Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain, and a New Companion

Hello Everybody,

First off what a shock it was to hear that Bishop Walker has passed away. He did so much for our family in our time of need we will all be eternally grateful for his love and service. I'll second what mom said in saying that he is my favorite Bishop. May God bless his family through this tough time I'm sure they are going through and may there be a Bishop as great as he was to be there by their side. I did not know Bishop Walker was from Montana let alone Bigfork. Let me know on FB asap if anything goes down in Bigfork or not. Not sure how long he lived there and if they'd even have anything going on but if they did I'd love to attend.

On a not so bright note it's been cloudy and Raining, and Raining, and Raining all week long here in Kali. I'm ready for some sun! Will summer ever come? Hopefully soon. But hey I can't complain. I'd take the rain and 50/60 over the winter weather.

Elder Mower is my new companion from Orem,UT. He's the first companion I've had who is actually into watching sports not just playing them and more importantly BYU sports! I've always looked at it as the Lord keeping me in check. Maybe I've gained enough experience and trust to be blessed with a comp with some of the same interests. That and I've been away from ESPN and Cougarboard for almost a year and a half so that makes it kind of tough to always talk sports like I used to. Elder Mower (pronounced Mauer) has been out almost a year. He came out with Elder Whitlock's group. He's been senior comp for the last 6 months in his last area so it's nice to have someone more on your same level and willing to take some more responsibility on. It's been really good. I've definitely enjoyed the first week with him. We've been working hard and I know good things are going to come. Quick note on Elder Whitlock before I forget. He's training this transfer! So in mission terms that makes me a grandpa (ask Andrew for more info if you don't get it).

Teaching wise we had a good week and at the same time a not so good week. We didn't get in with a lot of the normal people we usually do but yet we were able to teach the same amount of lessons by teaching some new less actives and and finding a new investigator. If we can put everything together we'd be in good shape with quite a few progressing investigators. The new investigator we found was a referral from Columbia Falls. We pull up and he's outside standing in the rain in front of his house. We asked him why he was standing in the rain and he said he was praying to God. He invited us into his empty house and explained that all of this bad stuff went down with his girlfriend and he came home the other day and everything, including her, was gone. We sat on the chairs and had a really good lesson together. He is going to be out of town for the next week and a half working but has already been reading the Book od Mormon and he even committed to a soft baptism commitment.

Another good lesson we had was with a girl who is a member. Her mom and dad are divorced and her dad in Florida is not a member. She is looking for more freedom and to get away from her mom and step-dads rules so she decided she's moving to Florida. This broke her mom's heart. she's been questioning a lot of things about the church so we answered a lot of questions. Things started to get a little heated though and that's when we stepped back and said we can't get into contention like this the spirit wont be here. We then told her that all of her little questions aren't the real problem but that her real problem is in her lack of a testimony in the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. We committed her to watch
The Prophet of the Restoration, read the Book of Mormon, and pray about it. She left for Florida on Sat. but hopefully we can keep in contact with her and get the missionaries over there to help her out. Good to know that we at least gave it our best effort.

Blog has been going great this week. I had hit a little bit of a lul there for a couple of weeks but now I'm fired up about it again. I've added some new features too including the one at the bottom of the posts, the random post generator, and the life feed on the side that shows where the people are that are looking at your blog. Pretty cool stuff. The goal is to get more people to read the older posts I have written. I've got some more exciting ideas for the next couple of weeks so my fire has definitely been lit. Let me know what you think of the new features. Also sent a friend request to Greg Wrubell this weekend and told him about the pilot program and about my blog. Hope he checks it out. Also was good to see R K add me on FB. I know he'll enjoy some of the blog posts. Elder Mower was only able to get on once a week in his last area so I've been helping him get things rolling. He's been pretty excited about the chance to get on every day.

Well I better get going. I'm going to try to get a blog posted today. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Have fun with the family and I'll talk to you later.

Love you all,

Elder Davis

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