Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Baptism and a Handshake for the Journal

Good Day to everybody!

What a week! Where do I even start? Let's start with our leadership meetings Tues. in Billings and then Wed. in Helena. We had a football coach based presentation talking about getting the members more involved and coaching them up in how to get more involved with online missionary work. Similar things to what dad presented in our ward. It went pretty good. I think everyone really liked it. The drive to Helena with President Gardner was yet again a highlight. It's just really neat to be able to hear him tell stories. He's friends with Elder Holland because they are both from the St.George area and they worked on different church things together. He told of a story where Elder Holland had stopped in to president's seminary class one day shortly after an apostle had passed. President said to him you know who I'd make a member of the 12 if I could? Jeff Holland. Well it didn't happen that time but the next time a spot was open Elder Holland was called. President must be really in tune with the spirit.

After arriving home late Wed. it was back to work and get ready for our baptism. D was baptized Sat. night by his boss who had introduced him to the church. It was a small but great service. Brother W who is an investigator was there. It was so good to see D get baptized. He's been very excited and wants to start participating in callings and family history as soon as possible. His boss Brother Z is a great example of what member missionary work can do.

I had mentioned Brother W. We had a really good lesson with him and we are getting ready to set a date with him. He has almost read the whole gospel principles book which has taught him quite a bit. He really learns a lot from it.

We contacted a part member young couple who blessed their baby a few weeks ago. They are really funny. She asked a lot of questions about missionaries and kind of church culture. It was funny to hear their story of going to Utah and some things that happened. He's from Lovell and is a big Wyoming football fan. They quickly learned from Elder Garcia that I was a big BYU fan and we poked fun at each other a little. We are excited to start teaching them this week. She really has very little gospel knowledge so I have great faith that if we can get in there and bring the spirit great things will happen.

Good to hear a lot of you liked my Sept. 11th blog. Afterward I found an article from President Monson about Sept. 11th and the 10 year anniversary and he said pretty much the same thing I did. Here's a link to what he said . Also go check out Elder Garcia's blog . He had a really neat story about his dad. Oh and what do you all think of the new blog background?

Sad to hear BYU gave a game away. I guess you take one you give one unfortunately. The blessing of a mission if I didn't see it they didn't really lose right? haha I hope they can beat the Utes this week! We are eating with the bishop and his Ute lovin family tonight. Things could get interesting.

Elder Christofferson was in Bozeman this weekend for a stake conference. The elders over there were really excited to be able to go. President and Sister Gardner went over there and some how the assistants snuck their way over there for teamups too. Well we later learned that he was doing a fireside for temple workers here in Billings Sunday night. We talked to everyone we knew who was a temple worker including the G who we live with. We dropped hint after hint about how much we'd like to go. All of them shot us down and told us how it was for temple workers only. Well Sunday night we were walking by the church around 8:40 and we couldn't resist walking in. It looked like they had finished maybe 10 min prior and most were to the refreshments in the back by then. We looked up front and there he was. There was a short line by then to shake his hand so we booked it up there and got in line. He was trying to make his way out so he was coming down the stairs and we were pretty much the last people in line. He looked down at us and said elders! Where are you from? We told him and then he talked about how much he enjoyed spending time with President and Sister Gardner this weekend and our compadres in Bozeman. What a great experience to be able to shake his hand! I'll definitely never forget that!

Well I better get going. I hope you all have a great day and week! I love you and and enjoyed the emails today. Be safe and I'll talk to you next week.

-Elder Davis

PS. Oh I almost forgot! We went to that baseball game last week and had a great time! I'll have to send some pics!

Mom what do I need to fill out for school stuff. I want to get started but am still a little lost. I'm going to definitely get started this next week. And Dad if Bishop would like me to speak/testimonify on that Sunday I'd love to if we are still going to be there that Sunday.

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