Monday, June 28, 2010

The last week of the transfer - Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm going to send in shifts in case this computer dies.

Hey everyone,

Don't have too much time to write but I'll try to type quick. First off thanks to all who sent letters or packages this week. I received stuff from Mom, Gma G, Aunt Cindy, Ms. F, Brendan, and even Elder Hamblin. Definitely a good week for mail now I just need to start writing some letters back to you all. Sounds like the trip to SD is going good. Not quite as much fun for Dad but hopefully he'll get to do something fun with the rest of you. How long are you going to be there? Sounds like the weather is nice and it sounds like Nani is having some fun new experiences.

So this week was a pretty good week. We're finally back to Havre/Chinook for good this week. We had teamups in Lewistown on Monday, and Tues. It was pretty fun. It's always fun to spend some time down there with E. Heywood and Holbrook. While we were there we took a district field trip to the Lewistown Livestock Auction. Jaxon Allen, Lyndee's cousin, was doing the auctioneering. He's pretty good at it. Hey if anyone wants to buy 5 sheep you can come get some here for the low price of $18. And that's for all of them. They also seemed to be selling horses for less than I thought you'd sell a horse for. So if anyone wants a horse come up here. One sold for 145 bucks. I bet that will get the wheels in G's head turning as to how she could get a horse someday. It was a lot of fun to watch them auction off the different animals. Mostly cattle, sheep, and horses. It's all inside and you sit in these stands and then they have some dirt down at the bottom with gates where they bring the animals in. E. Heywood has been inspired to become an auctioneer now. haha

So me and E. Child were sitting on this porch swing that's outside of Lewistown's apartment building and the building and the swing are kind of old. Anyway we were just sitting there not even swinging and Boom! We both just fell to the floor. The swing just busted! My arm got cut up by some screws but other than that no damage done to us. The swing on the other hand...the Lewistown Elders said they'd take care of it. I'll have to send a pic of it. Pretty funny though.

We had our missionary fireside in Havre yesterday. It went really good. It went a little longer than anticipated but I think the 40 or so members that came really enjoyed it and I think it will help the members know a little better how to start doing missionary work. The Lewistown elders came up last night for it and for pday today and District Meeting tomorrow. They said we did a good job of planning it all out so that was nice to hear.

So I was talking to E. Heywood about EVMCO the other day. He's interested in maybe joining. He did choir in high school. Got any kind of info about it you could send me to give to him?

A member showed us a video of the Billings tornado the other night. That funnel was so long! The video we saw just showed the Metro roof being ripped off. Go to youtube if you want to see some videos. The weather has finally calmed down. Chinook has had a lot of fields flood and they are on flood watch till today. The Milk River is majorly over flowing. One guy who lives close to the river, his whole house is now surrounded by water. I feel so bad for him. I have no clue what I would even do in that situation.

You said you read about E. Heywood and Child's tickets huh? Wasn't going to tell you but now that you know E. Child got a ticket coming home from Zone Conference. We were in the middle of no where. I thought that it was funny how he and E. Heywood got pulled over by the same guy and both got only $20 tickets. $20, that's the cheapest ticket I've ever heard of. E. Child said it's his first ticket ever. Transfers are this weekend. We both think E. Child's outta here. He's been here 7 1/2 months but there are 14 new missionaries coming in so you never know. He could train.

The work has been pretty good. It's slowed down since we've been gone quite a bit. It will help to finally be in our area a full week this week though. We are going to really focus on finding some new investigators this week. Well I g2g. It's going to kick me off. Talk to you later. I'll send a letter. Love you!

