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Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow, Turkey and More

Hello Everyone,

First off I'm bummed that BYU lost on a blocked field goal but am also thankful it was a close game. It's also amazing how when you aren't around something and you don't get to watch it it doesn't affect you as much.  And when you don't see it you can trick yourself in a way to thinking it didn't really happen. haha So I guess what I'm saying is I'm grateful to be on a mission while BYU is a .500 team. haha

Well this week was pretty good. It started off with a good pday of making cookies for the Averetts haha and was beautiful outside. That was the calm before the storm though. We woke up Tues and it was snowing Side Ways! And this was the day that we were suppose to travel to Butte for district meeting. So we left a half hour early and thought we'd venture on into town and see what it was like. Well as we are getting into town we see a car being towed up onto a trailer. We then realize it was Brother W's car. This was a surprise but when we talked to him and found out he was ok it was funny because he had said the night before that he was surprised he hasn't had to pull the guys from AZ and CA out yet. haha To answer dads question Elder Askey drives. We don't switch off. He's been out longer and knows the area so that's how they do it. So we get into town and it's not as bad but it's still pretty windy and snowy. So we talk to the zone leaders and they told us to go see what I-15 is like. So we go over there and there is a sign that reads 1-15 closed thru Dillon. So we don't know if that means at Dillon you have to get off before you head south or what so we keep going. We get to the on ramp and it's not blocked off so we get on. We were just going to test out the road and then get off on the next exit when we realize it's Montana and the next exit is 11 miles away. The roads weren't icy they were just snowy so we just took it slow and made it to Butte in an hour and 20 min. Not too bad considering the conditions and visibility at maybe a 100 yards. After we took that back road again because it was clear over there. We later found out it's illegal to drive on the highway when it's closed like that. oops. I guess that's what happens when you have two elders who aren't used to snow
together. Tues night was pretty crazy in Dillon. Because of I-15 being closed there were probably 20 trucks lined up behind Safeway. Also all the hotels were booked. One lady who works at the Best Western said
she had people offering her a $100 to get them a room. The Red Cross ended opening  an emergency shelter at UofM Western's bball arena where people went and slept on cots. Oh and the low Monday night: -18.

Well the work was kind of slow this week with Thanksgiving. We did have a really good lesson with the part member couple the Cs. She is interested in reading the Book of Mormon which really surprised him. He
also is doing really good. He's read to Alma 45 in three weeks of reading. He said he's really enjoying it. Our mission has surpassed 800 baptism/reactivations this year. The goal is 1000 so hopefully we can make it.

Thanksgiving was good. It didn't really feel like Thanksgiving when you're not with family. It kind of just felt like another dinner appointment but it was a fun day. We went to the J's in the morning to just hang out and play games. We then went out to an older couple in the ward the Ps who live 10 miles north of Dillon on
a big ranch. They had a bunch of family over. They also had a really nice big house so that was fun to be with a bunch of people in this cool house eating a bunch of food. The one food they didn't make that I really like that Mom makes was cheesey broccoli but other than that it was all there. And I was able to have a huge piece of Pecan Pie! I've decided I like that way more than pumpkin pie. After that we went out to another families and played some games and had pie. All in all a good day but like I said not the same without family.
Friday we played bball with one of our investigators T and the T family. We happened to show up to play at the same time. I guess every year they play bball after Thanksgiving to 100. We had a lot of fun and T had a good time too. Speaking of T. We met with him on Tues. We are sitting there teaching had Elder Askey is talking about the Holy Ghost when T's roommate walks through the room to his room. Then we hear the door slam and then it opens back up and T's room mate yells at Elder Askey WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME?!!! He then drops an fbomb and goes out the back door and slams it. We all sat there in silence for a whole minute. T then says ummm maybe we should end for today and start meeting at the church. It was so crazy and weird. I have no clue what he could have miss heard that would have set him off like that.

Sister J gave us a fake Christmas tree to put in our house. She also gave us some ornaments but when I set it up and decorated it it looked kind of bare so I hunted around our apartment for things to put on it. It now looks Awesome! It's got some Hot Wheels, a Sponge Bob figurine, Christmas and Christ pass along cards on it, and I tied my three red ties together and wrapped them around the tree. I'll have to send a picture of it sometime.

