Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010

Transfer New and More

Hello Everyone!

First off a Merry Christmas to All of you! I hope you all have a great day with family and friends and I look forward to hopefully getting to talk to a few of you over the phone on Christmas!

Transfers were this week and believe it or not I'm Training Again!!! I'm So Excited!! Training has been the most fun and most productive times of my mission. I can't believe I'm training for a third time! I'm am so grateful to Pres. Gardner for giving me this great opportunity again. I think it will do this area a lot of good to get some Greeny fire in here and it will do me a lot of good. Elder A despite still having 6 months left is pretty trunky. It kind of bugs me how trunky he is already so I'm excited to get a new fired up comp. Elder Askey is being transferred to Lander,WY. He was pretty bummed at first but there have been a lot of people telling him how nice Lander is so I think he's warming up to the idea. We will be heading up to Butte on Tues afternoon where Elder A will get on the transfer van and then I will hang out in Butte till Wed. afternoon when the new missionaries come in with Elder Weight who is also training. They have split the Butte area into two companionships which caused our district to be split. So now I'm back in a four Elder district which is fine with me. That's what I've been in pretty much my whole mission. So it's Dillon and WhiteHall/ Sheridan in a district. Elder Mortenson is the District Leader and Elder Owens who is pretty new is his comp. They are both from AZ so the thought has been recently that it would be cool if my new comp was from AZ and we'd have an all AZ district. hahaha Also some other exciting transfer news is that Elder Heywood's new AP comp is Elder Goff! That means two of the Elders in my first Helena District are AP's! I look back at that district and that was a really good district with some really good Elders in it. I think 7 of the 8 have either trained, been district leaders, zone leaders, or now APs. That was definitely a great district to start off in.

This week was a decent week. A lot of people are pretty busy with Christmas coming up. Bro.C our recently reactivated member gave us a ride to Butte to help save some miles. It's amazing to see how the gospel changes people. Before he wasn't even coming to church or reading but now he's read the Book of Mormon and D&C, coming to church, and now even giving the Elders rides. haha We had a really good lesson with him and his wife Sat. night. Her Mom recently passed away and we taught the plan of salvation. She loved it! I think she is our investigator with the most potential at this point. All of our others have kind of fallen off of the wagon in a sense. We'll keep working with them though. You look at all the people I worked with in Havre and it takes time for some people and now look at them all getting baptized! I was informed this weekend that K was baptized and that J B is getting baptized next Sat.! So Havre like I said last week has just exploded since I left.

We've had a few snow storms this week. Nothing like the one a couple of weeks ago. I will be driving for the first time ever in the snow Wed. Pray for Me! I'm just going to take things slow. We'll have to talk more on Sat. about how to drive in the snow. haha

It was good to hear from a few different people this week. I also received the package from home, and one from G and G Gwynn. Thanks to all those who sent things this week.

Oh one other thing that happened this week. So we meet this Presbyterian Pastor named D. He wanted to meet with us and teach him the lessons and he says he's in search for truth. Well this week we talked about priesthood for like 3 hrs. Pretty much I layed a truth bomb on him as we jokingly call it in the mission. I told him in a round about but yet direct way that without the priesthood of God you can't perform ordinances like baptism. He then asked If I was telling him that without the priesthood that baptism wasn't whole and I said Yes, That's correct. So he was all ticked off because we pretty much threw it down to him in a round about way that without the priesthood his work and livelyhood isn't valid. He didn't like that. hahaha It was the calmest I've ever felt with or around a pastor. You could feel the spirit there testifying we were speaking truth. It was amazing. I guess he wasn't too upset though because he took us to breakfast today because Elder A is leaving and gave us both a New Testament cartoon book. haha It was pretty cool though to throw out truth and see how the learned take the truth to be hard.

Well I better get going. I hope all of you have a great week and a great Christmas. I wish I could be there with all of you but I'll be fine. I know I'm were I'm suppose to be. I love you all and Merry Christmas!


Elder Davis

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