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We've made the rounds- Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Well we've officially made the rounds. We have now gone from Lewistown to Havre to Chinook and now back in Havre in the span of a week. I'd say we've driven about 800 miles this week. Sure is different from Elder G's mission. haha. So we had a really good meeting in Lewistown. It was also a lot of fun to get to meet and talk to the new missionary Elder Holbrook. He is Elder Heywood's new companion. It's pretty crazy to see how the gospel can change people. He showed us pictures of what he looked like in high school. He was this crazy punk rocker kid with a mohawk and now he's a clean cut missionary who's been a member of the church for 2 years. It was good to get a convert's perspective on missionary work and what works and what doesn't. I'ts been so cool to see how many of the best missionaries in our mission are converts. 2 of the past 4 assistants are converts and last time at Zone Conference there were probably 6 of 16 missionaries who were converts. It's really cool to see how the gospel not only changes those you teach but those you serve with too.

The rain has finally stopped up here. It rained a little on Saturday but for the most part it has left us for now. According to an old farmers talel that seems to hold up quite true that 90 days after you have fog it will rain. Well I guess they had a bunch of fog in the late winter early spring so we are experiencing the rain from it. The next projected storm that is projected from the fog calendar is sometime mid June. So my guess is it will rain more this next week. We stopped out at Bishop Q's house (Havre Bishop) on the way back from Lewistown. He lives just outside of Big Sandy. That man is a smart man. He is always coming up with new things to run his organic farm and one that he's been doing for a while but he showed us while we were there was his organic seed fuel. He takes safire seeds that he had grown and he puts them into a press and it presses out the oil. Then he takes the oil and uses it as fuel on all of his farm equipment. He has his equipment set up to run on this stuff and despite the process taking a while to press out a lot of fuel he just lets it sit there for a day and keep pressing so he has enough to run his equipment. Now if he could just find a way to speed it up more than he already has come up with he'd be able to sell it off to other farmers and he'd be even more rich than he already is. He fed us more Kamut while we were there so that was fun to try again. It's pretty good stuff. Tastes just like wheat pasta. I bet you that E D could eat it because I'm pretty sure it's gluten free. I'll have to ask him. I think he said those with wheat allergies could eat Kamut. His wife also made us a really good rhubarb cobbler. I've realized here in Montana dessert for a lot of people consists of some kind of fruit of something. I used to not really like eating all of these different fruit pies but I'm starting to get used to it and enjoy it.

So I received a letter from the H's this week. It had been sent mid May but when they sent it to the mission home they just put elder Davis so by the time it got passed around to the three other Elder Davis's in the mission I finally received it. They said L's baptism was really spiritual. They said A is just eating up all sorts of church books and the more he reads the more he builds his testimony. They said that S was able to get a horse trailer so they must be doing better financialy which is good to hear. E said that she is excited for her baptism which is coming up this weekend. Her brother in law is going to baptize her. That's A's daughter from another marriage. She said she still wonders why Heavenly Father didn't allow me to stay so I could baptize her but that she knows there must be a reason for it that we can't see. She said that she has past everyone up in reading and that she is in Helaman! Dang she's really feasting on the words of Christ!

So K and Sis. B made up with each other and are no longer fighting over bananas so that's good. We got to teach her on sat. night so that was good. You can see she wants the gospel in her life. It's going to be hard to tell her she can't be baptized till she's off of probation. We are still trying to figure out the best way to do that.

Last night we were having no luck finding anyone home or not busy so we started looking through the ward list. We saw a name of a young couple that didnt look familiar so we decided to try them. We went to their apartment complex but the thing that you call to get buzzed in didn't have their name on it so we called them. He answered and said yeah you can come in I'll come let you in. Right as he turned the corner Elder Child said oh no! It turns out this was an active couple but we had never really met them. They had us come in and we told them what had happend. They laughed and said they had been out of town the last two weeks and then he had to work this week so when we had called he thought oh man they think we're going inactive. It was fun to get to know them though and talk to them. They are both from Utah and she just finished playing her senior year of bball up here at Northern. They are both really tall. It was fun to talk to them about funny things us non natives to Havre find funny. Like people's accent. They have somewhat of a Canadian accent. Like they say beg for bag or teg for tag. So even though we didn't get to teach a less active couple we met one that I think could be a big help to any college kids we teach and they said they want to feed us sometime so that's always good. Well I better get going. I hope everyone has a good week. I'll talk to you later.


Elder Davis

PS it's 73 degress here.

Fresno Dam

Fresno Reservoir

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