Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011

Howdy Everyone,

Hope everyone had a great week. We've been pretty busy which has been a good thing for Elder Lunt. His mom's surgery went well but they still don't know a whole lot. We started out the week with some good lessons. We were able to meet with the F's daughter H which was a good lesson. She said she's really starting to get interested in attending church. She's just hoping to get work off so that she can start coming. She wasn't able to attend conference though which was a bummer. I was able to finally pull all of Ricky's email off this week. Sounds like he's doing good and enjoying the mission life.

We had zone training last Thursday in Helena. It went really good. They talked a lot about preparing for baptisms which fit us really well because of H's baptism on Sat. Sister Gardner talked to us about using our mission money more wisely. She fed us afterward simple Hawaiian Haystacks which cost her $1.00 per elder. It was pretty good. I had to say goodbye to Elder Goff too which was a bummer. I can't believe the elders that are slowly going home. It's scary because that just means my time is quickly approaching which is really weird. I try to just not think about it.

Thursday night we helped the 1st Ward ward council set up their profiles. It’s amazing how in Montana a lot of people are kind of technologicly retarded. It took us a lot longer to set up some of their profiles. I would like to encourage all of you to get onto and make your profile. It really doesn't take too long if you have your LDS account.

So I sent a message to Elder Unga asking him about meeting you. He said you were an awesome family and he can't wait to come to our house for pizza.

So I'm focusing my blog on baseball this month. Grandma sent me some good stuff that will help and I had some good ideas. I hope it goes as well as the Mormon March Madness did.

General Conference was pretty good. I love conference as a missionary. It’s a great chance to take a little break, watch in a sense some tv, and be taught instead of teaching others. There were a lot of good talks. None that really stuck out as my very favorite though. I wondered what Mom and Dad thought of Elder Robbins talk and how it might apply to some or one of their kids if they catch my drift. See Mom and Dad. She's been placed in your care for a reason.

Ok I better get going. This email feels lame. I feel rushed because the ZL's are here for pday and to interview H and we are trying to get emailing done quick so we can play some ball and have a nerf gun war. I hope everyone has a great week. Maybe I'll send a letter when I can think more. Baptism on Saturday! It should be really good! I can't wait to tell you all about it. Love you all!

-Elder Davis

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