-Elder Davis

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Rains came down and the Floods came up - Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I'm finally getting an email off today. Let's just say I had to clean the puke off of my keyboard when I read Utah is going to the Pac10! Just kidding. We were helping a member in Lewistown with his flooded basement. More on that later though. So this week was pretty good. It's been raining like crazy here. I've enjoyed it because well I love the rain but it's getting to the point where it could stop because now it's starting to really effect people around here. A family in Havre, their basement flooded and another family who lives close to a big creek that is flowing really hard had to sand bag so their house didn't flood. All of this while we were in Zone Conference in Great Falls so we didn't get to help anyone. The Lord made sure we did help someone though and after debating whether to drive down here to Lewistown last night or this morning we decided to drive last night. Which was really good because at around 9 we got a call from a member who's basement was flooding. So we went over there and helped. They have a half basement where their master bedroom is and he said when he woke up this morning and turned on the tv he then could see a reflection of the tv in the water and looked down to a little over 2 feet of water. By the time we got there they had pumped most of it out so we just helped carry everything out of there and tear out the carpet. It was a mess and we all smell like nasty wet water but I'm glad we were able to help because it would have just been him and his older dad trying to move everything and that would have taken forever. So Lewistown has a bunch of houses flooding so I bet we'll be on flood watch for a while here while we're on team ups and potentially could get called upon to help some others out because another storm is on its way. The other day in Havre we had 3/4 of an inch of rain in 20 min. The roads quickly turned into a river. It was crazy. I had E. Child take a pic of me in the rain. haha I'll send it to you. This one lady said she hasn't seen it rain this much since the early 1980's. This wet weather is definitely not normal they say. I guess we have to take the good with the bad though because it is helping with the drought this area has been in for a while and it's helping the farmers fields(those that have planted at least) and everything is really really green! Which I've enjoyed.

So besides the rain and driving all over in it we had a pretty good week. Lots of travels which I think I mentioned last week. From last Thurs. night to this upcoming Tthurs. night we will have traveled about 600 miles. And that's just point A to point B driving not whatever else we drove or will drive in Great Falls, Havre, Chinook, Lewistown, Havre and Chinook. So I'm pretty much going to be a pro passenger by the time I get home and 2 1/2 hr trips will feel like nothing.

Well the work wasn't too bad this week. We had the lowest amount of lessons we've had in a while but that's ok because we've been traveling a lot too. We met with K this week and watched the Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration movie with her. She really liked it. She commented about how she never knew the Mormons were treated so bad. Her people normally just talk about all the persecution they've been through but don't look at what others have gone through too so that was interesting to see what she had to say about it.

Our district t-shirts are finished. They turned out pretty good. I'll have to send a pic of it sometime. It's royal blue with lime green and white print. It says Hi Line District and then has a pretty big state of MT outline and it says Montana and then has 4 missionaries with white shirts and ties sitting in a bathtub because Lewistown only has a bath no shower and we're the same way when we're in Havre so that's like the district joke. They look pretty good but most people won't understand them.

We made a big map this week showing all of the part member families and the bishops focus families on it. We took a big map we got from the Chamber of Commerce and then we got some foam core and put the map on it and wrote names on small slips of paper and pinned them to the map. So now when we go to work in an area we can look at our map and see who else lives in that area. I think it's going to help out the work a lot. We are also having our member missionary training fireside this upcoming Sunday in Havre. We think the members are ready to do the work they just don't quite know how yet so we are hoping to teach them a little and get the missionary spirit flame to get even bigger. Our main portion of it is talking and showing off It should be a pretty good fireside. We're excited.

Zone Conf. was on Friday. It was really good as always. Pres. talked about not distracting the spirit because it's so vital to our work. He had a really good object lesson with a tuning fork. When you strike it it's quiet from a distance but if you place it against the table the table vibrates and amplifies it. So we need to work with it so it can amplify through us. The assistants also had us do some good role play practices talking about the commitments and explaining the spirit to investigators. E. West who's an assistant and is what they say my Grandpa is going home this transfer. I'm a little sad to see him go home. He's a great elder and a great assistant.

