Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pictures and Greetings from Great Falls - Monday, May 3, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Greetings from Great Falls. We're here for Zone Conference tomorrow.   
How are you all doing? Sounds like everyone I've heard from has been pretty busy and is getting excited for summer. Only a month of school left that's exciting. First off I want to thank those who wrote me this past week. On Thurs. I got 5 letters! One from Mom (thanks for the pic and the coupons), 2 from Gma G, one from gpa D, and one from Aunt Carol. It was exciting to get that one! She even put Go Sugar Beeters on the back of it (Chinook High). haha

We started out in Havre and we had a pretty good week. We saw a lot of less actives and we even helped a recent convert mow her lawn. Then on Wed. it rained from lunch on. We headed back to Chinook Wed. night and we mud bogged our way into the Johnsons. Bro. Johnsons Dad passed away on Sunday night so we helped out a lot on Thursday on the farm. We loaded up some wood, rouned up some loose cows, and fixed a fence. Elder Child knows so much about all of this farming stuff because of his grandpa's ranch that when I'm with him and Bro. J. I feel like dead weight but I'm slowly learning and they are good teachers. I have the feeling Bro.J. feels like he has to train these city boys up and sometimes you can tell it bugs him but other times he's more patient. It all works though because he really appreciates the help.

It rained most of Wed, all day Thursday, and a little on Friday. So our truck was a mess. We mud bogged all over Zurich (where the J's live) I'll have to send a picture of it. We had to wash it this morning for zone confrence. We also hit some big mud probably a good foot deep out at this families house. My shoes got so muddy. I had to clean them last night. So on Friday we went and helped out at the rest home. The RS does a birthday party out there once a year and they had us come serve cake and ice cream. There was this old guy who played the electric guitar while we were there. They said he has alshimers and that he cant remember the songs till the lady on the piano starts to play them and then it all comes back and he can join in and play with her. haha he did a pretty good job.
 Friday was also the day we went to visit G. the 350 lb indian. We showed up there and he had a friend there with him who was drinking. It turned out that his "friend" was his wife's ex husband that they pick up from the reservation once a month and take into town to pay his bills and buy him clothes. He was sitting there rambling on and G. kept telling him"You Be nice to these Boys. They're Holy Men! They're the closest to Heaven you'll ever get!" It was so funny. The old drunk guy kept telling us he was the captain and we needed to listen to him. He then ended up spilling his beer and Elder Child had to grab it before it spilled everywhere.
 I forgot to tell you this last week. We were trying this guy we had talked to while tracting and he wasn't home and as we turn we see this old lady starting to mow her lawn in a dress and high heels. So we go over there and ask her if we can help her and she said oh you guys are dressed up I'll just do it. Well we looked at her and then said umm you're all dressed up too. So Elder Child finally just grabbed the mower and we got started. It was a mower with a cord and at some point the cord got stuck on a tree. Well I went to untangle it and it swings back and takes me out. I fell flat on my behind! I just jumped up and laughed. It was pretty funny. 

So we were studying the other day and Elder Child looks out and sees this stray dog. So he goes and tells the J's. Sis. J. starts yelling at Bro. J saying Shoot it! Shoot it! and then she stops and said No wait don't shoot it just tie it up. It was so funny. The dog ended up escaping when Bro. J went out with his gun. hahaha 

Saturday was Bro. J's dad's funeral. We went to it. It was in Chinook at the church. There was a lot of people there. It was packed. That was my first Mormon funeral. Definitely better than B's weird funeral his daughter put on. 

Ok Sunday I'll be calling between 4:30 and 5 our time and I'll call the house phone. We will be with a member in Havre who's going to add us to their family plan. I was wondering if Ricky and Brett could come? If so could you call them or have L tell them? Maybe I'll send them a letter about it. I'm excited for this week. Zone Conference should be really good, we have some good appointments set, and then Mother's Day! I hope that time works for you. If not send me a quick letter this week. 
Well I'm going to send some pics now. I hope you all have a good week and I can't wait to talk to you this weekend. I love you all. Talk to you sooner then later.

-Elder Davis

PS. Good to hear the Jazz made it to the next round. Hopefully they can steal game 2 from L.A.    

Shearing Sheep

Our Truck

Seahawks Truck

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  1. What a fun report! High Five! Your energy just bounces from the page...