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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Great Week in Dillon

Well Hello Everyone,

So I had a whole list of things to write today and then I forgot my planner so we'll see how good I can do. We were blessed this week to have quite a few set appointments. Missionary work is so much easier when you set appointments in your day. We were able to teach a new investigator Tuesday afternoon. It’s a member’s girlfriend. She is a senior in high school and has had quite a few friends who are LDS who have wanted her to read the Book of Mormon. She said she's read up through Mosiah and wants to be baptized but her grandma would never let her. She wants to take the lessons though so that when the time comes she'll be ready. This could be really good for her and for her boyfriend who is less active. We then had dinner with the Ws. He's one of the ones who's told me that we can come and go fishing with him someday. He's 80 sum years old but runs around like a 30 year old and is always going fishing. We then had an appointment cancel on us, which is probably the best thing that happened to us all week.

There was a family that Elder Askey and I had stopped in and briefly seen a few times but never got to teach. They were getting ready to have a baby and found out that there were some complications with her heart and they'd need to go to PCH in SLC for her birth. Last we talked with them they were gettting ready around Christmas to head down there. We recently had heard from our ward mission leader that they had lost the baby. For some reason the 2 or 3 times we had tried them after finding that news they weren't home. So we were pretty excited and nervous when we called them after our appointment cancelled and they said we could come over that night. Like I said we were nervous because it’s a hard thing to go into a home where you know they've just lost a baby and tell them everything is going to be all right. We went in there with faith that it'd all work out. As we got in there you could tell the mood was different. Instead of just being casual they had us come in and sit down and they rushed their twin boys to a back room to watch a movie. We had a really good conversation with them about what all had happened in SLC. It was interesting to read Aunt Carols blog about the baby having Trisomy 18 because that's what the A's baby ended up having that’s why there were heart complications. Theirs lived a little longer though I think. They were able to be with her for a little over a week. They said it was really rough but that they met some great people in SLC who really helped them. A few of them were LDS. One man whose son was also in the NICU came up to Jeremy and said that he was really nervous to do this but felt like he really needed to. He then gave Jeremy a Boof of Mormon. Later that same man wrote them an email and told them how much he appreciated how much faith the A's had and that the Book of Mormon would help them in their lives. We were able to talk to them a little bit about the Plan of Salvation. They said they are very open to listening and have a lot of questions. It’s amazing to see the difference in them from the first few times. They invited us over for dinner on Saturday and we were able to eat and then watch Together Forever. It really touched them and we had a really good emotional lesson about temples and our Heavenly Father and His plan for us. They read that letter from the man in SLC and it was really touching. He just nailed everything on the head. It made it easy to testify about different things. Elder Hineman also told a powerful story about losing his best friend when he was 12. It really capped the lesson off well. They said that their daughter had died on a Sunday so that was her day and they had gone to two other churches the previous week and that they wanted to come to our church. So Sunday they were all at church. I don't think I've ever prayed so much for a family to just feel the spirit and feel comfortable at church. I've done it before but with this family I think Elder Hineman and I both just want it sooo bad for them. We Know it could change their lives. We feel they are so golden and yet we are afraid to say that for fear that Satan will rear his Ugly Head! I think they really did enjoy church though. We are meeting with them tomorrow and it will be good to hear what they have to say about it all.

Some other things that happened this week were going to teach D and S. We taught them at his mom's this week and he wanted to show us his drums. They were out in this shed that had a basement dug out. It was nasty down there. All sorts of rat poop. As he was banging away and we were standing on the stairs we see this HUGE RAT! RATZILLA!!! Oh man I've never seen something so big! It ran across one shelf and jumped clear across to another. We booked it out of there. Another funny thing was the Ws were gone this weekend. We decided to make a fire in their stove in the garage that heats the boiler. Well we forgot you have to open up that chimney thing and we pretty much smoked up the whole garage and our apartment before we realized what we'd done wrong. I guess that’s what you get when two AZ boys try to run a stove.

I hope everyone got a chance to read my blog this week (davisdailybread.blogspot.com). We learned at zone conference some new ways to promote our stuff more and how to check the stats on our blog. I learned I've had at least one page view from the countries of Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, and two from Australia. The rest are from the U.S. It’s pretty cool to think that someone in another country might be reading your stuff.

