Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pictures and a card Mitch wrote while on the plane to MT- Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This card is a card I picked out at the bookstore. It symbolizes me leaving the MTC and looking back one last time like Joseph Smith. I hope to not be martyred though. Don't worry. The pilot we talked to said everyone is nice. Even the Indians.

After sitting on the tarmac for about 40 min. we were finally able to take off. It was different going down the smaller terminal though. While standing there waiting we talked to a lady who was neighbors with Pres. Gardner in St. George, I guess. She said they are very nice and we're going to love them. We also talked to a pilot. He asked us where we were going and when we said Montana he got really excited because that's where he went. He said it's an awesome mission and that in 2 years he only had 1 door slammed on him because the people are so nice. He also said they play a lot of horse shoes there. Sounds good to me! I am really excited to finally get to Billings. I hope it isn't too cold. But maybe if I get sent to Kalispell for my first area I'll be able to go through the really cold first and then it can be all down hill from there. I guess we will see soon enough though. Well it was great to talk to Mom and Dad today. It sounds like everyone is doing good. I love you all and don't worry, just keep writing and 2 years will go fast.

My bed at the MTC

My MTC residence desk

Montana flag in our residency (flag mitch got from Uncle Wayne)

My residency room 5m-215

Elder Kuck
Elder Cabral from Hawaii

BYU defensive tackle Russel Tialavea. He's going to Chile

Elder Kuck, Elder Stewert, and Me

Flag at the Provo Temple
View of LaVell Edwards Stadium from the Provo Temple

Provo Temple

Provo Temple

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