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One week in Kalispell and I'm moving?

Hello Everyone,

Sounds like everyone had a great week. That's pretty exciting news about Osama! It's about stinkin' time right? We'll see what happens next. Now not to alarm you with my title of this email but I am moving. But not out of Kalispell. The members we live with have a grandson who is moving in. The ward has been looking for housing for us for a little while and found a place for us this weekend. So this week we will be moving to a new house. Not quite sure on the address yet but I will get it to you ASAP. For now you can keep sending mail to the other address. I am sad to leave and have to repack my stuff up but at least I'm not really attached to living at the Gardner's like Elder Schermerhorn is.

Ok so Mother's Day calls. Wow, I can't believe we are already to this point again. It seems like just yesterday when I was at the Jackson's for Christmas. We are going to be Skyping!!! It will be around 2:30ish our time. I can't remember when you are out of church so if that time doesn't work let me know. I'm excited that we were able to find a home to skype at. They have an Elder in Cali so they are all set up for it and know the routine. I can't wait to talk to all of you on Sunday. If you could get the Grandparents on speaker phone again that would be great! And please, Mom, send those questions. I think that's a great idea.

Well this week in Kalispell was great! I just feel like I fit in so well here. I don't know if it's because it's my fourth area or what but just remembering people and streets and how to get places is coming so easy this time around. The spirit has to be helping me! Elder Schermerhorn is trying to learn a lot about the area too. He's been here 4 1/2 months but his last comp. kind of dominated everything and didn't really give him a chance to do anything. So despite being district leader and in some ways sr. comp I feel like I really need to help him and get him more involved. So I'm looking at us more like co sr. comps.

We taught two twin boys this week. They are 10 and really sharp young guys. Their Gma is a member and their mom is less active and married to a non member husband. They really want to get baptized and that's what we talked about with them this week. They'll need to get permission from their parents before it can happen but we are praying that their Dad will let them.

We worked at the food bank this last week. It made me laugh that they were so willing to have us help. Unlike the one in Dillon who told me and Elder Hineman that we had to fill out an application and they'd get back to us. We went with the sisters and filled bags of oats for oatmeal. It was fun to just fill bags and get to know my comp. and the sisters better.

The weather has been nice. Some may not agree but we've had a lot of rain and our temps haven't been warm but not cold either so I'm not complaining. The word from Dillon is that it has still been snowing off and on so I'm glad to be here right now. Today is a really nice clear day though. The mountains are so pretty and they remind me of living right next to the mountains in Utah. And like I think I mentioned last week it's sooo GREEN!! I love it!

We helped out a recent convert that has a sheep farm. She's a single older lady so we help her every Thursday to move hay around and set up new pens for them and what ever else she has for us to help her with and then she feeds us lunch. She asked if I was a city boy and I said yes but then when I picked up the hay and used my knee to help me lift it like Elder Child taught me in Chinook she said hey for a city boy you sure know a few things. That's when I told her how I'd helped the Johnsons in Chinook. Elder Lanham was the one who baptized J. Elder Lanham served here after Townsend a year ago so a lot of people know him and loved him so it's nice to be able to say he trained me.

It was Stake Conference weekend here for us too. It was interesting to read Dad's email and see how Elder Packer who was the one who was here in Nov. talked on the same topic as Elder Gibbons did here but presented it in a different way. I really liked Elder Gibbons. Very personable and got everyone really involved during the leadership meeting and the adult session by having them read things out loud or having people give answers as he passed the microphone around. Pres. Gardner was also here so that was good to hear from him three times this weekend. He thanked the Kalispell area for treating the missionaries so nicely so I hope they'll continue that. haha

So remember our Hi line Tub T's as we called them? Well me may be making some new ones in the Kalispell Zone. We determined this weekend that we should be the Kalispell Pirates. We figure we are the only zone that could ever have this as a mascot because we are so close to a giant lake. We are going to see if Sister B can do them for us again.

How was my blog this week? I tried to implement some of Damon's suggestions. I hope they work. Elder Ika and another Elder have been called to be Online Assistants and are looking for more tips with online blogs and stuff so any info I could pass onto them would be great.

Well I better get going. I hope everyone has a great week! I look forward to talking to you at 2:30 our time on Sunday. I love you all!

-Elder Davis

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