Speaking of zone conference it was a lot of fun and we learned a lot. It was as always good to see a lot of different missionaries. Elder Wahl said Havre is going great! K's kids are getting baptized this Saturday! So that was cool to hear. The toughest part was knowing this was the last time on the mission I'd see Elder Heywood. You are going to have to go to his homecoming and I told him you'd have him out for pizza. Sound good. Well I better get going. Whitehall Elders are here for Pday. It’s good to have other missionaries around.

I hope everyone has a great week and enjoyed the 3-day weekend. I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon. Also congrats to all those who had their babies this week. Exciting stuff!

-Elder Davis

GO COUGS!!! SDSU's gonna get Jimmered!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone,

First off a quick reminder to go read my blog davisdailybread.blogspot.com . There you will find a Valentine's Day message. Also Congratulations to Brendan on his mission call! I was so excited to find out where you are going to be serving. Trust me Brendan, you are going to love your mission. It's amazing how the Lord puts us in the best place for us to serve. And the best part about serving in the states is just like you said in the letter you sent me, we can go visit the people we come to love pretty easily. Road trip in 2013! haha

Hope everyone had a good week. Things are going good here in Dillon if I can just stay healthy. Friday I felt like junk and Sat. night well let's just say I lost my dinner. Elder Hineman's been good so I don't know what I've had but I feel a lot better today. We missed church yesterday though which I hate! I've missed two Sundays now with Elder Hineman. I keep apologizing to him but he keeps telling me not to worry. We did hear good news from church though. More on that later.

So the week started off good with some ribs. Brother F, a less active member who we are just getting back to church, has a smoker. We talked to him about setting up a dinner where we could smoke ribs all day and then enjoy. So that's what we did. They were really good! We've got Brother F thinking about what we could do next. I think he's decided on doing bbq pulled pork sandwiches. That'll be really good.

The best thing about this week had to be the lesson with J. He's the one that came to church last week with his friend from BYUI. We set up a lesson at a members house with some guys his age who go to the college here. He had a really good basic understanding about the restoration so we just had to fill in some gaps and teach it to him in an orderly manner. He seems really excited to learn and said he's already read 30 pages of the Book of Mormon. The neatest thing was when he told us he's looking to make some changes in his life and as he's started to do that God's told him that he needs to follow his common sense. So the first thing he thought to himself was there is no way I can truly change by following the Baptist beliefs. He doesn't agree with a lot of things his pastor dad has taught him. He doesn't like that his dad starts a church, makes a bunch of money, and then turns and sells it off to another pastor. He also said the thing that impressed him the most was that when he went to Elders Quorum he didn't see a bunch of men just arguing doctrine, he saw men discussing how to be better husbands and fathers. I was really bummed we weren't able to be at church with him but when we talked to him last night he said he loved all three hours of it and he's going to the Elders Quorum ice fishing trip on Tues. We are really excited to keep teaching him and see him progress.

Another thing that I feel went really well was my first district meeting. As a district leader the biggest things you have to do is to plan the first hour of district meeting, report numbers for your district, and go on team ups with your district. This week we focused on goals we wanted to set as a district. We made some good goals like teaching a quality 20 a week, praying and fasting more specifically for our areas, and tract an hour a day. To help us remember these goals I talked about about Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty. I created a Title of Liberty out of a pillow case for us and Whitehall and our district to remind us of our goals. I think it kind of fired up the elders. They thought it was pretty cool. We wrote what Moroni's Title of Liberty said on it except we put future before wives and children and then we wrote our goals. I'll have to send you a picture of it.

Elder Hineman bought a little plastic roping dummy like Elder Mortenson's. We have fun at night just relaxing and roping. Mom's gonna laugh at me and call me cowboy and maybe it's a little true. haha I guess Montana is rubbing off a little.

Well I better get going. It's been good to hear from you all. It's good to have the Js back. They have had only good things to say about Gma and Gpa Gwynn so you guys must have done a great job of hosting. Thanks again for doing that. We are excited about a lot of things that we feel are ahead of us. Zone Conference is this Friday in Helena so that'll be fun too. Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day. I love you all. Talk to you later.

