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The Week Flys By

(Sorry for the delay in getting this posted this week. The Editor has been busier than usual. Any surprise? It's December!)

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope you all had a great week! This week went by pretty quick for us. We had teamups with the district leaders Elder Weight (from Kaysville, UT any of the Gwynns know of him?) and Elder Elmer (Gilbert, AZ) in Anaconda. It was fun to walk around with Elder Elmer all day long. We didn't have much success but it was fun to be outside walking around in pretty nice weather. Elder Askey doesn't like to walk so we never walk so I told Elder Elmer I enjoyed being out and about with him all day. It was also fun to talk AZ and sports with him. Like I've said before I think I'll never be put with a companion who likes sports like I do but at least they exist in my district. hahaha We ended up teaching a part member family that night and it was pretty funny. The non member is this sweet old black dude who kind of looks like Don King. hahaha His name was W and he sat there the whole time smoking this big ol cigar. As we were talking he told us he invisions in heaven he'll have a nice cabin by the lake and sit in his rocking chair and smoke his cigar and drink Jack Daniels with his wife. He then went on to say that Christ would probably come join him and smoke a cigar and drink some Jack with him and tell him stories. His wife started to argue with him and tell him that wouldn't happen and he kept saying Hey you can't decide what my heaven's going to be like! It was funny. Some people are just so lost.

Thursday we went to Helena for a three zone conference. It was really good. They focused a lot on idea to help still accomplish our work during the busy holiday season when some people think they are too busy for us. They also had Pres. Hill from Missoula who is a biologist talk about DNA evidence and how it doesn't really hold any water in support of the Book of Mormon or against it because there is still just not enough we know yet. It was kind of deep and a little confusing but I think we all got his main point....I hope. haha At lunch we were blessed to be visited by Santa (Elder Heywood) and his elf (Elder King) haha. It was pretty funny. The stake pres from Helena also had the different shaped pipes with a number that you hit with a rod and it dings. He then put up numbers on a projector and we played through songs. It was pretty cool and he said we were better than the CEOs he does it with at meetings this time of year. The Helena Stake also gave us these really nice fleece blankets. I got a black one and I decided that I wanted to get it embroidered to set it apart. So I took it to a printing store here in Dillon and I'm having them print the state of Montana on it with Elder Davis below and Montana Billings Mission on top of it. They said it'd cost about 5 bucks. So I thought that would be a good gift to myself. hahaha So thank you Helena Stake for the blanket and allowing me to be able to do that. I think it'll be a nice keepsake.

We also received a gift from the Gardners. They gave us some candy and a Billings Temple temple recommend holder with a message from them. I was excited to receive that because I didn't have a holder. We then spent the rest of the afternoon with people sharing something they have learned from the Christ centered Christmas we have been doing. I talked about Samuel the Lamanite and how the people started to doubt his prophesies and even Nephi started to get worried so he prayed and was comforted by the Lord when the Lord told him that he would be born that next day. I compared it to us as missionaries needing to keep up our confidence in what we are doing and prepare people for Christ's second coming.

Zone conference was also really fun because I was able to see a bunch of missionaires I haven't seen in a while. Including Elder Wahl and Elder Ika. I was also able to meet Elder Ika's new comp from St.George Elder Goodwin. They joked at zone conference that everyone in Lewistown thinks they are twins because they are both brown and poly. hahaha They are a great companionship. It would be a lot of fun being in their district. Elder Goodwin was a freshman on the BYU football team last year when he got hurt in practice so he came on his mission and after will play at Snow for a year and then BYU wants him to come play LB. He's a convert of 2 years and when asked by Elder Holbrook what made him come on a mission he simply said well...I was a worthy able male so I knew it's what I had to do. I liked that answer. Reminded me of what Pres. Monson said in Conference.

Elder Wahl and Havre are doing great. He said he really misses me. Him and his comp get along but I guess not as good as me and him he said. J was baptized last Saturday. C was baptized this past Saturday and J B and K are both getting baptized Christmas Day. Also a lady Brother Pratt was starting to work with right before I left is getting ready to set a date as well as another former investigator in Chinook. It's Awesome to see all these things coming to pass! I'm so excited for the area and the ward. I'm also excited for Elder Wahl to get to experience all of this his first couple of months out.

So I hope everyone has enjoyed my Christmas cards. There are still a few I need to send out so hopefully I can finish those today. Because of transfers being closed to Christmas they are sending the group going home this transfer home sooner. So transfer call will come a day earlier on Thursday. I'm pretty sure I'm staying from some things Pres has told me but you never know. I hope I stay here. I've liked it here so far and I think there is a lot good things ahead of us. That and Dillon isn't quite as cold as the rest of the state so it's a good place to be in the winter for me. hahaha

Well I better get going. It was good to hear from those who emailed and good to read a letter everyday. It's been fun to get a letters from some people I haven't heard from in a while. I'm sending a Christmas package home this week. Don't open it till Christmas. I hope you'll enjoy it. I hope everyone has a great week. I love you all and I'll talk to you later.

-Elder Davis

GO BYU Football!!! Beat Utep! and Go BYU Bball and Jimmer!!!

PS one quick story as I mention BYU. So I had a BYU shirt ordered for me last pday. It's a Cosmo shirt. Well I got it on Friday and they sent me the womans version even though on the receipt it was clearly ordered as a Mens L. So I have to ship that back today and explain to them what they did wrong. When I first took it out I looked at it and thought there is no way this thing is a Mens L. haha It will all work out though.

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