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Monday, November 15, 2010

First Week in Dillon

Hey Everyone,

It was good to hear from quite a few of you this morning and this last week. It sounds like everyone is doing good and is pretty busy. Congrats Dad on your new calling. I know you'll do a great job. And if
you're lookin for a talk I've given a few in the last year or so. I can send you one of mine if you'd like. haha That or you can just bust out the good ol' PMG(Preach My Gospel). Always a lot of good stuff in
there that you could base off of. And by the way Mom I only have one PMG. There is another in the house somewhere. It sounds like BYU is on a little roll here. Hopefully they can pull it off. As for Utah it's nice to
see them lose to my third least favorite team. hahaha Ok enough of that.

So Monday I had a little farewell tour in a sense from Havre. Brother L P played indoor tennis with me because it was raining. It was a lot of fun. We played in the church gym. Then we ate dinner at
his house which is always good. He is a good cook and his family which consists of his wife and four little girls are always entertaining. Then we went to Brother C P's house for a FHE lesson with J.
Those two families along with several others are what made leaving Havre a tough thing. But I was also pretty excited to start some new adventures and its nice to get out of Havre before th -40 degree
weather hits.

Ok so now on to Dillon. I got on the transfer van in Great Falls and rode down to Butte. I was able to ride down with Elder Child so we had a really good talk about Havre/Chinook. In Butte I got off and met Elder
Askey. He's from Chico, CA. He's been out about 17 months. We drove from Butte to Dillon. Man what a pretty drive. Its so nice to be in the mountains again! We then arrived to Dillon around 6:00. Got some
dinner and headed out to where we live. We live about 7 miles out of  town with the Second Counselor of the 2nd Ward. They have a pretty nice house out in the country and they have built a missionary apartment
where their 3rd car garage was. It's a pretty nice set up. It's just one big room with a kitchen, desks, place to put your clothes, a bathroom, and an awesome bunk bed. I sleep on the top bunk which is pretty cool until you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. And the ceilings are probably 12 feet tall so I'm pretty high up there. It's also nice to be able to come home to your things every night and not have to pack stuff around. The place we live is also nice because it has a beautiful view of the mountains.

Dillon is like people said. Bigger than Chinook and Townsend but smaller than Havre. I really like it so far though. They have a pretty neat little down town area, UofM Western is here, and they have two
wards. Gpa G said 22% of Dillon is LDS. I'd believe it. There are a lot of less actives though. The wards could be a lot bigger if more people were active. We have been doing a lot of less active work this
last week. They just had two baptisms here so we are kind of starting over investigator wise.

The weather was colder and snowier than Havre so far. We had 6 inches when I got here and it's been in the 30's. It's warmed up a little though and the snow has melted in the valley.

So Dad talked about Dillon having some good fishing. Well Dad, I already found us a fishing buddy. Brother W who we ate with on Sat. We talked fishing for a good half hour. He loves fishing. He's 80 years old but runs around like he's 50. We talked about the fishing around here and I'm excited to come back and fish. He said everyone that comes from out of state to fish usually catches the biggest fish they've ever caught. And that most of the time you can catch fish easily between a foot and 16 inches. He told me when we come back he'll take us fishing. He said in his opinion that the reservoir up here is the best fishing in MT. I'm  Excited!

So works a little slow right now but its definitely slow all over MT. I'd imagine because it's hunting season. Man these people Love to hunt And most of them do it for the meat more than for trophey. Brother F, a less active we see quit a bit, has already has 4 does and a buck and he still has an elk tag to fill. You drive around and it seems like everyone that drives by you in a truck is wearing orange. haha It's fun to talk to people about and they love telling you how they shot their latest deer. Well this Sunday we went to the branch we cover in Lima for church. They had a homecoming for a missionary that just got home from the Mesa, AZ mission. It was good to get to talk to him about AZ. I commented on how there are a lot of Elders in our mission from AZ and he said it's the opposite in his mission. They all come from MT and ID. Mom asked about our district and zone. We are the Butte/Helena Zone. We have 8 Elders in our district which is made up of us, the ZLs in Butte, Deer Lodge, and Whitehall.

Well I better get going. I hope everyone's doing good. I hope you all have a good week. I'll try to stay warm and I'll talk to you later.

Elder Davis
Go Cougs!

Just received good news! J's mom signed the baptism paper! She's going to get baptized finally!! (She is the 15 year old girl in Havre/Chinook area who wanted to get baptized and her mom wouldn't let her so she said she would wait and do it when she turned 18.)

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