Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

There is Sunshine in My Soul Today, and in Kalispell!

This truly was the first week of summer not only on the calendar but here in Kalispell. We had sun, sun, and more sun. Besides a 15 minute thunder and lightning down pour we didn't have any other rain this week. It was a nice change to see the sun every day! Along with the sun came more activity not only in service but in lessons. We had a great zone training on Tuesday and that just set the tone for the rest of the week. We kept really busy and had a lot of set appointments too which is always nice. We also found a lot of new people to teach off of referrals and tracting, four new in total and two new less actives to work with also. We also set two baptism dates with two younger kids we are working with. One is a 9 year old who's mom has just been getting back to church and the other is an 11 year old same scenario. We are also getting close to setting a baptism date with 82 year old T. So I guess here in Kalispell we like baptizing the young and the old...literally. I'm so pleased with the work that is going on here. I also feel like right now I'm on the top of my game! I feel like everything is really clicking! At different parts of my mission I've felt close to this but have still lacked in some categories of missionary work. Obviously there are always more things to work on but right now I just feel like I'm hitting all of the points necessary to be a good missionary. This definitely comes from being more mature in the mission and having more experience but it has also helped to have a companion who is more on the same page as you and who can carry some of the load with you. President said that he was proud of me and the great work I've done but said to not look back now and to make these last six months my best months. Then he paused and said wow....I can't believe we are really getting that close...what a sad time and a happy time we are at.

Along with teaching and finding a lot came a lot of missionary journal moments. We had dinner with a family and asked if they had someone they thought we should go see. They gave us a name of a less active lady and we went after dinner and found her house. As we knocked on the door this lady in her 40's comes walking to the door, opens it with a bright smile, and welcomes us in. As I walk in the first thing I notice is the smell and then I look straight in front of me into the room and right there in the living room is a Chicken! A live Chicken! She had just taken some chicken wire and wrapped it around to make a little cage and set it on the floor and then spread the chickens feed on the floor and put his water dish just right there on the carpet! Oh Man! Only in Montana! We later found out that this lady also has 10 cats! She is a really nice lady though and is looking forward to us coming back and teaching her more. We are too because we are going to ask her if we can get a picture with her chicken! haha

You had asked about homecomings and if there are any that I wanted you to go to. Well not this transfer but next you could go to Elder Wells'. He's from Lehi and in Hineman's ward. So you could meet him and Elder Hineman's family. Also don't know if Gma G has any reason to go to Manilla but Elder Catron will be home at the end of this transfer. Tell her to incorporate some family history business into it and that'd help make it worth it. haha

We were online proselyting this week and there was a brother from Columbia Falls here. He said he's lived in Columbia Falls since 1960 so I asked him if he knew Bishop Walker. He said oh yeah I used to coach his church basketball team and we drove around to different tri stake tournaments. I told him about what had happened and it really took him by surprise. He went on to tell me about what a great kid he was and how his parents where deaf but that never slowed them or their family down. It sounds like Bishop Walker was not only a great man but a great young man too.

We helped out with more sheep this week. We had to take their coats off that they wear so the wool doesn't get dyed by the sun and put flea powder on them and then re-coat them. Never a dull day at J's.

What did everyone think of the blogs this week? Got a nice comment from Sister Evans this week. She said "Elder Davis--you have some of the best blog titles/applications ever. Way to work your angle!!!! You must be tearing it up out there." It's good to see that my blog work doesn't go to waste and that people are really reading it not just looking at it.

So I had the thought last night as I thought about the 4th of July. Dad you need to head up EVMCO singing at a Suns game this next season and then next year try out for the Dbacks too. That would be Awesome!

Well I better get going. We're actually off to play some tennis with a teacher from the ward and then we are off to hike Lone Pine. It should be a great pday. We are definitely going to get out and enjoy Montana and what it has to offer. Hope everyone has a great week. Enjoy summer! Send me a letter and talk to you later!

-Elder Davis

PS Bummer the Jazz didn't get Jimmer!

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