So sitting here in Lewistown guess who just came in and asked if either me or E. Child was from AZ? Bro. N's sister/Lyndee's Aunt and their nephew/cousin! So I finally met the N Montana relatives! We talked for a little while and she was asking me if I knew all these different families from AZ and I did. It was funny. Lyndee's cousin texted her and told her and she said to tell me she was at BYU right now. So is she at BYU right now for school or just up there with her sister? Well I better get going. Hope everyone had a good Father's Day yesterday. I love all of you. Thanks for the emails and sports updates. Still can't believe Utah is going to the Pac10. That's one of my worst nightmares. Hopefully BYU can go to the Big 12 or something. I don't even know. I'm just glad I'm on my mission so I don't have to listen to all of the Utah fans and all of their Crap! And thanks for the World Cup updates. GO USA and Uruguay! Well enjoy your trip to San Diego. Talk to you later.

-Elder Davis

PS The tornado in Billings did some pretty good damage but no one was hurt. One set of sis missionaries got pelted with hail and their truck had a bunch of dents and the windshield broke. But other than that not too bad.

PS to Mom, I'm proud of you and all you said you're doing with the blog. It sounds like your learning things on the computer like I always have. Trial and Error.  That's cool you got to talk to Dana and that you are going to see them. That'll be fun. Where did they live in MT again?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Half way through the transfer already?! - Monday, June 14, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Hope you all had a good week. From the sounds of it summer is in full swing! Glad to hear L had a good time at EFY. Maybe if she gets a chance she can write me and tell me about it. I enjoyed reading all of your emails you sent today. It was nice to hear about all that's going on back home. It sounds like your summers are even busier than when I was around.

Ok so this week was a pretty good week. First off I told Dad this in an letter but I want others to know about the funny connections you always seem to make out here on a mission. So I was talking to Elder Heywood this Monday because the Lewistown Elders were here for District Meetings. He was talking about a close family friend in Utah and how the husband named Pat worked for some sports radio station. I said to him, "You know Patrick Kinahan?!!" He said, "Umm yeah how do you know him?" I said, "Oh Man! I've been listening to DJ and PK's sports radio show with my Dad since I was like 10." He started to laugh because to him he's just Pat but to me he's a guy I've listened to on the radio forever. We talked about it and I told him what PK was like on the radio and he kept saying, "Yep that's Pat". It was really funny. I'm sure only Uncle Jeff and Dad will appreciate that but oh well.

So we were teaching this less active family in Big Sandy on Wed. and they had this huge dog. It was a Bull Mastiff named Elmo. That dog was SO big! and yet it was the calmest and nicest dog ever. It sits in this Lazy Boy and it takes up the whole chair. It's so funny to see. Maybe next time I'm there I'll ask if I can take a picture of him.

So we met with K on Wed. this was the lesson we were finally going to inquire about her being on probation. So we went over the baptism questions at the end and one says are you on parole or probation? She looks over at Sis. B and then back at us and says, "Ummm yeah is that bad?" So we explained to her how you have to be in good standing with the law before you can be baptized. She understood but then was worried that we were mad at her and wouldn't want to come visit and teach her anymore. We quickly assured her that if she still had the desire to learn that missionaries would always be here to teach her all the way until 2012 when she gets off probation. That made her not so sad which was good and she was at church yesterday so hopefully she can continue to keep the desire to learn and come to church. It's really too bad she has to wait but we told her if she kept the commandments that she could still be blessed from Heavenly Father while she continues to repent and wait out her probation. Hopefully it all works out.

We also went to see C this week. She's been struggling so it really was no surprise when she tried to in a round about way drop us. She said she feels like she has pushed herself to much and that she still wants us to come over but wants to progress at a slower pace. That was really too bad especially because she really wasn't progressing as fast as she thinks. We're still going to keep working with her and hope this new playgroup thing at the park will help her gain some friends in the church.

