me realize how much of a national story it was when people in Dillon are talking about it. Overall they like the fact that BYU and the church stuck up for their beliefs and their honor code. While I think its definitely damaging for BYU's basketball team it is good for the university and the church. I just hope BYU can get things together and at least make it to the finals of the MWC Tournament. Only time will tell though. Well I better get going. I hope everyone has a great week. I love you all and will talk to you later.

-Elder Davis

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday, February 28, 2011

Ups and Downs

Hello Everyone,

We had a great week here in Dillon. All except the fact that I can't seem to shake this sickness I've had about two weeks now. And it’s got a little worse. I woke up yesterday and felt no bueno. I knew I had to at least make it through church though. So I survived through church and came home and crashed. Fever, chills, sore throat, you name it. I woke up last night at 7:30 and thought it was 7:30 in the morning. I said Oh No Elder! I forgot to call in numbers! Then I asked why is it so dark? It’s never dark like this by 7:30. Elder Hineman then realized what I was thinking and just laughed at me. It was kind of funny once I realized it wasn't Monday that it was still Sunday and that I hadn't slept through reporting numbers. I am feeling better today. I’m still not 100% but good enough to be sitting here writing an email. I talked to Pres. and the mission doc and they said because my fever did break this morning and the chills were gone that they think I'm on the mend and don't need to go to the doctor. They said to keep them updated though so we'll see.

Ok now on to the good stuff. We found 3 new investigators this week. One of which was A S. A works with Brother L from Dillon 2nd ward and has been talking a lot about the church for the last year they've worked together. He's come to church the last four weeks in a row now but has been crazy busy up at the bottling plant where they work. We were finally able to meet with him on Monday and when we soft commited him to baptism he said "well what the heck do you think I'm here for!" haha that was a pleasant surprise! So we told him the requirements like us teaching him and him being off of any word of wisdom substances and he said yep already done that. So pretty much Brother L has prepared him so much that all we have to do is teach him the four lessons and have a baptism interview. So he set the date him self of March 12th because his daughter's going to be here. We are really excited that this has just come out of nowhere. When I talked to Pres. today and told him about it he said it’s because Elder Hineman and I have been working hard and the Lord has seen fit to bless us. So that was a comforting thought. One that Dad also echoed in his email too.

Along with A we were able to start teaching the F’s daughter. She has always been interested but has been really nervous to meet with missionaries. Luckily we've eaten over there a few times and I think it’s helped break the ice to where she was willing to meet with us. We had a really good lesson with her. I can see her being one that really grasps the gospel like her parents have done.

We had a good lesson with the A family too. They said church was different but that they really liked it. They have A LOT of questions though. They may not be the slam dunk we were hoping for but hey every good thing comes in it’s own time. So I have faith if we'll just answer their questions and keep working with them and getting them to read the Book of Mormon that they'll come around.

I know some other good stuff happened this week but my mind is just gone today. Sorry this feels so short compared to usual. Good to hear BYU won! It’s exciting to see them keep winning no matter what spot they're put in. This team hasn't had the typical disappointment game yet KNOCK ON WOOD! It's good to see Jimmer getting a lot of help too. This team really isn't just one player despite Jimmer getting all the hype.

Well I love you all. Have a great week. I was happy to help with the East Valley Mormon Choral Organization publicity. I hope the concert goes great! I wish I could be there. Oh well. I'll get to hear it all someday hopefully.


Elder Davis

PS Go Cougs!