We spoke in church this week in the 2nd Ward. It went really good. I was asked to speak on surprise surprise missionary work. I focused my thoughts to the young men and how to prepare and then used
Elder Nelson's Priesthood talk from conference to focus on the members and how they can help us. It went really good. Speaking in church feels so easy now. I received a lot of praise from Bishop Neilson that that's
what they needed to hear so I guess I did a good job.

Well I better get going. I hope you all are enjoying this time of year. Stay safe. God Bless. Love you all and we'll talk to you later.

-Elder Davis

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow, Snow and More Snow!

Good Rivalry Week to ya everybody (more on that later). Well the snow has fallen and Dillon is covered in a blanket of white. Since Friday night we have had a consistant snow fall through Saturday night. It snowed about 8 inches in the valley and we have hit a low of -18 with the wind chill. Luckily for the most part I'm staying warm and we have been safe driving. The snow has sure made everything pretty. It's been fun to drive around town and see everything covered in a blanket of snow. We shoveled the church's sidewalks Saturday morning and by Saturday night they were all covered again. Hopefully it made it a little easier on those that shoveled Sunday morning.

This week went pretty good work wise. We were able to start teaching a part member couple named the C's. He is a member and has decided he wants to start coming back to church and he and his wife
told the bishop they'd like us to come over and teach them. The two lessons we had with them this week went really well. We were also able to catch the last min. of the Montana vs. Montana State game at the
C's. Unfortunetly U of M lost in the last min of the game. It was fun to see the end of the big rivalry game up here. We drove up to Butte for district meeting this week. This is before the weather got bad so we took the scenic route which is still the same mile wise. It was really pretty. It cuts across twin bridges and through a canyon. At d-meeting they introduced a mission wide assignment called Christ Centered Christmas. From now until Christmas 30 min. a day we are suppose to read the verses found on Christ in the topical guide and each day pick one we liked and write about it. I would encourage everyone to do a similar thing individually or as a family. I've only done it a few days so far but it's been really good and I know it's going to strengthen my testimony as will it yours. One funny thing that happened last night as it was 7 degrees outside was I spit and wanted to see how long it would take to freeze. Let's just say spit freezes pretty fast at 7 degrees. haha

Church was good this week. This was my first week with the Dillon wards. It was also my first time attending two wards in the same Sunday on my mission. It was good to finally get to meet some more members. Each ward is about 120 active members. Dillon 2 Ward had their primary program and the kids sped through it so fast Sacrament Meeting ended 20 min. early. haha Oh and we are speaking in 2 wards next week.

So  Thanksgiving should be good. We have one for sure set meal with a potential of 2 others. So Thursday will Definitely be a filling day full of food. The only thing we are not having that I am sad about is no Turkey Bowl :(

Well now my views on Rivalry Week! BYU vs. Utah. If BYU wins it will be in a close game. If Utah wins it could either be a blowout or a close game. I having seen neither team play can't really predict anything. I'm going to say it's a close game though and I hope Utah gets cocky and gets beat. So GO BYU!!! BEAT Utah!!!
Love you all. Talk to you later.
-Elder Davis

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010

First Week in Dillon

Hey Everyone,

It was good to hear from quite a few of you this morning and this last week. It sounds like everyone is doing good and is pretty busy. Congrats Dad on your new calling. I know you'll do a great job. And if
you're lookin for a talk I've given a few in the last year or so. I can send you one of mine if you'd like. haha That or you can just bust out the good ol' PMG(Preach My Gospel). Always a lot of good stuff in
there that you could base off of. And by the way Mom I only have one PMG. There is another in the house somewhere. It sounds like BYU is on a little roll here. Hopefully they can pull it off. As for Utah it's nice to
see them lose to my third least favorite team. hahaha Ok enough of that.

So Monday I had a little farewell tour in a sense from Havre. Brother L P played indoor tennis with me because it was raining. It was a lot of fun. We played in the church gym. Then we ate dinner at
his house which is always good. He is a good cook and his family which consists of his wife and four little girls are always entertaining. Then we went to Brother C P's house for a FHE lesson with J.
Those two families along with several others are what made leaving Havre a tough thing. But I was also pretty excited to start some new adventures and its nice to get out of Havre before th -40 degree
weather hits.