One cool thing they do here that I think all wards should adopt is High Council Sunday pot lucks. Because the stake leaders have to travel so far all the wards up here have a pot luck afterward so that the leaders can eat before they go home. It's a lot of fun to have a scheduled pot luck with the ward every month and I think it helps the wards become closer and investigators that come make more friends. I wish they'd do that back home.

So another crazy connection. You know Gary Coleman? The actor dude that died. He's been living in Santaquin where E. Child's from.

So now for another indian story but my first Rez story! Elder Child and I went to Ft. Belknap for the first time by ourselves on Fri. We visited a recent convert who just moved from Polson so that was good. It's really funny the directions they give you. No street addresses. When he told us how to get to his house the directions were go past the casino take a right then wind down past the police station turn left after you pass 5 garbage cans and then a quick right at the stop sign. Then you'll see a blue truck and we live next to that trailer. I have no clue how we even found the right place. So after talking to him we asked where this other guy lives who requested a Book of Mormon. He gave us a bunch of crazy directions again and luckily we found where we were suppose to be. So we walk up to this apartment and there's a sign on the guys door that says ''No drunks or alcohol allowed in here or you'll be sent away and the cops will be called." So now we're thinking alright we finally found someone on the rez who doesn't want to drink! Well we go inside and this old guy invites us in. Right away we suspect he's tipsy. We talk a little to him and then another younger guy who turns out to be his nephew comes down the hall bobbin and weavin all over the place. He's really drunk. So the young guy sits and is talking to us and all sorts of stuff about the Bible. He's quoting scripture but he's changing it. There's a scripture that says it's easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle then for a rich man to get to heaven. Well he quotes that but changes rich man to drunk man and then says well I guess I'm not going to Heaven. So while we're talking to him the old indian gets up and goes to the kitchen. The next thing we have a bowl of giant pickles in front of us and he says here have a pickle. Well not wanting to get a drunk man mad we take a pickle. It was so nasty! Then he brings us some fry bread. Well as we keep talking to the young guy the old guy keeps bringing us random food and telling us to take it with us. He brings us two oranges, two puddings, two ramen noodle packets, and then hands us a 2 liter of soda. Finally Elder Child motions we've got to get out of there. So we give the guy his Book of Mormon and tell them we have to get going. The young guy says, "wait!" So we stop....he then says "You remember the day you boys met Chad Cox!" as he pounds his chest. He then hands us a quarter and tells us to keep it to remember him. Oh man we booked it out of there, got in the truck and drove out of Ft. Belknap. I said to Elder Child, "Where the heck are we Elder!?" he said "I have no clue!" HaHaHa It was crazy but it makes for a good laugh now. We're not too sure how much more we'll go to the rez. The retention is just so bad out there.

Well I better go. Talk to you all later. Thanks for the news and updates. And thanks for the sports updates. Love you all. Have a good week.


Elder Mitch Davis

PS just got L's email. Zone Conf. is Friday in Great Falls. Should be good.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We've made the rounds- Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Well we've officially made the rounds. We have now gone from Lewistown to Havre to Chinook and now back in Havre in the span of a week. I'd say we've driven about 800 miles this week. Sure is different from Elder G's mission. haha. So we had a really good meeting in Lewistown. It was also a lot of fun to get to meet and talk to the new missionary Elder Holbrook. He is Elder Heywood's new companion. It's pretty crazy to see how the gospel can change people. He showed us pictures of what he looked like in high school. He was this crazy punk rocker kid with a mohawk and now he's a clean cut missionary who's been a member of the church for 2 years. It was good to get a convert's perspective on missionary work and what works and what doesn't. I'ts been so cool to see how many of the best missionaries in our mission are converts. 2 of the past 4 assistants are converts and last time at Zone Conference there were probably 6 of 16 missionaries who were converts. It's really cool to see how the gospel not only changes those you teach but those you serve with too.

