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Dillon Week 23

Hello Everyone,

Believe it or not this was my 23rd week here in Dillon! That's Crazy!!! Transfers are coming up this weekend. It should be interesting to see what happens. Like when I was in all of my other areas part of me wants to go and part of me would love to stay. We'll just have to see. Any predictions?

The reason I'm emailing so late is because we went golfing today! We had planned it earlier in the week to go with one of our investigators. There is a course that's all par 3s and two par 4's that is owned by a member and he lets the Elders golf for free. We woke up this morning and it was lightly snowing but not sticking so we kept our hopes up. By the time we cleaned up our place and headed in town it had luckily cleared up a little. So we went up there and the weather was just beautiful! I golfed in a short sleeve t-shirt and jeans! It was clear skies and probably 55. It was a lot of fun. We hit range balls to get us warmed up and then we played. It's a ten hole course which was just the right length. We had a lot of fun and it was really good to spend some time with J and just have a kick back day with him. They are one family I would really like to stay around and keep teaching. Dad'll have to look up the course. Its called Sleepy Hallow.

Ok I'll back up now. Last pday Whitehall was here. We had a good time with them. We had another nerf war in the gym at the church. Then we had team ups. We saw quite a few people and had some really good lessons. Elder Owens from Mesa and I went out to Argenta and saw a less active member who we've been working with and the ward has been focusing on. He is really making some progress. We went over Elder Christoferson's talk from conference. He really liked it and I really think if we step up our visits with him and the ward helping out more we can get him to church.

We had another good visit with D. She is starting to make some progress now that her boyfriend isn't around to lead her off course. Interesting thing is he is the member but less active.

So the blog has been coming along this week. I have really enjoyed writing it this month. Last month I was writing more stories about others, this month I have been doing more creative writing. Just wondering what everyones thoughts were on it and the content? Also any other ideas of ways to advertise it?

So we got a nice addition to our house this week. We have one couch in there but it always feels like we are short on seating space especially when other Elders come over. So when we were asked to go move a couch for an older sister in the ward we asked what she was going to do with the old couch she said getting rid of it. So we asked her if we could have it and she said we could so we got Brother F to help us load it in his truck and we cleaned out a spot for it in our place. So now we have two couches in our little apartment and it's really nice to have. One has become my couch and the other is Elder Lunt's. haha

Oh one more thing on blogs. Pres.Gardner called and said he had looked at my blog and really liked it and wondered what kind of response and view I was getting so that was cool.

Well I better get going now. I hope everyone is doing good. I hope a few of you got the letters I sent out this last week. A few more will be sent out soon. Sounds like everyone is doing great and it sounds like Lauren had a great season of tennis so Go Lauren! Transfer news will probably hit Facebook Friday or Saturday so check that out to find some quicker info. I love you all and I'll talk to you later.

-Elder Davis

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