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A busy but good week... - Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey Everyone,

First off thanks to all who wrote me letters or emails this week. It was so nice to hear all the fun things that are going on in UT and AZ. I've slacked a little in my writing letters since the transfer but I've been able to catch up a bit today so hopefully I'll get them out soon.

Ok Monday we were in Lewistown. No I didn't get to see the N family yet. They live 30 miles out of town so because of limited miles I'm not sure if I ever will get to meet them but you never know. Maybe next time we are in Lewistown. That's funny that L's cousin asked her if I went to the prom with her.
Elder Heywood went out there with the Zone Leaders on Wed. and talked about me. Elder Eggbert who is a Zone Leader told them I look like Keanu Reeves. hahaha By the way Elder Heywood wants to know if you'd send a prom pic of me so I can get it to him so he can show them. haha I also wondered if you could send me some other pics. Dad or L could probably do this the easiest but get into my pics and send me the car pics from B. J. and the pics from Havasupai. Elder Child wants to see my car pics and Elder Heywood wants to see pretty much any pic from AZ because he is from AZ and we talk a lot about it together. Oh and L if you have your tennis individual and team pics send those too. Try putting them in a zip folder maybe if you know how to do that. If not just send them as attachments maybe and I can pull them off to my card.

Anyway Monday we sheered sheep. Well we didn't really sheer them. We just helped herd them into a pen and then get them in line and into a shoot. Then you just push them in the butts till them walk and go up the shoot to a trailer where the sheerers sheer them. I'ts really crazy how fast they sheer those sheep. I have some pics but I forgot my camera at home so I'll have to send them next week. And Yes Dad I am working outside. Crazy huh? I've found its a lot easier when you have a good pair of gloves and it's not so stinkin hot outside! haha Tuesday we were still in Lewistown. We had teamups with the DL. I went with Elder Heywood's companion, Elder Rice from Florida, and visited some people. He's been out 1 transfer so both of us kind of had to step things up but we did good teaching together.

The elders in Lewistown stay in this old fashon apartment building. Its kind of fun stay there. The thing that stinks though is they only have a tub with a little hose so you have to sit there and shower in the tub. You do it quick because you get kind of cold. I can't imagine having to do that in the winter. Wed. we drove back to Havre and then Chinook that night. We drove on this dirt road to save miles. It wasn't too bad. The drive was really pretty. Good thing we have a truck though. I'm not sure we could have traveled that fast in a car. On the way back Wed. we stopped at the Havre ward's bishop's house. He lives way out there by Big Sandy on a huge farm. Pretty much he farms organically this stuff called Kamoot? It's an ancient wheat that can be used to make breads and pastas. Anyone allergic to wheat can eat it. He had us get in this big tractor with him and we had a Correlation Meeting with him while he seeded one of his fields. I think that is the first and last time I'll ever have a correlation meeting in a tractor. hahaha. We also helped him plant some trees and he fed us Kamoot pasta. It was pretty good.Quick question: Did you get a chance to watch the Joseph Smith Movie I sent you?

I got some good news on Thurs. L got baptized Sat.! Not a lot of detail Elder Lanham just wrote a quick note on Grandma and Grandpa Davis's letter he forwarded.  I'll have to write him and get some more details but that was good to hear and I'm glad he finally got a baptism in Townsend.

We were tracting this week and we tracked into an old guy in his 80's who is building a one man plane in his living room. He invited us in and showed us all about it. It's pretty cool but really random to see in someones living room. haha

We taught 15 lessons this week which is good considering we were in Lewistown a good part of M-W. We are teaching this old indian named G. He's a really big guy and every time we go there he's only in his boxers so we have to wait for him to get dressed. What a crazy old indian. You run into a lot of indians around here. Some, like G, are really nice. Others not so much. We asked G. if he would be baptized and he said I already have. This really confused us but I guess the indians had a placement program through the church to go live with a family but you had to be a member. He claims his friend who was a missionary here baptized him. We asked him if there were any witnesses and he said no his companion was shopping. So we have to do some digging to find out if he really was baptized and his records are out there somewhere or if the missionary did that back in the day just to get him into the placement program. If that's the case there's a chance we could have a baptism in the next month or so.

We are working with a lady in Havre who had a date of May 1 but she has to quit smoking first. We went to teach her last night and start the Stop Smoking Program with her. She has reset a date for May 22. This will probably be my first baptism.

I can't believe its almost May already. By the way. Mother's Day we are planning to call late afternoon. Like 3ish maybe. Let me know what works for you and I'll give you more details next week.
Well I better go. I hope everything is going good. It sounds like you are all busy but having fun with the things you are doing. I love you all and I'll talk to you later.
Elder Davis

PS. Questions
How's Nani?
When does Giselle go to Cali? This week or next?
And any word on Nick's mission call?
Oh and we got 52 baptisms this month in the mish.!

On the drive to Lewistown - April 19, 2010

Judith Landing

Another view of Judith Landing

The Missouri River next to Judith Landing

A member's farm in Lewistown

Elder Davis dressed up and role playing an investigator in District Meeting - Havre, MT

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