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Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey Everybody

Area: Townsend, Montana
Companion: Elder Lanham

Well things are going pretty good. We are in Helena today playing bball and now we are at the state library. Well this week was pretty good.

We are teaching a family where the parents are members but two of their daughters have not been baptized. They have a ping pong table in their basement and today the whole district was invited to go play at their house. We are going to have a tournament today. It should be fun.

The weather hasn't been too bad. It's snowed off and on and it's been cold but the locals say it's a very mild winter. The lowest I've seen on our car is 5 degrees. That was one morning at 6:30 when we were going to exercise. Its not too bad as long as you wear thermals and bundle up if you are going to be doing a decent amount of walking. We drive to the more far out homes but the area that's surrounding downtown we walk more.

Well most of this week I've been fighting a little cold. It wasn't too bad though and is mostly gone. I guess my body just wasn't used to the cold yet. I went with Ricky's grandpa on splits Thursday. We went down to a little town called Raidersburg. Not much success but it was fun to be out with him again. Oh one random and crazy thing that happened this week. We hit a deer. Coming back from exercising Elder Lanham normally goes fast down this one stretch of road that goes back to our house. Well on Tuesday he was going only 15 or 20 mph and this deer jumped out. He tried to stop but we hit the deers rear with our left front bumper. It didn't do any damage though and I think the deer was ok. It really woke us up that morning though. Oh and there's this pheasant that walks in front of us every morning at the exact same time. It feels like the movie Groundhog Day. It's amazing how often you see deer, eagles, and even these ram looking things one day. It's pretty cool. We drove up to White Sulphur Spring which is a little town about 45 min. away that we cover. They just have a small branch up there so we only go maybe once or twice every other week. We have to get rides up there from members or it would kill our miles. Anyway we drove up this really pretty canyon to get there. There were a lot of trees and a creek that runs along the road. It was crazy though because once we got out of the canyon it was just flat rolling hill again. We were up there on Sat. and spent the night with a member so we could go to church with them on Sunday. There were only 6 people there on Sunday so we blessed the sacrament and talked a little bit for the second straight week. It wasn't too bad though. I'm getting better at speaking on the spot. Last night we went to the Gospel Sing. For the size that Townsend is it sure has a lot of different churches. I feel like Joseph Smith in Palmyra. Well anyway the Gospel Sing is a thing where once a month every church gets together and has a night were members can volunteer to sing. It was at the Catholic Church last night. L talked about missing the American Idol auditions but I don't think I did. I lived them last night.

Well how's everyone doing? Sounds like the girls are doing good in school. Especially mom.

Well it sounds like everyone enjoyed the rain. Good to know no one died in the wash. Sounds like BYU bball is doing good. That stinks they lost to NM but at least it was @ NM and at least they beat Utah! Good to hear that the cubs are hopefully staying in town. When it was really cold the other day I just started to think about spring training and how nice and warm it is but then I got a little homesick for a sec. so I stopped thinking about that. haha. Homesickness hasn't set in yet but I guess it's only been a month. Elder Lanham said it will come and go a little every week. We are doing some good work here. We are going to try to search and contact a lot of old investigators so we'll see how that goes. That means my tracting skills should get better here soon which is good because they really stink. It will come with time though. ok well I better go. Have a good week. Send me a letter or email if you get some time. Have fun watching the Super Bowl. Should be a good game. Miss you all. Talk to you later

Here are some pictures Mitch sent from the day he got to Montana:

MTC District plus two temps and Pres. and Sis. Gardner at the Billings Temple
From left to right: Elder Stewert, Kuck, Cabral, Wardel, Jones, Me, Seymore, Hamblin, Proser, and Pres. and Sis. Gardner

Me with Pres. and Sis. Gardner

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  1. I graduated with elder stewart at Higley! haha.