Monday, July 19, 2010

Another busy week-- Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello Friends,

So this area is officially probably the craziest area in the whole church! haha I feel sometimes like we are never in our area. This upcoming week will be the first normal week in our area in a month. No team ups, no waiting in GF, no Zone Conference, nada. So I am happy to finally get to Work! I guess when I was the Jr. Comp it didn't really bother me I just went with the flow. Maybe I'm noticing it more now though because I have a new elder to train up and I feel like we have had no chance to really dive into the work. So we are both excited for the week to come. OK enough about the week to come. Let's go back in time.

Hi-Line District with Kyle Shobe, World Champion Livestock Auctioneer 2010
Mon-Wed. morn we were in Lewistown for team ups and District Meeting. Monday night was pretty cool. So we ate with a member in Lewistown named Brother Kyle Shobe. He is THE WORLD CHAMPION Livestock Auctioneer! It was so much fun to talk to him about auctioneering and how exactly one becomes a world champ auctioneer and how someone even gets into auctioneering in the first place. He has always wanted to be an auctioneer and him and his dad started an auctioneer business. He was doing a lot of local livestock auctions around MT. Then he went to the divisional competition in Billings a couple of months ago and won. Then he went to the Regionals (don't remember where they were) and he won. Then he went to the World Championships in Oklahoma City I believe. He said you are judged on how well people can understand you, how much you know about livestock, how well you can up-sell, and how well you can pick out the little signs people make to bid. So in Oklahoma City he competed against 10 others and won! So now he goes all over the county doing auctions and talking at conventions and all sorts of stuff to promote livestock auctions. He also won a brand new full size Chevy truck that has a big picture of this Huge belt buckle he won and on the sides it says 2010 World Champion Livestock Auctioneer. He got a golden gavel and a massive ring for winning. The ring is like a super bowl ring. And the coolest part is he's a convert to the church. So you never know when you baptize someone if someday they could be a champion at something. I'm thinking the Ensign or the Mormon Times needs to do a story on him. We got a picture with him and his truck after we ate with them and helped them move. Maybe if I have time I can send it.

So on Wed. Morning we headed back to Havre. We stopped in Big Sandy and Box Elder though to try some people. We got in with a few but the one that went really good was with L J. She is the one, I don't know if I've talked about, who's son died in Iraq about 2 months ago.  She and her husband are less active and we have been trying to get them back to church. Her mom lives in Havre and told us Sunday that her daughter said our visit was the perfect thing she needed this week. We had watched a video by Pres. Hinckley called Lessons Learned From My Childhood with her about how the Lord knows what we are going through and need in our lives and how he will bless us through the help of other people. It was cool to see how we taught that and then later find out that the Lord was using us for that same reason to help her feel comfort this week. It truly is great to be his servant on the earth for him right now.

So the Chinook fair was this weekend. We stayed in Havre an extra day to avoid it on Thurs. We also didn't go to the rodeo. We had more work to do in Havre and felt it was best to stay and work. We ended up tracting and finding a potential investigator so I was glad we didn't go. We had a whole list of people to try Friday and no one was home. Everyone was off at the fair. Luckily we had set up a lesson with G to watch The Testaments so Chinook wasn't a complete failure. We did head off for Havre on Sat. earlier than normal. Havre fair is this week but we should be out of Havre by the time it starts up.

We had a really good lesson with K this week. It went really well because it was the first good complete lesson me and E.Whitlock taught together. We also had good lessons about the temple with the recent converts the W's and C. They are really excited to go to the temple and they were even more excited when we told them they can go do baptisms now and they don't have to wait a year like they had thought.

E. Whitlock lives in Chandler right on the boarder of Gilbert so he tells everyone Gilbert. We are having a lot of fun together and he is picking things up pretty fast which makes my job easier. Like I said it will be good for the two of us to finally be in our area a full week.

Sounds like the UT trip was fun. The yearly trip to UT was definitely missed this year but I'm in a whirl right now and can't even believe it's July!  L, I commend you for trying to wake board. Keep lifting weights and maybe next year you'll get it. Oh and Dad thanks for that article on the Sunday play. I really liked it. Well I better go. I'm getting kicked off by a librarian. haha I'll try to send a letter this week. Especially to L. I think I still owe her one. Well I love you all. Have a good week. Talk to you later and Stay Cool.


Elder Davis

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