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Busy Week - Monday, March 29, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Well this week was a busy week, not really teaching wise though. It seems like everyone in Townsend is doing some sort of spring cleaning so we did quite a bit of service this week. We also helped Sis.P. get ready for this big benefit they had to raise money for a family in our ward who's facing a lot of hospital bills after Bro.C. had a triple bipass. She was incharge of the games so we helped her load over 100 prize bags and get all of the little prizes and candy ready. She worked really hard to get a lot of different fun things for the kids so it was good to be able to help her out a little considering how much she helps us everyday. The benefit was on Friday night and they had an auction, dutch oven dinner, and then Sis. P's games. She asked us to be at one of the booths and we had to give kids 6 marshmellows for a ticket and they tried to throw them into our mouths for a prize. Luckily a lot of the kids missed so we didnt really have to eat that many marshmellows. Total they raised over 7,000 dollars.

I think its a lot of fun to be on a mission in the states because a lot of your work is just getting out in the community and getting a good rep with people. It was a lot of fun to just walk around on friday night and talk to a lot of different people. In a small town gosip travels. While this can be bad it can also be good. If you gain a good rep with one Methodist, the others seem to start to like you more and before you know it they start to become a little more interested. We also went to the town talent show on sat. for our dinner time. It was good to be out at another community event and be able to talk to people. Townsend doesnt have the best talent in their talent show but overall it wasnt too bad. They do have a 15 year old girl though that is really good. She sings really good and plays the guitar. She could be the next famous country singer. haha

We met with L. this week. She is going to reset a date this week so we'll see after this tues. what she chooses. She knows its true but still thinks she isnt ready but we know she is and now we just have to help her see that.
We recieved a referal from a brother in our ward and on sat. we contacted it. We walked up to this guy who was out by his show and when he saw us he said are you Jehovas witness? and we said No. He then said ok good then I'll let you talk to me. haha He said anyone that doesn't believe in Christmas or the 4th of July he just doesn't want to associate with. We talked with him and his wife for a good 1 1/2 hrs outside in their shop. She goes to a local non dinominational church in town and he had never gone to church but says that he wants to know more about what we believe. He said some people tell him Mormons are bad but that the few Mormons he knows are nice people. So he wants to learn the truth for himself. He said before we teach him though we have to become his friend. So on Friday we are going over for deer meet and to play horse shoes. Should be a fun night and I think they both have a lot of interest and potential.
We had an awesome testimony meeting yesterday. I think the testimony meetings in townsend have been some of the best I've ever attended. Maybe its because the ward is smaller and people are more tight knit I think. This weeks was amazing though. We were waiting for the H. to come but they never showed so we just sat down and the meeing started. Well when it was testimony time all of a sudden who comes walking up...Sis. H. She gave a powerful testimony. And then who follows her?...Bro.H. and he bears his testimony. And then who follows the two of them....? L! All three got up and bore their testimonies and thanked the ward for all of the help. It was awesome! I wish E. could have been there but she had to work. We'll get her to church soon though hopefully.
The weathers been pretty nice this week. A little on the windy side but hey it beats the cold and snow.
So I recieved letters from mom, andrews email, and Uncle Jeff. First off Uncle Jeff. Thanks for the update. And dont worry about my comp. He just doesnt really like sports he really wasnt that mad. I just dont talk about sports at all until I get into Helena on Pdays with the other elders and they we talk a little bit. And you said its harder to write a letter but you can write an email if you want. I dont know if you knew that. So when you sit down to write Andrew just send me a little email maybe. You could even include some of the same stuff you're sending him like you did this week. Thanks again for the letter and I hope you bracket is going good. Mine tanked.
Lauren, Did L. B. ever commit to playing football in college any where? I would hope so. Last I heard USU was looking at him.
Have you guys gone to the Easter Pagent yet? I saw an article in the Mormon Times about it and just wondered.
Also saw they are having a temple open house for the new temple in AZ. Are you guys planning on going?
How was the YW broadcast. Elder L. was practicing the piano at the church so I went in a listend to the beginning of it. Only hear the songs and the first 5 min of the talk. We invited Hefflefingers to watch it but I dont know if they did yet. If there are any talks you think would be good for me to read to help L. please do send them.
We heard a song being played by the country band at the benifit. Can you look it up for me and see if its a real song or one they just made up? Just do a search for life in Montana and see if there are any songs that talk about snow thats 3 feet deep. It was a pretty good song to go along with MT.
Ok now to answer a question:
Yes mom, Elder L. did get your package. Sorry I forgot to tell you last week. I picked up the mail, saw our address on the return part but then saw his name. I thought what the heck! haha He said thank you very much. He enjoyed the chocolate too.
So we were walking by the tennis courts at Broadwater High School and saw the girls tennis team practicing. There team is really big but they do have some girls that look pretty good. Who know Townsend would have a powerhouse girls tennis team.
Well I better go. I'm going to try to send some pics again to Mom's gmail account. Hopefully it will work better this time. I hope everyone has a good week. Enjoy conference and Easter. It should be a great weekend. Love you all and keep up the good work with school, work, tennis and EVMCO. Talk to you later
-Elder Mitch Davis

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