Ok so now on to Dillon. I got on the transfer van in Great Falls and rode down to Butte. I was able to ride down with Elder Child so we had a really good talk about Havre/Chinook. In Butte I got off and met Elder
Askey. He's from Chico, CA. He's been out about 17 months. We drove from Butte to Dillon. Man what a pretty drive. Its so nice to be in the mountains again! We then arrived to Dillon around 6:00. Got some
dinner and headed out to where we live. We live about 7 miles out of  town with the Second Counselor of the 2nd Ward. They have a pretty nice house out in the country and they have built a missionary apartment
where their 3rd car garage was. It's a pretty nice set up. It's just one big room with a kitchen, desks, place to put your clothes, a bathroom, and an awesome bunk bed. I sleep on the top bunk which is pretty cool until you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. And the ceilings are probably 12 feet tall so I'm pretty high up there. It's also nice to be able to come home to your things every night and not have to pack stuff around. The place we live is also nice because it has a beautiful view of the mountains.

Dillon is like people said. Bigger than Chinook and Townsend but smaller than Havre. I really like it so far though. They have a pretty neat little down town area, UofM Western is here, and they have two
wards. Gpa G said 22% of Dillon is LDS. I'd believe it. There are a lot of less actives though. The wards could be a lot bigger if more people were active. We have been doing a lot of less active work this
last week. They just had two baptisms here so we are kind of starting over investigator wise.

The weather was colder and snowier than Havre so far. We had 6 inches when I got here and it's been in the 30's. It's warmed up a little though and the snow has melted in the valley.

So Dad talked about Dillon having some good fishing. Well Dad, I already found us a fishing buddy. Brother W who we ate with on Sat. We talked fishing for a good half hour. He loves fishing. He's 80 years old but runs around like he's 50. We talked about the fishing around here and I'm excited to come back and fish. He said everyone that comes from out of state to fish usually catches the biggest fish they've ever caught. And that most of the time you can catch fish easily between a foot and 16 inches. He told me when we come back he'll take us fishing. He said in his opinion that the reservoir up here is the best fishing in MT. I'm  Excited!

So works a little slow right now but its definitely slow all over MT. I'd imagine because it's hunting season. Man these people Love to hunt And most of them do it for the meat more than for trophey. Brother F, a less active we see quit a bit, has already has 4 does and a buck and he still has an elk tag to fill. You drive around and it seems like everyone that drives by you in a truck is wearing orange. haha It's fun to talk to people about and they love telling you how they shot their latest deer. Well this Sunday we went to the branch we cover in Lima for church. They had a homecoming for a missionary that just got home from the Mesa, AZ mission. It was good to get to talk to him about AZ. I commented on how there are a lot of Elders in our mission from AZ and he said it's the opposite in his mission. They all come from MT and ID. Mom asked about our district and zone. We are the Butte/Helena Zone. We have 8 Elders in our district which is made up of us, the ZLs in Butte, Deer Lodge, and Whitehall.

Well I better get going. I hope everyone's doing good. I hope you all have a good week. I'll try to stay warm and I'll talk to you later.

Elder Davis
Go Cougs!

Just received good news! J's mom signed the baptism paper! She's going to get baptized finally!! (She is the 15 year old girl in Havre/Chinook area who wanted to get baptized and her mom wouldn't let her so she said she would wait and do it when she turned 18.)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Transfer News- Mon., November 8, 2010

Editor's note: When I found out where Mitch is being transferred I got in to change the weather icon on the blog. I decided to check and see what Havre/Chinook weather was today because I forgot to look before I deleted it. This is what I found--

Chinook, MT Weather Advisories, Watches & Warnings

WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY in effect until Tuesday, Nov 9, 5:00 AM







He is right, he is leaving just in time although it is 7 degrees colder in Dillon right now than Chinook.
Now his email-- Enjoy!

Well I'm not going to make anyone wait. I'm being transferred to Dillon, MT. Dillon is about an hour south of Butte down towards Idaho. From what everyone is telling me it's pretty up there and there will be a lot of snow but not a bitter cold as here on the Hi Line so I'm happy! I love the snow but wasn't looking forward to -45 plus wind chill. Pres. Gardner told me he has a lot of good friends in Dillon just like he does in Havre and that he has always sent good missionaries there because of that and that he has faith in me to be just as good as those Elders in the past. Elder Butler told me that quite a few assistants have served in Dillon and have loved it. He told me I'm going assistant and I told him he's crazy. Speaking of assistant I want to give a shout out to Elder Heywood's Mother and congratulate her for having a son who is the new Assistant to the President in the Montana Billings Mission. When I heard the news I was so excited! I know he's going to do a great job. I was able to talk with Elder Heywood on Sat. and we had a good talk with each other. I'm excited to get to see and talk with him a little more now.

