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Busy Week in Dillon

Hello There Everyone,

Well we had a pretty busy week this week. It’s amazing how fast weeks seem to go by. It’s kind of scary. We were in Whitehall Monday night and into Tuesday with Elder Owens. We were waiting to pick up Elder Knudson and because of some vandalism to the mission transfer van it pushed back the time we were suppose to pick him up. So by the time we picked him up, took him back to Whitehall, and then made it back to Dillon our Tuesday was almost over. I don't know if I mentioned this last week but I was called to be the district leader. I'm really excited to be in this district. I think we are going to have a great district. I was supposed to be traveling to Helena tomorrow but because of all the winter storm warnings they are doing leadership meeting over a conference call. I'm pretty bummed because I was really looking forward to seeing Elder Heywood, Goff, and a bunch of other elders but I guess I'll just have to be patient for zone conference next week when I get to see Elders from Great Falls, Bozeman, and our zone. I'm not looking forward to sitting on a phone for who knows how long tomorrow. I'm fine with sitting in a meeting but sitting on a phone all day could get tiring. Elder Hineman is probably going to get bored. He'll get some good studying done though. Haha

Ok so back to our week. We had some good lessons this week but mostly focused on finding. We looked at our 20 we've been able to teach the last three weeks and decided we need a more quality 20. So we have upped our finding efforts and it’s hopefully going to pay off. We found some good potentials from tracting that hopefully we'll get in with this week. Then we were able to get a really good referral from a member who is going to meet with us on Wed. and then there is a guy named J. He is in his 20's, has lived in Dillon his whole life, has a pretty wild past, and has a Baptist preacher for a dad. He's grown up being taught that we worship Satan and kill babies. He wanted to learn more for himself though so he checked out mormon.org and then got in contact with an old Mormon friend from high school who drove up from BYUI to bring him to church yesterday. So we are going to start teaching him this week. In Elders Quorum when he said his dad is a Baptist preacher one brother asked him if his dad knew he was here today. He said nope he'd kill me if he knew. He said that so far everything he's seen from Mormons is something he's looking for in his life. It just shows how there are curious people out there, how mormon.org is a great resource, and how being a friend and example to non-members can be a big influence on someone. So we've got a lot of good potential this week. I'm excited to see what will end up happening with all of these potential investigators.

So I keep hearing about the crazy weather in AZ but I want to let you know about the even crazier weather here in Dillon. Monday, Tues, and Wed it didn't get much higher then 10 degrees. But then Thursday and Friday it was 50 degrees! Elder Hineman and I got out and walked around a good part of the day. It felt like spring! Then last night the snow rolled in and didn’t get much but just to think how much weather change we've had in a week was pretty crazy.

We are having a great pday today. We aren't doing much but just hanging out with Brother Ford. Elder Hineman and I went to the store the other day and bought two racks of ribs and let them soak all weekend in two different kinds of bbq sauce! And now the ribs are smoking in Brother F’s smoker. They smell sooo good! It’s reminding me of the time we cooked ribs at Slade's. Good Stuff! I wish you could be here to eat them with us Dad. We're going to be eating good tonight!

Super Bowl Sunday wasn't too exciting for missionary work. I think we had a dozen members invite us to there place. haha We ended up out at our place at the Williams’ playing games and hanging out with them. They did have the game on so we did catch some of it out of the corner of our eyes. hahaha Good to see GB beat Pitt. I don't care for Pitt. Also good to hear BYU won both games. Uncle Jeff said they are going to the game vs Utah. Gwynns you should take some pictures for me and send them my way please. haha

Well I better get going. Glad to hear everyone's enjoying my blogs. I've been having a lot of fun writing them. I hope I can keep putting posts out that are entertaining and spiritual. I hope everyone has a great week. I love you all. Glad to hear Dad and Lauren were able to have some fun in the snow. It is nice to have snow if it’s going to be cold but walking around the other day felt really nice. Spring is coming but I have a feeling so is more winter weather. Talk to you all later.


Elder Davis

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