Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Sting of Loss

Well first off to address the game this weekend a thought came to me while sitting in priesthood meeting. I've attached a picture to share this thought with you. The sting of a loss truly is swallowed up in the service of Christ. It's amazing how things from the world don't effect you as much when you are busy serving God. Probably because one I didn't see it and two there were other things occupying my mind this weekend. I'm of course disappointed in the loss but it's not so bad as it once was when I was at home.haha Any way hopefully next week is a better week for the Cougs. Maybe Ether 12:27 could apply well to this team.

What a week here in the great MBM. It sure started out rough but improved over time. We had 8 lessons cancel the first two days of the week. So things really dragged but it started to come around. The big things of the week have to be D. He called us on Tues. and told us how much he can feel the Holy Ghost guide him. He was also asked to speak in church on the Holy Ghost this next Sunday so this will really help him to be able to talk about how it's already effecting him. We talked to him Sunday afternoon and he said he was going to the bon fire. We weren't quite sure what he meant by that. We just figured someone must have invited him over to their house or something. Later he called about the lesson we had set up with him and Brother Z, one of his fellowshippers, and he said that Brother Z had laughed at him because he asked if it was going to be safe to have the fireside with the dry weather we've had and the high winds. Brother Z had to explain what a fireside was to him and then after he told us that we realized he had been talking about the stake fireside. hahaha. Dale had told Brother Z he was also worried because we had told him he could wear his suit to the fireside and he didn't want to get it smokey. haha New members, you sure do have to be careful with the terms you throw out to them without explaining it all. He's doing great though. He loved the fireside and we're excited for his talk this Sunday.

The D's, who I'm not sure if I mentioned last week. They are a young part member couple we have started teaching. We taught them Wed. night and had a really good lesson about the Book of Mormon and then we ate at their place Sunday and taught Sister D again. They are such a fun young couple. I really want to see her get baptized and see them get to the temple. That would be so Awesome! It's just great to get to teach them. I look forward to this Sunday when we teach her again.

Sat. was a long and adventurous day. We didn't have the car and we had an appointment at 10 a ways away. It was raining so we started to walk and try to talk to people along the way. We had our umbrellas and jackets on. It was kind of fun. By the end of the day we were beat though. We definitely walked more Sat. than any other day on my mission. When we told the Garfields how much we had walked they were amazed.

Wed. we had a lesson at the Ps' house with A. She's the one on date for the 8th of Oct. Things are still going good with her. She's fun to teach because she's pretty smart and picks up on things really quick and easy. She wasn't at church though so hopefully she'll make it the next two weeks so that she can stay on date.

We also had a good lesson with Brother W. He had some set backs this week and smoked a little. He got frustrated when he did that which was good because in the past it didn't effect him that much. You can really tell the Holy Ghost is working on him.

Well I better get running. Hope everyone has a good week. Only a couple of weeks before fall break so just keep pushing though it girls. And good luck with the the new job mom.

I love you all. Talk to you later.

-Elder Davis

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