Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

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Baptism Does a Missionary Good!

Good Day to you all,

How's everyone doing? It’s spring break back home so I assume everyone is doing good and is enjoying the break. First off transfer news. For those who haven't heard through facebook I am staying here in Dillon but Elder Hineman is being doubled into a new area in Billings. I definitely have mixed emotions about this. I am very happy to be staying in Dillon but am sad to be saying goodbye to Elder Hineman. We have had so many good things happen and so much fun in the time we've been here. It’s going to be tough to be in Dillon without him but I know he's going to do good in Billings. President Gardner is showing some good trust in him sending him to a new area so I'm excited for him. He wanted to stay so bad and he keeps complaining about having to leave but I think once he gets there he'll enjoy it. One thing he is excited about is being in the same zone as Elder Ika who I've told him a lot about and they were able to meet once when Elder Ika was going to Billings on the transfer van. On the other hand he's not looking forward to being in a car share with the sister missionaries. haha I wouldn't either. Elder Lunt from the Gila Valley, AZ area is going to be my new companion. He's been out 6 months and I think President Gardner is probably bringing in someone younger but still able to probably go senior comp next transfer and take Dillon over if I get transferred. Elder Lunt was in my zone in Great Falls. I wasn't around him much but the little bit I was I think we'll get along and do good. It'd be good to finish up some more things before I leave.

One thing Elder Hineman and I were able to finish up before he left was A's baptism on Sat. It went really good! The talks were the best I've ever heard at a baptism. Sister L spoke and so did one of Brother L and A's business partners from Utah. The only thing that could top them is when Elder Hineman played the guitar while the two youngest L girls who are 6 and 7 sang I Like to Look for Rainbows. When they finished they ran up and gave A a hug. It was so cute and everyone had tears in their eyes. Then we did the actual baptism and that went great. After we had a lunch at the Ls. It was a great baptism! Then to cap it off we had the confirmation on Sunday. We are standing there waiting for A. Waiting, waiting, waiting. 5 til no A. Time for church no A. We go ask Brother L and right as we do he gets a text. Because of the time change A's phone didn't change over times until 11. So he was rushing to get ready and get to church by 11:30. So right as they are getting ready for A to come up for the confirmation he walks in. Hew. Elder Hineman confirmed him. He was nervous but he did a really great job and gave him a really good blessing. I was so happy he was able to do that before he left. It just completed everything.

Other than the baptism we probably had our worse teaching week together. No one was home at all all week long and even if they were they were sick. We did have a good lesson with the A family. They still have a lot of questions but that’s ok. The toughest thing is being able to teach while their 3 year old twin boys are running around like crazy. They sure are funny boys though.

We got our Jimmer shirts Thursday. I never told Elder Hineman Dad was sending them or one for him so when he got it he was really excited. I think they look really good. You should get one Dad. Elder Hineman is an ASU fan but he is now calling himself a BYU bball fan. Jimmer and I have swayed him. hahahaha. I'm going t attach a picture of us wearing them.

We went to the ghost town Bannack today. It was a lot of fun to go roam around an old settlement. It’s amazing to see how they lived back then and the different things they built. We'll have to go there when we come back up here as a family.

Elder Hineman heads out tomorrow afternoon so we'll head to Butte around 10 or so. Elder Butler who was my district leader for 4 1/2 months is now my new Zone Leader along with Elder Catron who is a huge USU fan so we talk a lot. I'm really excited to have them as my ZL's.

Elder Wahl and Elder Askey are going to be companions in Lander. All I'm going to say is that could be really interesting. They'll either be really good for each other or kill each other. They are just very opposite. I hope it turns out though.

I can't believe Elder Heywood and Lanham are going home. That’s good you're going to Elder Heywoods homecoming. I can’t wait for you to see him in person. You should ask to see his beat up toe when he comes for dinner. Maybe Lauren and his Mom could play tennis. haha

Glad to see BYU got a #3 seed. I think they've got a good shot to make it to the Elite 8. I think they have very winnable games from the little I've seen. That's Amazing Jimmer scored 52 pts with only 1 free throw. Go Cougs!

Also a reminder to check out Davis' Daily Bread dedicated this month to Mormon March Madness. I've got some really good stories coming. Give me more feed back please everyone. I want to know what more people are thinking besides my family and grandparents. Their feedback is good but I'm looking for some more. What did you think of my sElection Sunday one?

Oh and I'm glad you liked those shirts. I probably shouldn't tell you this but I feel like I should because I'm like Mom and I love to tell people when I got a screamin deal. All four of those MT t-shirts cost me 16 bucks total. $4 a piece. Great deal huh? I hope they all fit good. I still want a family picture of you all wearing them.

Well I've got to get going. Hope you all have a great week. Talk to you later.

-Elder Davis

PS questions answer time.

No I ended up not talking to Pres. about transfers.

Yes I knew the Pratts had their baby but I didn't know the details. Girl #5. Poor Brother Pratt can't produce any girls. haha

Havre and Chinook split this last transfer. They are in a district together and Lewistown is in a district with a set closer to Billings. So that whole area is not even close to the good old days when I was there. Chinook Elders are staying in a house some members were renting. The Johnsons surprisingly moved to California to start to run her dad’s ranch because he's getting too old for it. I never thought Brother Johnson would leave that area. He lived there his whole life and hates Cali. haha.

I got the other pair of pants and they're working great. Thanks.

Elder Lunt is coming from Missoula area. He's been in bigger cities so far and will probably love Dillon because it’s more like Thatcher. hahaha.

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