The rain has finally stopped up here. It rained a little on Saturday but for the most part it has left us for now. According to an old farmers talel that seems to hold up quite true that 90 days after you have fog it will rain. Well I guess they had a bunch of fog in the late winter early spring so we are experiencing the rain from it. The next projected storm that is projected from the fog calendar is sometime mid June. So my guess is it will rain more this next week. We stopped out at Bishop Q's house (Havre Bishop) on the way back from Lewistown. He lives just outside of Big Sandy. That man is a smart man. He is always coming up with new things to run his organic farm and one that he's been doing for a while but he showed us while we were there was his organic seed fuel. He takes safire seeds that he had grown and he puts them into a press and it presses out the oil. Then he takes the oil and uses it as fuel on all of his farm equipment. He has his equipment set up to run on this stuff and despite the process taking a while to press out a lot of fuel he just lets it sit there for a day and keep pressing so he has enough to run his equipment. Now if he could just find a way to speed it up more than he already has come up with he'd be able to sell it off to other farmers and he'd be even more rich than he already is. He fed us more Kamut while we were there so that was fun to try again. It's pretty good stuff. Tastes just like wheat pasta. I bet you that E D could eat it because I'm pretty sure it's gluten free. I'll have to ask him. I think he said those with wheat allergies could eat Kamut. His wife also made us a really good rhubarb cobbler. I've realized here in Montana dessert for a lot of people consists of some kind of fruit of something. I used to not really like eating all of these different fruit pies but I'm starting to get used to it and enjoy it.

So I received a letter from the H's this week. It had been sent mid May but when they sent it to the mission home they just put elder Davis so by the time it got passed around to the three other Elder Davis's in the mission I finally received it. They said L's baptism was really spiritual. They said A is just eating up all sorts of church books and the more he reads the more he builds his testimony. They said that S was able to get a horse trailer so they must be doing better financialy which is good to hear. E said that she is excited for her baptism which is coming up this weekend. Her brother in law is going to baptize her. That's A's daughter from another marriage. She said she still wonders why Heavenly Father didn't allow me to stay so I could baptize her but that she knows there must be a reason for it that we can't see. She said that she has past everyone up in reading and that she is in Helaman! Dang she's really feasting on the words of Christ!

So K and Sis. B made up with each other and are no longer fighting over bananas so that's good. We got to teach her on sat. night so that was good. You can see she wants the gospel in her life. It's going to be hard to tell her she can't be baptized till she's off of probation. We are still trying to figure out the best way to do that.

Last night we were having no luck finding anyone home or not busy so we started looking through the ward list. We saw a name of a young couple that didnt look familiar so we decided to try them. We went to their apartment complex but the thing that you call to get buzzed in didn't have their name on it so we called them. He answered and said yeah you can come in I'll come let you in. Right as he turned the corner Elder Child said oh no! It turns out this was an active couple but we had never really met them. They had us come in and we told them what had happend. They laughed and said they had been out of town the last two weeks and then he had to work this week so when we had called he thought oh man they think we're going inactive. It was fun to get to know them though and talk to them. They are both from Utah and she just finished playing her senior year of bball up here at Northern. They are both really tall. It was fun to talk to them about funny things us non natives to Havre find funny. Like people's accent. They have somewhat of a Canadian accent. Like they say beg for bag or teg for tag. So even though we didn't get to teach a less active couple we met one that I think could be a big help to any college kids we teach and they said they want to feed us sometime so that's always good. Well I better get going. I hope everyone has a good week. I'll talk to you later.


Elder Davis

PS it's 73 degress here.

Fresno Dam

Fresno Reservoir

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pictures and Greetings from Lewistown - Monday, May 31, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Greetings from Lewistown, MT. We are here for pday and District Meeting tomorrow. Then we'll drive back to Havre for 2 days and then to Chinook for 2 days and then to Havre again. Back and forth. Never a dull moment around here. We are always on the go. The drive up here was really nice. We drove a different way then we normally do and it seemed faster and more scenic. I got some cool pictures. I'll have to send them to you.

