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Monday, January 31, 2011

6 More Weeks in Dillon!

Hey Everyone,

First off I'm staying in Dillon for at least six more weeks with Elder Hineman! I'm pretty excited! The work is picking up, Elder Hineman and I get along really good, and I think we have some really good things ahead of us. This week some how again we were able to teach 20 lessons. I don't know how. It just all seems to come together at the end of the week. The Lord is really helping open some doors for us. A lot of our work has been less active work so we are hoping to focus more on finding new investigators and teaching some more member present and other lessons. We have a member who has been working with a guy from his work who has come to church twice now but his friend has told us that he'd let us know when we could go see him. Well this Sunday the member told us that his friend asked for our number and he gave us his. So we think we have a really solid potential investigator out there that we hopefully will start teaching this week. We were also able to contact a former investigator who very warmly accepted our invitation to meet with us again and we were supposed to meet with them tonight but transfers have kind of thrown us a curve ball. More on that later.

The facebooking and blogging has been going good. Some have said they can see how the blog could help but are still skeptic about facebook. One way that we realized this week that facebook can be good is to get in contact with former investigators. There are a few in our area book that we had very little info on. Through facebook we've been able to get in contact with a few and despite no lessons being set up yet I can see how this could be a big help in finding new people to teach. Also Dillon 2nd Ward is the college ward and Bishop N has been looking for ways to reach out to the college kids because there are a lot that don't come. Well we jumped on facebook and have been able to get in contact with them and invite them to church and hopefully meet with them. When we told Bishop N we had done this he wondered why he'd never thought of that. So he's going to be compiling a list for us of all the less active students that we can try to get in contact with. So hopefully this helps get some people back to church or at least in contact with the church and ward. One funny thing that came from this was that one guy from the college that accepted us as a friend had a profile picture where you couldn't see his face only his back and he's in a flexing pose. Well Elder Hineman and I saw a college aged guy come into church through the other side of the church and we wondered if it could maybe be him. I joked with Elder Hineman that we should go up to him and ask him to take off his shirt and turn around and flex for us so we could figure out who he was. hahaha! What do you think? Do you think that that would work? Haha

I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying my blog posts. I'm trying to have good content that interests people. I also am looking at it as a way to maybe practice for someday being a sports journalist. haha Keep spreading the word about the blog and facebook. The more member help and involvement we have the better. And don't worry Andrew, I think this is turning into a good use of time. We rarely get a lesson before 12pm so this helps to keep productive finding people, talking with people, and confirming appointments.

We were able to talk in 2nd Ward about all of the facebook and mormon.org programs in the combined fifth Sunday lesson. I hope it helps generate a spark for members. I really think this is a good way for members to start getting involved with missionary work. I'd encourage anyone 18 and older reading this to go make a mormon.org profile and link it up to your facebook if you have one.

I said earlier that I'd come back to transfer stuff. So Elder Mortenson is leaving Whitehall/Sheridan and going to Lewistown. He left today so we are with Elder Owens today in Butte for now and then headed back to Whitehall tonight. Then tomorrow we will drive to Three Forks to get Elder Owens’ new companion and then we will head back to Whitehall and then to Dillon. So we had to move our lesson we had scheduled for tonight but hopefully we can get transfers finished up and get back to work. That's pretty cool BYU beat SDSU and that Jimmer is playing Amazing! It's a bummer that NM beat them but I hope Jimmer and BYU can keep it up. Keep looking for a Jimmer shirt Dad and let me know what you find. Elder Hineman is starting to enjoy hearing about how he's playing because he keeps scoring so much.

It's been good to hear from different people this week. Grandma and Grandpa D. We didn't have time to make it to Brother P's but I'm definitely going to take the letter you sent me to him. I'm excited to talk to him again. I wish you could be there with me.

Thank you Grandman and Grandpa G for housing the Js. I'm glad you have enjoyed them being there. They are a lot of fun!

Well I better get going. We are going to Walmart! I haven't been there in 6 weeks! hahaha I love you all. Talk to you later.


Elder Davis
Go BYU!!!

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