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The Kali Report
First off Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers out there! I hope you and everyone else had a great week this week.

Life in Kalispell roles on and continues to fly by. Tuesday we went out to J R's to help with her sheep. I don't know if I've really talked about J's much but she has about 30 sheep and 4 big rams with giant horns. She is an older lady who was baptized about a year ago and we help her once a week. This week we had to clean out ram pens and get all their poop out of there. It sure isn't the most pleasantly smelling job ever. We also had to help move rams into different pens. They are the rams that have the giant horns that rap around. You just have to grab onto the horns and a rope and pull away and lead them to their new pen. Reminds me of some of the stuff we did in Chinook.

Wed. I had leadership in Helena. Mom you talked about Lauren's driving and how the two of us would probably be ready for a road trip at the end of my 2 years. You betcha! I've done so much traveling and driving on this mission of mine. Helena was 4 hours away and it feels like nothing now to travel that far. I didn't have to drive this time though so that does help. Leadership, as always, was a great meeting. President just opens up a lot more and always seems to show us news clips and then relates it back to the gospel. One thing that I really liked is that he talked about the old phrase "All hat, no cattle" It means you dress like a cowboy and try to act like one when you don't even have any cattle. He applied it to us as missionaries and how we need to be all hat and cattle and not only wear the tag and suit but Be a missionary! We also talked about how Mormons are in the mainstream media right now and we need to go out and talk to more people on the street and tract more because people are watching, writing, and talking about us and we can either sit back and let them do that or we can go join the conversation. Needless to say this has fired me up on tracting again and we tracted a lot this week and found some good potentials.

The week in general went really good. We hit 20 lessons for the first time since I've been here. Our area has a lot of potential we are just trying to "rope it up" so that we can be all rope and cattle. haha get it? We had a really good lesson with a lady named D. She is in her 40's and was baptized into a baptist church a year ago and then started meeting with the Elders 6 months ago. They started off small with her but lately we have really been commiting her to read different things as far as pamphlets and the Book of Mormon. We have been going through the message of the restoration bit by bit and this week we focused on the apostasy and the priesthood. She talked about how she could see a church with the priesthood being stronger than one with out it. We bore strong testimony to her that we have more to offer her and that her church has set up a good foundation but there are more blessings out there through the priesthood for her. She said she'd have to pray about it which we agreed with. I really would like to see her come around because she's made some great progress in the last month.

So the blog rolls on. Spiritual Center Top 10! What is the consensus? I thought it was a pretty clever idea. Elder Holbrook jumped on it and wanted to be apart of it when I told him about it and he's going to do one this week because there really are a lot of sports blogs posts out there. I'm pretty sure I have the most though. As I made that sports page tab which is a new feature to the blog. I know I have the most sports posts out of any other missionary out there. The Sports Center post is already almost into my top 5 of all time viewer wise. I also crossed over into the 3000 view mark this week.

It continues to rain and rain here. I hear it's going to slow down though.

Another exciting part of the week was eating dinner with the Robinsons and the Davises. I called up Pres. on Monday night and he said well Elder Mower can but I don't know about you...yeah ok I guess I'll let you. So on Friday night I was able to see Uncle Stew, Aunt Carol, Whitney and Brad and all of their kids! I didn't even know they had three kids so that was fun to meet them and to talk with them. Afterward they took us to Walmart and bought us a bunch of food. They asked what we needed and we said well all we really need is milk. Well they kept saying no you want Oreos and hey look at this pizza! You know you want it! hahah it was very nice of them to buy us foods we can't afford as missionaries. They said they are going to be around and may have to come to church one of these weeks in Kalispell. I'd like that because I didn't think about it but I should have got a picture with them. Oh well maybe later.

It sounds like the funeral went really good. I'm definitely going to have to tell Pres. about Sister Walker tomorrow. I'm also going to ask about school. Glad you are all having so much fun with each other this summer. Don't worry about me. I'm not jealous. I'm getting to have the experience of a lifetime. I can always go to SD some other time.

I better get running. I love you all! Have a great time in SD. Send me a post card or something. Talk to you next week.

-Elder Davis

PS When is the NBA draft?  I'm glad you liked the card Dad. We'll definitely have to tie some flies or buy some. I bet we could ask Brother Ford. He'd know what to tie.

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