Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Great Week Here in Dillon

Good Day to you all,

Hope everyone had a great week. Sounds like everyone is pretty busy and it sounds like the East Valley Mormon Choral Organization concert was a success. Only one more week till spring break for the girls and Mom. Doesn't it seem like those breaks always come at the right time? This spring break in March was always my favorite. I think it was because the weather was so nice, I was playing tennis everyday, spring training baseball was going on, and of course March madness. Oh boy I better move on before I start feeling homesick. hahaha Anyway enjoy your break but work hard this last week. Congrats on winning your match against McClintock L. We lost to them the time we played them. I should have beat the kids I played but didn't. haha oh well.

Anyway, so this week in Dillon was really good but for different reasons then last week. First off ZL's were here Monday and Tuesday. We had good team-ups with them. Elder Catron and I had a really good lesson with A. He said that he had a feeling after attending church the first time that he can't describe. One that just helped him know this was something he needed to pursue. He's dropped smoking and coffee like it was nothing. He said when he puts his mind to something it just gets done. When asked about what he thought baptism was he said he'd never read this or been told this before but he thought it was the gateway to receiving the Holy Ghost. I've never seen someone not fully know what it is describe it so well. He does that with a lot of things though. He was interviewed this week and is ready to go for Saturday. He told us that he moved here to Dillon and felt like it was for some sort of reason but didn't know what it was. Now he said he knows what the Lord was leading him here to do. It’s neat to hear him say that though because when Brother L first told us about him he told us that he told Brother L he felt that way. Brother L said he doesn't know yet but I think I do. Fast forward about two and a half months and A's realized the same thing as Brother L. We are really excited for Saturday. The Ls are helping out quite a bit including Brother L baptizing A and their two cute little girls who are going to sing When I am Baptized while Elder Hineman plays the guitar. Also some people from down in Utah that A has worked with are coming up for it so it should be a really great baptism.

Also this week we set a baptism date with our investigator H. She will be getting baptized on April 9th the day before her birthday upon her request. It’s good to see her come around and set a date because there have been times we really felt like we may be losing her but she's stuck with it. The biggest change was she started going to some other churches with a friend who was trying to find a church and by doing that was able to feel the difference in the spirit at other churches compared to ours. It’s helped her see this is where she needs to be not only for her but for her son too.

I got a pretty big surprise Saturday. We were in the church with Brother B the ward mission leader from 1st ward trying to figure out the font plug because the last member baptism we had he filled it up but the plug wasn't on real tight and the water level dropped quite a bit. That can't happen with Andy because he's a tall and well-built guy. Anyway were working on that and who comes walking in.....President J from Chinook. He and his family were in Dillon to meet up with their daughters/sisters who are at BYU and to see Sister O who was converted when living in Chinook and was able to get back in touch with the J when she found out I had served there and had their number. So I was able to talk with President J a little and then see all of them on Sunday at church. I think President J knew I was in Dillon but the kids didn't so they were really surprised to see me. That just made my day to see them all again.

What also made my day was P C finally came to church. We've been teaching her for almost the whole time I've been here and she was always really nervous to go. She's had some members of the church fellowship her though without even knowing we were teaching her and so when we challenged her to come Saturday night she agreed. I think she really enjoyed it and I know her husband loved to have her there with him. Total we had four people at church so that was great!

Last week of the transfer if you can believe it or not. I really have no clue what's going to happen. I would like to see Elder Hineman and I both stay and finish things out but we'll see. I'm half tempted to call President and tell him I'm willing to go where ever the Lord needs me but I think us staying here would be really good for some of the people we are working with. I'm still debating whether to do that or not though. Can you believe Elder Heywood and Elder Lanham go home in a week and a half? That is just crazy! Time just goes by too fast. I told Elder Heywood he needs to go visit you and eat deep dish pizza. He said he'd do that and get a picture of him eating pizza in my house with my family and send it to me. I assume you're going to his homecoming is that true?

Oh another cool thing that happened on Sunday. Brother P came up to me and gave me a hug and said that was from my grandma and grandpa. He said Grandpa Davis had called and talked to him about Scotland. He said he really enjoyed visiting with Grandpa Davis and looks forward to talking with him and hopefully E B again. So thanks Grandpa D for making Brother Ps day. That was really good for him.

Tough news to hear about Brandon Davies. We've had a few people bring it up to us which made me realize how much of a national story it was when people in Dillon are talking about it. Overall they like the fact that BYU and the church stuck up for their beliefs and their honor code. While I think its definitely damaging for BYU's basketball team it is good for the university and the church. I just hope BYU can get things together and at least make it to the finals of the MWC Tournament. Only time will tell though. Well I better get going. I hope everyone has a great week. I love you all and will talk to you later.

-Elder Davis

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