Sunday, February 7, 2010

Letter received Saturday, January 16, 2010

How's everything going? I'm writing this letter quickly just to write a few things I forgot in my email. That timer makes you feel so rushed I don't really know what I fully said. I've been pretty good here at keeping things clean. Like I said in my email I've made my bed every day and our room is the cleanest in the district. Laundry is also pretty easy. Just 2 loads. Takes about an hour.

I've talked to two BYU players since I've been here. Elder Tialavea thanked me for opening the door for him. He said "Thanks Elder Davis!" as I stared in awe. That was the first time I saw him here. Now I see him around quite often. And then today while waiting to get a haircut I talked to the youngest Alleto brother. He plays offensive line. He redshirted this year and missed out on the bowl game. His older brother is starting and another is on a mission. He's a pretty cool guy. Cougarboard would be jealous!

You know how you said the boy/girl ratio is different here, well it is. But that means some elders are dumb and will flirt with any semi decent looking sister. We just laugh, make fun of them, and yell Code 33 at them. Code 33 means page 33 of the mission handbook. It talks about all the things not to do with the opposite sex including flirting.

The snow here is starting to somewhat melt away. I hope it snows again. I'm doing pretty good. I've been in class a lot lately. We are learning so much about the gospel, the scriptures and how to teach people. It's so hard sometimes to sit there and be quiet and sometimes it's hard not to fall asleep. Our class got a talking to by our teacher the other day because some elders in our class still use words that missionaries aren't suppose to use like stupid or other slang words. We need to always remember to use good words to please not only the Lord but our teachers and he helped some realize that.

Well I better go now. I have to go get my laundry out of the dryer. I'm going to go print some pics I took on Sunday. If it all works out I'll send some. Have a great week. Love and miss you all.

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