Ok so this week was a really good week. We taught 21 lessons this week. We exceeded our goal of 20. We even taught 10 lessons in Chinook which is rare. We are really focusing on less actives and trying to reactivate them. We taught 11 Less active lessons and we feel really good about 2 of them really trying to make a good effort to start coming back to church. They even said they want to get back to the temple so that's really good. Of course with the good comes the not so good though. Our most progressing investigator got in a fight over bananas with her friend who is the member and her fellowshipper.

I received quite a bit of mail and emails this week. I just want to thank all those who sent mail and emails. It's fun to hear from you all and see how you and your families are doing. I'll try to write back this week to you all. Thanks for the package this week. That tshirt is cool. What's up with the color though? And that whole baseball thing made me laugh so hard. I can't believe you actually sent that. Those cds are a big blessing too. We have been using them frequently in our long drive to Lewistown. I still haven't heard if Lauren got my bday present yet?

My ear has been bothering me the last few weeks. It doesn't hurt a lot but it just felt full and I can't hear out of it very well. So the doctor in the Havre Ward who is also the Ward Mission Leader had me come into his office. He said it is a little cloudy but not infected. He thinks it has to do with sinus stuff so he put me on some meds to clear it out. I hope it will fix itself because it's annoying not being able to fully hear.

It's been raining a lot up here. All week in fact. I like it. It's not cold and it's rainy. It was nice to see the sun come and stay out yesterday though. Our truck once again is muddy. We'll have to go wash it today.

It sounds like the girls are already enjoying their summer. That's so good to hear that you girls got such good grades this year. You are all definitely smarter then me. Keep up the good work. And way to go G. on getting that President's Award. As far as those 89's L. that's too bad. That stinks when that happens. Some teachers will round it but a lot won't. And you got a B in Chicci! Nice job. That is no easy task.

So Dad I was wondering if you could send me some world cup news. It starts in 11 days correct? There is a new elder here in Lewistown who is from Colorado. He's a big Chelsea and Colorado Rapids fan. Me and him have been talking a lot of soccer today. Could you at least send the pools so we can see who's playing who? I heard the Suns lost. At least they put up a good fight. At the beginning of the year they were talking about just hoping to make the playoffs. How's everyone in Phoenix taking it? I'm also glad you got my letter. The family should be getting some pictures soon.

Oh how could i forget. Canada! So we drove up last pday to the Wildhorse Boarder Crossing. There is a guy from the Havre Ward who works there. He was so surprised to see us there. He talked to us about what they do there and then him and another guy were telling us a bunch of stories. Most of the stories they told were from when they lived in Texas and New Mexico. One story he told was about a time they searched a car and they opened up the glove compartment and this head looks out at them! These people had taken out part of the front of the car so they could stick this guy in there and then they opened a hole for his head in the glove box. How crazy is that? They also said the south border is a war zone. They both said they're too old for that. They said the Canadian Border is much easier to work. You still get some crazy stuff but not as often. So we got to take some pictures and got about 25 yards from Canada. We also went to Fresno Reservoir. It's really full because of all the rain. We saw a guy fishing on the river that breaks off the dam. It made me want to go fishing with Dad.

Ok quick question and then I have to go. What's the population of QC?

Love you all. Enjoy your day off everyone.

Everything is so green here!

Transfer news and more- Monday, May 24, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Well its sounds like everyone had a good week. It sounds like the EVMCO Concert was a success. 2,000 in attendance? How does that compare to the previous ones? It also sounds like everyone had fun with the grandparents in town. Mom said there was a lot of ice cream in the house. Sounds like I missed out. Darn. There is a really good place here in Havre that sells really good shakes for pretty cheap so me and Elder Child frequent that often. Sounds like L. had a good birthday. Did she get my present? I hope so. I hope she likes it. I wasn't quite sure what to get so I picked that. Typical of her brother to get her something that would somehow relate back to sports haha. Ii hope it fits. Wasn't quite sure what size to get. Sounds like the party was fun. I read something about a projector screen with a movie and boys! Uh oh. And I'm not even around to scare them off. haha jk. L. you'll have to send me all the details of your fun night. Dad said Grandma and Grandpa D got to see the Blind Side. I'm glad they got a chance to see it. It’s such a good movie.

