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Transfer news and more- Monday, May 24, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Well its sounds like everyone had a good week. It sounds like the EVMCO Concert was a success. 2,000 in attendance? How does that compare to the previous ones? It also sounds like everyone had fun with the grandparents in town. Mom said there was a lot of ice cream in the house. Sounds like I missed out. Darn. There is a really good place here in Havre that sells really good shakes for pretty cheap so me and Elder Child frequent that often. Sounds like L. had a good birthday. Did she get my present? I hope so. I hope she likes it. I wasn't quite sure what to get so I picked that. Typical of her brother to get her something that would somehow relate back to sports haha. Ii hope it fits. Wasn't quite sure what size to get. Sounds like the party was fun. I read something about a projector screen with a movie and boys! Uh oh. And I'm not even around to scare them off. haha jk. L. you'll have to send me all the details of your fun night. Dad said Grandma and Grandpa D got to see the Blind Side. I'm glad they got a chance to see it. It’s such a good movie.

So this week I got the Ensign from Grandma G. I've already read quite a bit of it. This conference was so good I'm glad I have my own copy to carry around with me. I also received the package from mom, post cards from mom, G. and L. I have them hanging up on the wall by my desk.

So transfer news.....Elder Child is staying! We are both excited to keep working with each other. After this transfer he will have been here for 7 1/2 months so more than likely he'll be out of here next transfer but we are excited to keep the work moving forward. We taught 19 lessons this week. We yet again came so close to 20. We are going to make it this next week! We have three progressing investigators. The one who had a date is starting to slow down though. She still hasn't kicked the cigs. We have another named K. who is doing really good. She is friends with a less active family so we have been teaching her in their home and now they have been reactivated. We are thinking we can set a date with her this week for mid June. The only one in our district who was affected was Elder Rice. He is going to open up a new area in Sydney. I'm glad Elder Heywood is around still. He'll be training a new missionary. I've never been in a district with a brand new greeny before so it will be fun to see how that is. I feel since we are in such a small district we have a lot more unity. A sister in the ward makes t-shirts and told us she could do one for us so we are making a district t-shirt. We had team ups here in Havre this week. They went really well. We went to the driving range together and Elder Child did a lot better. I must be a good teacher. We also had a really good district meeting and some really good set lessons so overall the team ups were a lot of fun and a success.

So D. is Pres.Johnson’s son who came back to Chinook to live here for a few months with his wife and baby. He just graduated from BYU and is really excited to start helping us out with the work in Chinook. He invited his old friend L., who now lives in Billings, to come over on Sat. We went over there too and helped them put concrete and these big rocks in a spill way by the canal. We were able to talk a little with him and get to know him. It ended up starting to pour rain and they almost drove their suburban into the canal because it was so slick. Our truck made it out pretty easily so that was good. After that we went and ate with them and then went back home to change and pack for Havre. A little while later D. called and said he had asked L. if he wanted to hear a little lesson from us and he agreed. So we went and taught the first lesson and it went really well. He is Lutheran and is really active but you can tell he is searching for more. He just came out and said he'd love to read the Book of Mormon. Since he lives in Billings though we had to turn him over to missionaries in Billings. But we soon found out that where he lives is the Assistant’s area so now we are super happy because he'll have the best teachers in the mission teaching him. D. is really excited too. I wouldn't be surprised to see his name in the Talon in the next 6 months. It will be cool to know we were the ones who started him out in his learning but in the end it’s really all because of his good friend D. Missionary works so much better when the members help out like that. If we would have tracted into him who knows if he would've had the same response.

Another cool thing that happened this week was that after District Meeting we went and ate at this Chinese Buffet. Our waitress came up to us after a while and said ok this is probably a dumb question but do you only come out in the summer? We said no. She said then how come you don’t come visit me anymore. Well come to find out the missionaries were teaching a less active member who was her friend and she'd be over there all the time and she said she liked having the lessons and talking religion. So we asked her if she'd like to have us come teach her specifically now. She said Yes! and to please give her a call. She is a Freshman at Northern and we think she'll know a few of the younger people from the ward so we are going to take this guy who has been back from his mission for about 2 years now to go teach her with us. We think she has a lot of promise and we are excited to call her up and go try her this week.

Well I better get going. I'm going to send some pics to mom’s gmail. Thanks to all those who have been writing letters and emails. It really brightens my day when I can hear how all of you are doing. I'll try to keep up on replying too. Well it’s off to Canada now. We have a lot of extra miles so we are using some of them to drive to the Canadian Border today. Should be fun. Too bad we can't actually cross. I love you all and have a good week. Talk to you later.
-Elder Mitch Davis

Canadian Border

Wildhorse port of entry

PS Grandma G, I saw a picture and I thought of you. Go look it up and tell me what you think of it. It’s called "On Freedoms Wings" by Rick Kelly. L. let me know if you got your shirt and I want to know where some of the seniors from school are going to college.

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