So a little more info on Dillon. My new comp will be Elder Askey. We are going to be co-sr comps.  I'm looking forward to being in the same house every day. I'm starting to get sick of this living out of a truck stuff. It does break up your week nicely though. Dillon has 2 wards and 2 branches we cover so that should keep us pretty busy. I'm excited to be down by some mountains. I will however really miss Havre and Chinook. Pres. called and told me where I was going and he said You're going to be leaving a piece of your heart there aren't you? and I said yes I will be Pres.

It's definitely bitter sweet to leave an area especially when you've been here for 7 1/2 months (yes Mom that's how long I've been here. I got here April 11.) I'm excited for some new experiences and challenges but it's tough to leave the people you've been serving and getting to know for so long. I don't feel sad though because I keep telling them that as a family we are coming back to visit. The B's said if we came up G could ride their horses and they'd take us boating out at Fresno. Also C H said that she'd love to see me again and meet my family. G our native friend also said if I let him know when we are coming he'd cook us indian tacos. There are also a lot of other families in Havre and Chinook that I'd love to come back and see. It helps I'm heading down to Great Falls tomorrow and not today. I've been able to catch more people and say goodbye to more people that way. We are also going to eat at Brother L P's and then going to Brother C P's for FHE and a lesson. Definitely a good way to end my time here.

One family you are going to hopefully get to meet sooner then later are the H's. P's the one we baptized and they are looking for a change in their life right now. They went and looked down at a place in New Mexico that was offering them jobs but when they got there they didn't really like it. They have looked around more and asked what I thought of Gilbert, AZ. So we talked for quite a while about AZ last night and what I liked about it. They said they are for sure going to go down there in the next month hopefully. I gave them our address and phone number and told them to call you and that you could have them out to our house for dinner and that Dad could make them Pizza :) . I also told them to go to Bahama Bucks. They'd be flying Alligent into Gateway which I told them is really close to our house. If you wanted to email them and tell them you'd love to have them out to our house and ask them when they might be coming. Hopefully you'll be able to hook up and meet them while they are there. They are a really great family.

So a few highlights of the week are first team-ups in Ltown. It was good to be able to spend time with Elder Ika and Elder Butler. By the way L, Elder Butler wants you to add him with my facebook. So if you could do that that would be awesome.

Tues morning C, one of our investigators, called and said that there is a good chance she will be getting her 12 year old daughter back in her custody. She said she wanted to meet with us and get everything that she needs to work on out in the open so that she can be baptized because she wants to be able to be strengthened with her daughter through the church. We had a really good lesson on Wed. and I'll bet that we could be setting a date with her for baptism in late Nov.

K also was able to write her letter to the First Presidency so we'll see what happens with that. Hopefully they'll approve her.

We had 4 people at church. One of them was a lady named J. Her daughter and grandson are recent converts and she wanted to come to church with us. She said when she prayed about Pres. Monson that she got a warm feeling and she feels like he is the prophet. She is really starting to progress. I'm glad I'm leaving this area better than I found it. That is my goal in every area to leave a piece of my heart there and leave it better than I found it.

Another cool thing this week was on the way from Lewistown to Havre on the dirt road we saw a big ram. He was just hanging out and then crossed the road right in front of us. Pretty cool. I'll have to send a pic. Well I better get going. I hope everyone has a great week. Good luck with the ward split. It's snowing outside. I'm getting out of here at the perfect time. hahaha. Expect a package coming your way. Love you all.

-Elder Davis

PS I heard Austin Collie was badly injured but I've heard no other news except for they carried him off on a stretcher. Not good. Please update. thanks

Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 5 - Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello All,

Week 5 has come to an end already. I can't believe it. This transfer has gone too fast. I guess that's what happens when you are working hard and teaching a lot. This week was definitely a stumbling block though do to illness. Let's just say when you're sick and you have someone you live with and are always around they get sick too. So me and Elder Wahl had 3 full days of sickness and sleep. Finally Thursday we got out of Sis. M's attic and back into the real world and back to missionary work. It's amazing how fast the week goes when you are sick and sleep a bunch of the week away. As much as you want sleep as a missionary when you get it and you get no work done you feel like a waste. Luckily that's over with and we are back to full strength.