So this week I got the Ensign from Grandma G. I've already read quite a bit of it. This conference was so good I'm glad I have my own copy to carry around with me. I also received the package from mom, post cards from mom, G. and L. I have them hanging up on the wall by my desk.

So transfer news.....Elder Child is staying! We are both excited to keep working with each other. After this transfer he will have been here for 7 1/2 months so more than likely he'll be out of here next transfer but we are excited to keep the work moving forward. We taught 19 lessons this week. We yet again came so close to 20. We are going to make it this next week! We have three progressing investigators. The one who had a date is starting to slow down though. She still hasn't kicked the cigs. We have another named K. who is doing really good. She is friends with a less active family so we have been teaching her in their home and now they have been reactivated. We are thinking we can set a date with her this week for mid June. The only one in our district who was affected was Elder Rice. He is going to open up a new area in Sydney. I'm glad Elder Heywood is around still. He'll be training a new missionary. I've never been in a district with a brand new greeny before so it will be fun to see how that is. I feel since we are in such a small district we have a lot more unity. A sister in the ward makes t-shirts and told us she could do one for us so we are making a district t-shirt. We had team ups here in Havre this week. They went really well. We went to the driving range together and Elder Child did a lot better. I must be a good teacher. We also had a really good district meeting and some really good set lessons so overall the team ups were a lot of fun and a success.

So D. is Pres.Johnson’s son who came back to Chinook to live here for a few months with his wife and baby. He just graduated from BYU and is really excited to start helping us out with the work in Chinook. He invited his old friend L., who now lives in Billings, to come over on Sat. We went over there too and helped them put concrete and these big rocks in a spill way by the canal. We were able to talk a little with him and get to know him. It ended up starting to pour rain and they almost drove their suburban into the canal because it was so slick. Our truck made it out pretty easily so that was good. After that we went and ate with them and then went back home to change and pack for Havre. A little while later D. called and said he had asked L. if he wanted to hear a little lesson from us and he agreed. So we went and taught the first lesson and it went really well. He is Lutheran and is really active but you can tell he is searching for more. He just came out and said he'd love to read the Book of Mormon. Since he lives in Billings though we had to turn him over to missionaries in Billings. But we soon found out that where he lives is the Assistant’s area so now we are super happy because he'll have the best teachers in the mission teaching him. D. is really excited too. I wouldn't be surprised to see his name in the Talon in the next 6 months. It will be cool to know we were the ones who started him out in his learning but in the end it’s really all because of his good friend D. Missionary works so much better when the members help out like that. If we would have tracted into him who knows if he would've had the same response.

Another cool thing that happened this week was that after District Meeting we went and ate at this Chinese Buffet. Our waitress came up to us after a while and said ok this is probably a dumb question but do you only come out in the summer? We said no. She said then how come you don’t come visit me anymore. Well come to find out the missionaries were teaching a less active member who was her friend and she'd be over there all the time and she said she liked having the lessons and talking religion. So we asked her if she'd like to have us come teach her specifically now. She said Yes! and to please give her a call. She is a Freshman at Northern and we think she'll know a few of the younger people from the ward so we are going to take this guy who has been back from his mission for about 2 years now to go teach her with us. We think she has a lot of promise and we are excited to call her up and go try her this week.

