Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011

April Snow Brings May Snow Brings June Snow?

Hello All,

As you can see from the subject line it’s been snowing here in Dillon. April doesn't mean showers it means snow. Maybe May will bring showers and June flowers. haha. More on all of that later though.

This week went by really fast. We were pretty busy getting ready for H's baptism on Saturday. Like I said last week we had Elder Catron and Butler in town. We had a Nerf war at the church. It was a lot of fun. Also played some bball. Then we had dinner out at our place with the Ws. Because we drove back out to our place we really didn't have the miles to drive back into town and then back home so it became in some ways kind of a hang out night. We ate dinner, played a little football with M, upon his mothers request, (she really likes it when we just kind of hang out and spend some time with him because she wants missionaries influences around him because his real dad, not G, could care less about M serving a mission.) We also went on a Jeep ride in G's old 60's willies jeep, and then had a really good Family Home Evening with them. It was a fun night and Elder Lunt said it was a good night for him. Allowed him to get his mind off some stuff back home.

Tues we had district meeting, ate at the taco bus, and then had H's interview. Elder Butler did the interview and he said it went really well but that one of the mission presidencies would need to meet with her. Afterward we told Elder Butler we didn't want any details just to know if he still thought we'd be having a baptism on Saturday. He said he thought we would. Still a little nerve racking. So an appointment was made for Thurs with Pres. Jordan and we went on planning from there. I don't know if I talked about the baptism suit dilema last week but we couldn't find a large enough suit for her. She is a pretty large woman. So after talking to the Relief Society President we finally got it set up that an older sister in the ward would sew her a dress out of sheets. Thank goodness for Sister R who did an amazing job in sewing her a full white dress with inside lined slip in it in three days.

Thursday was the interview and about an hour before we get a message while we are in another lesson from H saying she's sick and doesn't think she can make it. Oh man now were we worried even more. We called her and reminded her President Jordan was coming from Billings. She said she'd make it despite not feeling well. After the interview President Jordan said she was good to go.

So Friday after it snowing all Thurs. but never sticking we wake up and there is probably 4 inches of snow on the ground. After we weekly planned there were probably 6. It was crazy! It was April 8th and it was snowing! So we dug out the cold weather gear again and went out to work. It was slowly melting but this made everything, including the roads, very sloppy. The crazy thing is Saturday. morning it was melting a lot, especially in town, and by Saturday afternoon it was really nice outside.

The baptism went really good. Because H is pretty big we determined that Elder Lunt and I would both baptize her. So we both got to dress in our white clothes for the first time on our missions. She was really excited! To help make things easier we had her sit in the font (we quickly learned she floats), then Elder Lunt held her legs and I kneeled down and baptized her. It wasn't too hard because I only had to dunk her back a little bit because she was sitting. It went really smooth so that was really good. Her friend she grew up near who is LDS confirmed her Sunday.

An update on A. He was called this week to be a ward missionary. He's really excited. He was talking about how he has some people for us to meet with and wants to get a copy of Preach My Gospel. I'm really excited to work with him.

Sunday was a beautiful day in Dillon. Probably the best of the year. Crazy to think only 2 days earlier it was snowing. Bishop H had told us a few weeks ago that he wanted us to come help him and his wife with lds and So after church we showed up thinking we were just coming to help them and next thing we know there is a table set and they say ok elders we're ready to eat. Now normally this would not be a big deal but we had an already scheduled dinner at 4:30 and it was 3:00. I was thinking oh great I better pace myself or this is going to be really bad. After dinner Bishop H said he'd already figured out the stuff. So he showed us the Corvette he's working on and his Chevy Camero. Then as we are walking back into his house by way of this big back porch they have that over looks a big gully next to his fields and he sees a gopher. People here are obsessed with shooting gophers because there are a million of them. Well he gets all excited and goes and grabs his 22 and we sat there for 15 min. watching him shoot gophers. It was a lot of fun! haha I sat there thinking to myself this is the greatest mission! How many Elders get to stand on a back porch after eating with their Bishop and watch him shoot things on a Sunday afternoon. Hahaha

One last thing, we were showing a family and their little girl clicked on a video on It was titled 195 dresses. As we start to watch it I realize that I know the girl that the story is talking about. She went on a few dates with Ricky when me and him double dated and she took him to her Sadie Hawkins at Westwood. So Elder Hineman and Owens know her too. haha you'll have to go watch it. After you watch it you'll get this but I told the Ws girls they should fly down on Allegiant next year and come see me and another elder from Mesa that served here and then they could go rent a dress from her. They laughed and said that'd be a good idea. Here's the link to that story:

Ok I better get going. I hope everyone has a great week. Keep reading the blog (, link on side of this blog) and letting me know what you think. I love you and enjoyed reading your emails. Stay cool while I stay warm. God Bless.


Elder Davis

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