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Happy Mother's Day to the Rest of You--

Happy Mother's Day to the rest of you I wasn't able to talk to yesterday. What a joy it is to see and talk to your family through the inventions of modern technology. The last two skype phone calls have gone a lot better than that first one. I think my family would agree it's a blessing to have. I thought i'd write a quick email so that the rest of you know what is going on here in Kalispell.

The big news of last week was probably that we were moving this week. It was a pain to move houses in the fact that you have to worry about getting all of the past missionaries junk that has been left there out. We made a trip to good will and have another to make today. We have moved into the Ms' home in Kali 2nd. They are a really nice couple who have kids in their 20's who are all moved out except for one son who is here for the summer. We moved all of our stuff Friday with the help of the G's trailer and Bro. Ms' truck. We are now moved into their basement where we have two bedrooms, one to sleep in and one to study in, a bathroom, and a little open area with a chair in there, a fridge, and our food. We use their kitchen to cook and store any other food in. I really think this is going to be a good move for us. We are a little closer to our area and we see the Ms' a lot more which gives it more of a home and family feel than living on our own at the G's. So now that that's settled I really think things are going to pick up. Which they already have.

We found two new investigators this week. One was a referral named J. She is probably 19-20 and working while going to school here. We taught her the first lesson with a recent convert who is her age and it went really well. She is definitely searching for something and we know what it is. She even came to church with the help of facebook. haha She had told us she would come to church when we had met with her but when Elder S talked to her on FB she told him her concerns about being really nervious. So they talked it over on FB and arranged K to pick her up and that we'd all sit together. It worked perfectly and she stayed for the 2/3 hrs of church. We are meeting with her on tues and im excited to see how she liked it.

Another one we taught was J. His brother is a Bishop in Washington and he referred us to him. He said he's gone through a lot of crazy things including being a alcoholic and that AA helped but now he is looking for more. We shared the first lesson with him and he really enjoyed it. He even said he'd attend church next week and that despite his girlfriend trying to get him to go to a church he said I think my brother's going to win out. So that's positive.

Real church in Kalispell was good. We go from 9-2 covering the two wards. These are definitely the biggest wards I've ever covered but the people here seem really great so I'm excited to keep moving the work forward here. That and we've got two new ward mission leaders which will be tough at first but hopefully we can mold them into what we want them to be. haha

Well I better get going now. I love all of you and hope that was a great update. Not quite what my family got but that's ok. I love you all. Have a great week. And pray for this area. The water levels in all of the rivers and lakes is rising and there could be a lot of flooding. Luckily the Lord has blessed us to live on a big hill and safely away from any flooding. We could be helping a lot of people soon though.

Talk to everyone later. Bye Now.

-Elder Davis

PS I loved the Osama got Jimmered Pic.!

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