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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Only 5 More Days

Area: Provo MTC
Companions: Elder Stewart & Elder Kuck

Well only 5 more days till I'm off to Montana. I can't believe my stay here at the MTC is coming to an end. The first few days felt like they went by so slow and now they are going by so fast. It's exciting though. There is talk that we might be able to make a quick call home so Mom if you could be home that morning that would be great. I'd hate to call and get an answering machine.

We've been working really hard this last week and we hope to finish strong the rest of this week. We have been going to the teaching center at least 2-3 times a week to teach lessons to people that come and volunteer to be investigators. Sometimes it really does feel like a real lesson but other times, and this happens mostly with students, it doesn't feel as real. The most realistic lesson is when we met with this lady named Dixie twice. She was really good at making it feel like she was a real investigator and those lessons were really spiritual and good for practice. Well our district is getting along pretty good. I don't know if I've answered this yet but all 7 of us are going to Montana so that's really exciting to know we will all see each other again. Our zone consists of elders going to Finland, Jamaica, and Illinois. The Fins have been here 9 weeks now. I don't know if I could have lasted that long here. Maybe it's different when you're learning a language though. Oh and yes the email has a timer here. Don't know if it does in the field though.

Well one of the most exciting things so far in the MTC happend last night. We had really bad seats for the Sunday fireside that were broken and you had to lean forward really far so for last nights fireside we got there really early and it payed off. Elder L. Tom Perry was the speaker. Also Elder Hinckley ( Pres. Hinckley's son) was in attendance. Elder Perry spoke for about 45 min. and gave a pretty simple talk based on the first lesson and things we need to know. He pretty much just bore simple testimony about Christ, the apostasy, the restoration and Joseph Smith, and the priesthood. Despite being pretty simple it was very powerful. I guess it shows you that by small and simple things great things truly do come to pass. I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who has sent me letters so far. Since I'm the District Leader I'm the one who picks the mail up for our district. It's really nice to be able to look through the stack and find something pretty much everyday. I've tried really hard to be able to get letters to everyone. We are allowed to write on pday (Wednesday) and Sunday afternoons. It makes it a lot easier to write a letter when someone has sent you one. It helps you be able to talk about different things going on here and in their lives.

The food here is pretty crazy. I can see how some people can gain so much weight. I gained 6 lbs the first week because it's a 3 meal buffet everyday. But now I've cut back and only weigh 3 lbs more than when I left which isn't bad considering how much you sit and how little you exercise. We do have a pull up bar in our hall though so I've tried to do that every night and I am getting stronger. We had a room check yesterday. Our room got the best room score out of our district. My bed has been made every day so I guess I'm getting better at keeping my things clean. It's easier here too because you have less stuff to have to manage. I love living such a simple mission life. So how's everyone doing? Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good now that they are over their sicknesses. Sounds like everyone is pretty busy with EVMCO and school. Keep up the good work girls and dad. And it sounds like mom is running quite a bit. This clock thing makes me feel so rushed. Love you all and hope you have a great week.

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