-Elder D

GO BYU!!! Way to beat Utah!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Busy Week in Dillon

Hello There Everyone,

Well we had a pretty busy week this week. It’s amazing how fast weeks seem to go by. It’s kind of scary. We were in Whitehall Monday night and into Tuesday with Elder Owens. We were waiting to pick up Elder Knudson and because of some vandalism to the mission transfer van it pushed back the time we were suppose to pick him up. So by the time we picked him up, took him back to Whitehall, and then made it back to Dillon our Tuesday was almost over. I don't know if I mentioned this last week but I was called to be the district leader. I'm really excited to be in this district. I think we are going to have a great district. I was supposed to be traveling to Helena tomorrow but because of all the winter storm warnings they are doing leadership meeting over a conference call. I'm pretty bummed because I was really looking forward to seeing Elder Heywood, Goff, and a bunch of other elders but I guess I'll just have to be patient for zone conference next week when I get to see Elders from Great Falls, Bozeman, and our zone. I'm not looking forward to sitting on a phone for who knows how long tomorrow. I'm fine with sitting in a meeting but sitting on a phone all day could get tiring. Elder Hineman is probably going to get bored. He'll get some good studying done though. Haha

Ok so back to our week. We had some good lessons this week but mostly focused on finding. We looked at our 20 we've been able to teach the last three weeks and decided we need a more quality 20. So we have upped our finding efforts and it’s hopefully going to pay off. We found some good potentials from tracting that hopefully we'll get in with this week. Then we were able to get a really good referral from a member who is going to meet with us on Wed. and then there is a guy named J. He is in his 20's, has lived in Dillon his whole life, has a pretty wild past, and has a Baptist preacher for a dad. He's grown up being taught that we worship Satan and kill babies. He wanted to learn more for himself though so he checked out mormon.org and then got in contact with an old Mormon friend from high school who drove up from BYUI to bring him to church yesterday. So we are going to start teaching him this week. In Elders Quorum when he said his dad is a Baptist preacher one brother asked him if his dad knew he was here today. He said nope he'd kill me if he knew. He said that so far everything he's seen from Mormons is something he's looking for in his life. It just shows how there are curious people out there, how mormon.org is a great resource, and how being a friend and example to non-members can be a big influence on someone. So we've got a lot of good potential this week. I'm excited to see what will end up happening with all of these potential investigators.

So I keep hearing about the crazy weather in AZ but I want to let you know about the even crazier weather here in Dillon. Monday, Tues, and Wed it didn't get much higher then 10 degrees. But then Thursday and Friday it was 50 degrees! Elder Hineman and I got out and walked around a good part of the day. It felt like spring! Then last night the snow rolled in and didn’t get much but just to think how much weather change we've had in a week was pretty crazy.

We are having a great pday today. We aren't doing much but just hanging out with Brother Ford. Elder Hineman and I went to the store the other day and bought two racks of ribs and let them soak all weekend in two different kinds of bbq sauce! And now the ribs are smoking in Brother F’s smoker. They smell sooo good! It’s reminding me of the time we cooked ribs at Slade's. Good Stuff! I wish you could be here to eat them with us Dad. We're going to be eating good tonight!

Super Bowl Sunday wasn't too exciting for missionary work. I think we had a dozen members invite us to there place. haha We ended up out at our place at the Williams’ playing games and hanging out with them. They did have the game on so we did catch some of it out of the corner of our eyes. hahaha Good to see GB beat Pitt. I don't care for Pitt. Also good to hear BYU won both games. Uncle Jeff said they are going to the game vs Utah. Gwynns you should take some pictures for me and send them my way please. haha

Well I better get going. Glad to hear everyone's enjoying my blogs. I've been having a lot of fun writing them. I hope I can keep putting posts out that are entertaining and spiritual. I hope everyone has a great week. I love you all. Glad to hear Dad and Lauren were able to have some fun in the snow. It is nice to have snow if it’s going to be cold but walking around the other day felt really nice. Spring is coming but I have a feeling so is more winter weather. Talk to you all later.


