Thursday, June 3, 2010

What a week - Monday, May 17, 2010

Hey Everyone,

First off I want to tell L. HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a fun party and I hope you enjoy having the EVMCO Concert on your birthday. Maybe dad can convince them to have the whole choir sing Happy Bday to you during rehearsals. That'd be fun and embarrassing I bet. haha

This week went really fast. It's amazing how quick things are going when we are really busy and none of our set appointments fall through. So this week our goal was 20 lessons which has never been hit in this area for about 2 years. We started off the week in Havre and despite being gone all of Tuesday to Lewistown for District Meetings we had 10 lessons by the end of Wed. night, 6 of which came on Wed. alone. Chinook slowed things down a little. Sat. consisted of a day long Eagle Project building a fence and fixing up a grave site out in this really pretty valley out in the middle of no where so that meant we got no lessons on Sat. but after yesterday we ended with 18. So we didn't hit that goal but we taught more than Elder Child has taught all his time here. We taught more lessons on Wed. than he taught in full weeks his first month here. So we are really excited about what's going on. We have team up with Elder Heywood. this week so that should help us hit 20 this week. We have 1 on date for baptism but she still hasn't quit smoking. We made a deal with her that we'd run every morning if she'd go smoke free. So far she hasn't done it yet but she is getting closer. We also have 2 investigators who should be on date within the next week or two.

On Monday I took Elder Child to the golf course and taught him how to golf. We went to the driving range and had a lot of fun. He said he appreciates golf a lot more after learning and trying it out for himself. Monday night we were laying there in bed at 10:30 and all of a sudden BOOM! BOOM! It shook the whole house and we didn't know what it was. Come to find out later an F16 from the Great Falls Base was flying a little low to Havre and broke the sound barrier right over the city. The whole town was buzzin about it the next day. Gotta love small towns. So the other day we were in a home and saw a commercial out of the corner of my eye for Shrek 4! Didn't know they were making another one. So I'll have to add that and Toy Story to my list of movies to see.

Sat. night after the Eagle Project we went out to a part member couples house. They have a pretty big ranch and they're big into rodeo. She's a barrel racer on a lower circuit and they have a big arena at their house. After they fed us these massive steaks that are from their own cows they took us out back and they had a bunch of friends out there roping. It was fun to sit on the back of their pickup and talk to them and watch their friends team rope. Their names are the G's and she is a member but he isn't. He's gone through a lot of health things lately though and at the age of 60 is really thinking about things more and told us he is interested in being taught and being baptized. So that was really exciting news. I know G. would have loved to watch all of these horses they had out there.

Speaking of G. sounds like your trip to San Diego was fun. Sounds like you learned a lot and had a good time. Too bad you had to get a little sick. That's no fun.

Mom, You probably didn't get a chance to call Elder Heywood's mom but you should. He told her you'd be calling sometime soon.

Well I better go. Sounds like the EVMCO Concert is going to be really good from what dad said in his email. I wish I could be there. That and both sets of grandparents there, wow this week sounds fun. You'll all have to let me know how it goes. We are going to the driving range with the Lewistown elders and then off to the Canadian Border. Should be a fun pday. I love you all and enjoy your week.


Elder Davis

P.S. Andrew I got your letter and your postcard. You should have a letter that gets to you soon. If you have any room in your suitcase, buy me a Uruguay soccer jersey and I'll get you something U of M. Keep up the good work and enjoy your last two transfers.

Oh man transfers are this week. I think we'll both stay one more transfer together.

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