Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 5 - Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello All,

Week 5 has come to an end already. I can't believe it. This transfer has gone too fast. I guess that's what happens when you are working hard and teaching a lot. This week was definitely a stumbling block though do to illness. Let's just say when you're sick and you have someone you live with and are always around they get sick too. So me and Elder Wahl had 3 full days of sickness and sleep. Finally Thursday we got out of Sis. M's attic and back into the real world and back to missionary work. It's amazing how fast the week goes when you are sick and sleep a bunch of the week away. As much as you want sleep as a missionary when you get it and you get no work done you feel like a waste. Luckily that's over with and we are back to full strength.

This week did end well though. One of our investigators in Chinook S finally read the Book of Mormon. I have had a strong feeling that once she finally started to read she would feel the spirit and that things would progress at a faster pace. So we'll see if she keeps reading and what happens next. I really like S. Her late husband worked for the Deseret News and he was a sports writer. She's the one I talked about before who has been to a few BYU football games. She also fills me in on baseball news :)

Another highlight of the week was a trip to Arctic Circle for a pumpkin shake! It was good. I went and bought it Wed. night when we were just so sick of being in the house we wanted to get out and at least get a snack. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Our investigator and good native friend G also went to Yellowstone and kept calling us. It was funny. He'd call us and say "Elders I'm at Old Faithful!" Good Ol' G. When we went over there for a lesson on Friday he gave us a post card from Yellowstone.

I've decided the Chinook Branch is a funny branch. So many of the members have lived here so long and they are all pretty much related in some way that they all have little rifs between each other. This is pretty unfortunate because I think it keeps the branch from growing. There are some members who have commented on this and have told us little things but I've never seen it in person until this week. There was a 5th Sunday lesson on Sacrament Meeting and the importance of it and the things we need to do to prepare ourselves, like listening to the prelude music. Well it pretty much ended in some members saying little things like "well if the people in the back weren't so noisy" and then others made comments off of that and man it was crazy to see this little fight going on. It's sad to see because there are some really nice members here and there are a few families who've taken really good care of us. I just hope the little Chinook Branch can get over these little wedges and can grow closer together. It may take some new move ins to do it though.

Halloween was like others have said not a big deal this year. I'm kind of glad. As a missionary I didn't even feel like I was missing anything. hahaha Chinook had a Halloween Party on Sat. and we were able to carve pumpkins on Pday. Then on Sunday we were told that if we didn't have anything planned that we shouldn't be out on the streets. Well luckily we had planned to go to Bro. L P's for dinner and a movie (Prophet of the Restoration). Well when we went over to his house there were a bunch of other cars all over his street because of others trick or treating and I think his neighbors were having a party. Well we ended up having to drive down the street and park by this park and walk to his house. I have never felt so awkward on my whole mission! Not even in the airport, or in Walmart, or the grocery store. Everyone we passed looked us in the eyes instead of trying to avoid us and gave us a smerk like "nice costume!" Luckily we quickly walked and got into the P's house and away from the heathens trick or treating on the Sabbath. hahahah

So everyone keeps asking my thoughts on transfers. So here they are. I don't feel like I'm outta here because Elder Wahl is new and I've only been here one transfer but yet again I've been here 7 1/2 months! So I have no clue what will happen! We shall see. This district thinks that I am going to stay and become the new District Leader and Elder Butler will leave. We shall see. If I am outta here I'm going to have a lot of junk I've collected to get rid of and or send home. So you may get a package. I also feel Elder Wahl could do just fine in this area without me.

So Grandma G, Via's blog you have been sending me is really good. My Dad's sent a few of those. I was wondering if you could send the last part of the mission story. I really want to know what happens. Thanks.

Dad I don't know if you have read the ones he's posted about his mission but he talks a lot about Floyd Johnson and how he helped him get to the point he wanted to go on a mission. Well I remember you talking about Floyd and how he was yours and moms bishop when you first got married. I also read that book that he gave you and mom about BYU athletics and the gospel. It was a really good book and Via quotes it a few times in his article. It was really fun to read and share with Elder Ika.

So I have a few quick questions for anyone who wants to answer them. NBA starts this week doesn't it? What are the Jazz going to look like and who all is on their team these days? Also let me know what happens with elections that happen tomorrow. We hear a little bit of news because people are always talking politics when we don't even want to and I always wonder how much of what they say is really true. Let's just say I take it all with a grain of salt. haha Well I better get going. Thanks to all who wrote me this week. It as always is fun to see what's going on in everyones lives. Sports news is always good too :). As far as the suit the pin stripish navy suit sounds great! I hope you all have a great week and we shall see what transfers bring.

-Elder Davis

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