Elder Davis

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monday, January 31, 2011

6 More Weeks in Dillon!

Hey Everyone,

First off I'm staying in Dillon for at least six more weeks with Elder Hineman! I'm pretty excited! The work is picking up, Elder Hineman and I get along really good, and I think we have some really good things ahead of us. This week some how again we were able to teach 20 lessons. I don't know how. It just all seems to come together at the end of the week. The Lord is really helping open some doors for us. A lot of our work has been less active work so we are hoping to focus more on finding new investigators and teaching some more member present and other lessons. We have a member who has been working with a guy from his work who has come to church twice now but his friend has told us that he'd let us know when we could go see him. Well this Sunday the member told us that his friend asked for our number and he gave us his. So we think we have a really solid potential investigator out there that we hopefully will start teaching this week. We were also able to contact a former investigator who very warmly accepted our invitation to meet with us again and we were supposed to meet with them tonight but transfers have kind of thrown us a curve ball. More on that later.

The facebooking and blogging has been going good. Some have said they can see how the blog could help but are still skeptic about facebook. One way that we realized this week that facebook can be good is to get in contact with former investigators. There are a few in our area book that we had very little info on. Through facebook we've been able to get in contact with a few and despite no lessons being set up yet I can see how this could be a big help in finding new people to teach. Also Dillon 2nd Ward is the college ward and Bishop N has been looking for ways to reach out to the college kids because there are a lot that don't come. Well we jumped on facebook and have been able to get in contact with them and invite them to church and hopefully meet with them. When we told Bishop N we had done this he wondered why he'd never thought of that. So he's going to be compiling a list for us of all the less active students that we can try to get in contact with. So hopefully this helps get some people back to church or at least in contact with the church and ward. One funny thing that came from this was that one guy from the college that accepted us as a friend had a profile picture where you couldn't see his face only his back and he's in a flexing pose. Well Elder Hineman and I saw a college aged guy come into church through the other side of the church and we wondered if it could maybe be him. I joked with Elder Hineman that we should go up to him and ask him to take off his shirt and turn around and flex for us so we could figure out who he was. hahaha! What do you think? Do you think that that would work? Haha

I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying my blog posts. I'm trying to have good content that interests people. I also am looking at it as a way to maybe practice for someday being a sports journalist. haha Keep spreading the word about the blog and facebook. The more member help and involvement we have the better. And don't worry Andrew, I think this is turning into a good use of time. We rarely get a lesson before 12pm so this helps to keep productive finding people, talking with people, and confirming appointments.

We were able to talk in 2nd Ward about all of the facebook and mormon.org programs in the combined fifth Sunday lesson. I hope it helps generate a spark for members. I really think this is a good way for members to start getting involved with missionary work. I'd encourage anyone 18 and older reading this to go make a mormon.org profile and link it up to your facebook if you have one.

I said earlier that I'd come back to transfer stuff. So Elder Mortenson is leaving Whitehall/Sheridan and going to Lewistown. He left today so we are with Elder Owens today in Butte for now and then headed back to Whitehall tonight. Then tomorrow we will drive to Three Forks to get Elder Owens’ new companion and then we will head back to Whitehall and then to Dillon. So we had to move our lesson we had scheduled for tonight but hopefully we can get transfers finished up and get back to work. That's pretty cool BYU beat SDSU and that Jimmer is playing Amazing! It's a bummer that NM beat them but I hope Jimmer and BYU can keep it up. Keep looking for a Jimmer shirt Dad and let me know what you find. Elder Hineman is starting to enjoy hearing about how he's playing because he keeps scoring so much.

It's been good to hear from different people this week. Grandma and Grandpa D. We didn't have time to make it to Brother P's but I'm definitely going to take the letter you sent me to him. I'm excited to talk to him again. I wish you could be there with me.

Thank you Grandman and Grandpa G for housing the Js. I'm glad you have enjoyed them being there. They are a lot of fun!

Well I better get going. We are going to Walmart! I haven't been there in 6 weeks! hahaha I love you all. Talk to you later.


Elder Davis
Go BYU!!!