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If You Like The Weather in MT ~ Wait 5 Minutes- Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey Everyone,

First off Happy Mothers Day to everyone especially Mom, Grandma D. and Grandma G. It was a lot of fun and nice to talk to the family, Brett, and Ricky. I can't believe how fast an hour goes by. So much to talk about. So for those who missed out on the call home I havn't forgot about you. This week was a pretty good week. It rained off and on all week. That's where the subject line of this email comes from. I swear it would be nice outside then these dark clouds would come rolling in and dump a bunch of rain for 10 min. and then it'd clear up and then 10 min. later it'd start to hail and then it'd clear up again. So truly if you wait 5 min., the weather will change here.

We went to Great Falls for Zone Conference this week. We left early Monday so we could participate in zone olympics on pday. That was a lot of fun. We played a bunch of games and they had a points system. It was sr.comps vs. jr. comps. The sr. comps won.

Tuesday was Zone Conference. It's amazing how every Zone Conference they seem to talk about the exact thing you need to hear. President also talked about how he went to Chicago for a mission pres. meeting and he went to Wrigley field and bought Sis. Gardner a cubs hat because that's her favorite team so it was fun to be able to talk a little bit about Chicago and how I lived there with them. Zone Conference in Great Falls was a little smaller than the previous ones I've been to because it wasn't a combined zones Zone Conference like the ones in Helena or Bozeman but I think I liked it more because it was a little bit smaller setting. This allowed you to get to know the other Elders in the zone more I thought so that was good.

I need to share a joke I heard at Zone Conference that I really liked. What does Satan look for under his bed when he goes to sleep at night? Jeffery R. Holland. HaHaHa I thought that was a good one. I also heard a story from Pres. that was told in his conference that was told by another mission pres. He said that he and two sister missionaries went to a catholic school and gave a presentation about our church. They bore testimony at the end and said if the kids would read the Book of Mormon they too would come to the knowledge that the sisters had that it was true and that the church was true. When they were done, the priest got up and said thank you it's good to see you like your religion as much as you do. And then he asked the class how many of the students felt the same way and knew without a doubt that the Catholic Church was the true church? And none of the students raised their hand. So he asked them again and again none of them raised their hands. So one sister got up and bore testimony again and said that they had copies of the Book of Mormon for whoever wanted one and everyone of the students came and got one. So they handed out 50 Books of Mormon to a Catholic school class. What an awesome feeling that must have been for those sis. missionaries to see that the students had a desire to feel the same way they did and to place 50 Bookds of Mormon! Wow! That would be cool. I bet that priest was ticked!

This week on Wed. It was Cinco De Mayo so we thought, oh let's go get some mexican for lunch. Let's just say that mexican food here is no bueno compared to AZ. That's one thing I've noticed. You eat a lot of the same kind of things on a mission that you ate back home but the recipies are altered just enough that it's not as good as mom's cooking.

Ok we went this Sat. and helped our home owner Bro. J. brand his calves. He had about 30 of them and oh man was that an experience. You have to get the calves separated from the heffers and then you just take them and attempt to tackle them while someone else grabs their back legs and you take them down. I was normally on the back end holding the back legs. One leg you hold with your hand and the other you hold down with your feet. So you sit there on the ground holding this calf and then Bro. J. comes over with the brand and puts the brand on their side. Right when the hot iron hits their skin they go crazy and scream and you have to hold them tight and then next thing you know they've taken a poop. So literally you have scared the crap out of them (sorry Gma G). It's quite the experience. Then another guy comes over and gives them a shot and then castrates them a foot away from you. hahaha. It takes you back a little the first few but after a while you expect to see poop and blood and to be holding a screaming calf. I'll have to send a few of the pics I took while we were herding them. I better go though. If you want any more detail on the branding talk to my mom or dad. I love you all and I hope you have a good week.
-Elder Davis

PS Have fun in California G and Mom. Send me a post card or something.

Branding Calves

Bear Paw Mountains

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