Well I better get going. I'm going to send some pics to mom’s gmail. Thanks to all those who have been writing letters and emails. It really brightens my day when I can hear how all of you are doing. I'll try to keep up on replying too. Well it’s off to Canada now. We have a lot of extra miles so we are using some of them to drive to the Canadian Border today. Should be fun. Too bad we can't actually cross. I love you all and have a good week. Talk to you later.
-Elder Mitch Davis

Canadian Border

Wildhorse port of entry

PS Grandma G, I saw a picture and I thought of you. Go look it up and tell me what you think of it. It’s called "On Freedoms Wings" by Rick Kelly. L. let me know if you got your shirt and I want to know where some of the seniors from school are going to college.

What a week - Monday, May 17, 2010

Hey Everyone,

First off I want to tell L. HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a fun party and I hope you enjoy having the EVMCO Concert on your birthday. Maybe dad can convince them to have the whole choir sing Happy Bday to you during rehearsals. That'd be fun and embarrassing I bet. haha

This week went really fast. It's amazing how quick things are going when we are really busy and none of our set appointments fall through. So this week our goal was 20 lessons which has never been hit in this area for about 2 years. We started off the week in Havre and despite being gone all of Tuesday to Lewistown for District Meetings we had 10 lessons by the end of Wed. night, 6 of which came on Wed. alone. Chinook slowed things down a little. Sat. consisted of a day long Eagle Project building a fence and fixing up a grave site out in this really pretty valley out in the middle of no where so that meant we got no lessons on Sat. but after yesterday we ended with 18. So we didn't hit that goal but we taught more than Elder Child has taught all his time here. We taught more lessons on Wed. than he taught in full weeks his first month here. So we are really excited about what's going on. We have team up with Elder Heywood. this week so that should help us hit 20 this week. We have 1 on date for baptism but she still hasn't quit smoking. We made a deal with her that we'd run every morning if she'd go smoke free. So far she hasn't done it yet but she is getting closer. We also have 2 investigators who should be on date within the next week or two.

On Monday I took Elder Child to the golf course and taught him how to golf. We went to the driving range and had a lot of fun. He said he appreciates golf a lot more after learning and trying it out for himself. Monday night we were laying there in bed at 10:30 and all of a sudden BOOM! BOOM! It shook the whole house and we didn't know what it was. Come to find out later an F16 from the Great Falls Base was flying a little low to Havre and broke the sound barrier right over the city. The whole town was buzzin about it the next day. Gotta love small towns. So the other day we were in a home and saw a commercial out of the corner of my eye for Shrek 4! Didn't know they were making another one. So I'll have to add that and Toy Story to my list of movies to see.

Sat. night after the Eagle Project we went out to a part member couples house. They have a pretty big ranch and they're big into rodeo. She's a barrel racer on a lower circuit and they have a big arena at their house. After they fed us these massive steaks that are from their own cows they took us out back and they had a bunch of friends out there roping. It was fun to sit on the back of their pickup and talk to them and watch their friends team rope. Their names are the G's and she is a member but he isn't. He's gone through a lot of health things lately though and at the age of 60 is really thinking about things more and told us he is interested in being taught and being baptized. So that was really exciting news. I know G. would have loved to watch all of these horses they had out there.

Speaking of G. sounds like your trip to San Diego was fun. Sounds like you learned a lot and had a good time. Too bad you had to get a little sick. That's no fun.

Mom, You probably didn't get a chance to call Elder Heywood's mom but you should. He told her you'd be calling sometime soon.

Well I better go. Sounds like the EVMCO Concert is going to be really good from what dad said in his email. I wish I could be there. That and both sets of grandparents there, wow this week sounds fun. You'll all have to let me know how it goes. We are going to the driving range with the Lewistown elders and then off to the Canadian Border. Should be a fun pday. I love you all and enjoy your week.


Elder Davis

P.S. Andrew I got your letter and your postcard. You should have a letter that gets to you soon. If you have any room in your suitcase, buy me a Uruguay soccer jersey and I'll get you something U of M. Keep up the good work and enjoy your last two transfers.

Oh man transfers are this week. I think we'll both stay one more transfer together.