This week did end well though. One of our investigators in Chinook S finally read the Book of Mormon. I have had a strong feeling that once she finally started to read she would feel the spirit and that things would progress at a faster pace. So we'll see if she keeps reading and what happens next. I really like S. Her late husband worked for the Deseret News and he was a sports writer. She's the one I talked about before who has been to a few BYU football games. She also fills me in on baseball news :)

Another highlight of the week was a trip to Arctic Circle for a pumpkin shake! It was good. I went and bought it Wed. night when we were just so sick of being in the house we wanted to get out and at least get a snack. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Our investigator and good native friend G also went to Yellowstone and kept calling us. It was funny. He'd call us and say "Elders I'm at Old Faithful!" Good Ol' G. When we went over there for a lesson on Friday he gave us a post card from Yellowstone.

I've decided the Chinook Branch is a funny branch. So many of the members have lived here so long and they are all pretty much related in some way that they all have little rifs between each other. This is pretty unfortunate because I think it keeps the branch from growing. There are some members who have commented on this and have told us little things but I've never seen it in person until this week. There was a 5th Sunday lesson on Sacrament Meeting and the importance of it and the things we need to do to prepare ourselves, like listening to the prelude music. Well it pretty much ended in some members saying little things like "well if the people in the back weren't so noisy" and then others made comments off of that and man it was crazy to see this little fight going on. It's sad to see because there are some really nice members here and there are a few families who've taken really good care of us. I just hope the little Chinook Branch can get over these little wedges and can grow closer together. It may take some new move ins to do it though.

Halloween was like others have said not a big deal this year. I'm kind of glad. As a missionary I didn't even feel like I was missing anything. hahaha Chinook had a Halloween Party on Sat. and we were able to carve pumpkins on Pday. Then on Sunday we were told that if we didn't have anything planned that we shouldn't be out on the streets. Well luckily we had planned to go to Bro. L P's for dinner and a movie (Prophet of the Restoration). Well when we went over to his house there were a bunch of other cars all over his street because of others trick or treating and I think his neighbors were having a party. Well we ended up having to drive down the street and park by this park and walk to his house. I have never felt so awkward on my whole mission! Not even in the airport, or in Walmart, or the grocery store. Everyone we passed looked us in the eyes instead of trying to avoid us and gave us a smerk like "nice costume!" Luckily we quickly walked and got into the P's house and away from the heathens trick or treating on the Sabbath. hahahah

So everyone keeps asking my thoughts on transfers. So here they are. I don't feel like I'm outta here because Elder Wahl is new and I've only been here one transfer but yet again I've been here 7 1/2 months! So I have no clue what will happen! We shall see. This district thinks that I am going to stay and become the new District Leader and Elder Butler will leave. We shall see. If I am outta here I'm going to have a lot of junk I've collected to get rid of and or send home. So you may get a package. I also feel Elder Wahl could do just fine in this area without me.

So Grandma G, Via's blog you have been sending me is really good. My Dad's sent a few of those. I was wondering if you could send the last part of the mission story. I really want to know what happens. Thanks.

Dad I don't know if you have read the ones he's posted about his mission but he talks a lot about Floyd Johnson and how he helped him get to the point he wanted to go on a mission. Well I remember you talking about Floyd and how he was yours and moms bishop when you first got married. I also read that book that he gave you and mom about BYU athletics and the gospel. It was a really good book and Via quotes it a few times in his article. It was really fun to read and share with Elder Ika.

So I have a few quick questions for anyone who wants to answer them. NBA starts this week doesn't it? What are the Jazz going to look like and who all is on their team these days? Also let me know what happens with elections that happen tomorrow. We hear a little bit of news because people are always talking politics when we don't even want to and I always wonder how much of what they say is really true. Let's just say I take it all with a grain of salt. haha Well I better get going. Thanks to all who wrote me this week. It as always is fun to see what's going on in everyones lives. Sports news is always good too :). As far as the suit the pin stripish navy suit sounds great! I hope you all have a great week and we shall see what transfers bring.

-Elder Davis