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Monday, February 8, 2010

Hey Everyone

Area: Townsend, Montana
Companion: Elder Lanham

Hey everyone, how's life treating ya? I hope everyone had a good week. It was good to hear from a few of you this week. It was also good to hear about BYU and the Super Bowl. I don't think I've felt that home sick while being out until yesterday. I remember all the good times we've had as a family eating and watching the Super Bowl. It was also the first time I've really thought about sports and felt a little bad I was missing the game. I really didn't feel this way until we started knocking doors and running into people saying they couldn't talk because the game was starting soon. That made it really hard. I bet Andrew will run into the same thing in Uruguay in a few months with the World Cup. So to solve the problem we visited two families that don't have TV or we knew wouldn't be watching the game. So that was good especially because one family had a baby that was really sick and they had missed church so when we went over there we ended up giving him a blessing and after 20 min. he was crawling around like his old self. It was pretty cool to see the blessing work that fast.Well this week was pretty good. It hasn't been too cold. It was about 7 degrees one morning but it warmed up into the low 30's.

On Wednesday Elder Lanham said it was my day to do door approaches with a big list of former investigators we were going to try. Well after we had knocked all of them I lucked out and hadn't had to talk to a single person. It was kind of a relief but not really because we didn't get to teach anyone or anything so it just made the afternoon feel long. Friday and Saturday were pretty good days. The Zone Leaders came out to Townsend for splits. They arrived Friday morning and Sis. P cooked us a really good breakfast. We then went out on splits. I first went out with Elder West. He trained Elder Lanham so they were telling me he was my grandpa. He is a really great elder. He is from New Mexico. He is 22 I think and he was baptized when he was 19. It's really cool to see elders like that who aren't forced to go and don't have any family pushing them to go but they go because they want to. I'm here because I want to too but it's just different when you're a convert like that. I also went out with Elder Brooks from St. George that night. It was a lot of fun to take a little break from your comp and go out with a few different elders.

Our meal calendar didn't get passed out last Sunday so for a while we didn't know where we were going to eat. Luckily the Townsend Ward is really great and we had some of the best meals set up this week. One member just had us over for pizza so that was really good. I'm trying to not gain weight but dang it's hard here. Especially with Sis. P cooking us big breakfasts every morning. By the way were you able to find the house on google? Hopefully my directions helped. It hasn't been to bad here. There were some really pretty clear days this week and then there were a few ugly days where it was even a little foggy. Tomorrow is Zone Conference in Bozeman. It will be fun to see where Dana and Ryan used to live and to see Elder Stewart my MTC comp and get to talk to President Gardner again. Someone asked where we email from. When we are in Townsend we go to the library after 4 at the school. If we are in Helena which we were last week and we are this week we go to the Montana State Library by the Capital Building whenever it fits into what we are doing with the other elders in the district. Good to hear my scarf is being sent. That will be fun to get sometime in the next week or two.

Another funny random thing about Montana that I've noticed and wanted to share was that every ones houses here have 2 doors. Usually a front and a side door which is sometimes by a garage. During the winter they are too lazy to shovel the one to the front door so you go to the one on the side. But sometimes there are tracks up to the other one so you have to guess which to try because sometimes if you go to one and knock no one will answer and then you'll walk to the other and then they will. It's just kind of a funny thing I've noticed happens. That and everyone has some kind of deer or buck or something mounted on their wall. Almost forgot we talked with that pastor who'd been fired again. He is practically Mormon except for the fact that he doesn't think you need any more then the bible. He is really nice and likes to debate but peacefully. Most of the time he ends up agreeing with stuff but he is still stuck on the whole B.O.M thing so we are working with him to try to get him to read it. Well I better go. Elder Goff is complaining he wants to go shopping. Haha. Hope everyone has a good week. Enjoy the rain you've been getting. Love you all. Hope to hear from you soon.

Elder Mitch Davis

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