Monday, October 11, 2010

What a Week! - Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey Everyone,

We are at a member's home today getting to email since it's Columbus Day and I'm very thankful for that because if they wouldn't have been so nice we would have had to wait till tomorrow.

So it sounds like everyone has had a good week. I have had a Great week. Let's start with the best part. We taught P H on Tues and had a really good lesson with him. We committed him to baptism on the 23 of Oct. and him and his wife looked at each other and said oh no we'll be out of town that week. So his wife was trying to figure out a date in late Oct or Nov and he said well why are we waiting around? Why can't we just do it on the 17th? We told him we could do that we'd just need to meet with him probably twice more to make sure he's good with everything. He responded by saying well can you just stay and keep teaching? haha we said Of Course! So we had a 2 1/2 hr lesson with him! It was awesome! He is so ready for baptism and he just had his interview at 1:00 and he's good to go! So I'm Finally going to be at a Baptism! It's pretty much my first baptism. Of course you can't forget the Hs and W M but I didn't get to be there for those. So I'm so happy to finally be a part of a baptism. His oldest son who is 17 is going to baptize him. The ward is really excited. In priesthood yesterday we were sitting there with P and they announced the baptism and this old man in the ward turned to the guy next to him just in front of us and said No Way they finally converted that guy! haha it was so funny! Luckily I don't think P heard him. haha So yeah a baptism in 7 Days! It's been so Amazing to see it all work out so perfect and so fast. He told us he's just had to humble himself and come to the Lord to work through some recent struggles and that that lead him to wanting to take the lessons again. He took them when they first got married but he said he wasn't doing it for himself it was just for his wife and that's why he couldn't commit last time. But now he said he's ready this time and it's for him.

So besides that we taught 26 lessons! That's the most I've ever taught in a week on my mission! It was a lot of fun to just be working really hard to keep looking for new investigators and keep looking for more people to teach. We also found 4 new investigators this week and more this last month than I've found in my whole mission. It's been a lot of fun. Elder Wahl has really helped me catch some of his greeny fire again and it's really helped us. That and the members are starting to help us a little more which will really help this area to pick up big time. We've been working hard with them and they are just starting to get it I think. Sis. B said in her testimony this week that my challenge to her to pass out more cards has really helped her learn that it can be easy if you just put forth an effort. She also bore a good testimony about how if the members will band together and be more missionary minded that the ward will expand enough to get the chapel expansion. I'm glad our efforts was able to inspire her to say that and hopefully that will help get the mission effort going even more.

We taught J again and she you can tell she is frustrated and just wanting to get baptized. We talked to her about fasting and how that can help us receive blessings from the Lord. So hopefully that motivated her to keep working towards her goal and helping her mom's heart to be softened.

So I've been listening to that Lamb of God cd. It's really good. I really like track numb. 9 where the Lord is coming into the city. What was it like to perform that program. Pretty cool I bet.

I'm glad you've enjoyed the pics. Yes the old guy with the beard is W. Also the speedometer was when a member was driving us to White Sulfer Spring. He was Crazy! I know the Lord was watching out for us that day. The other old people were the Ws. They were an old Methodist couple that liked to feed us and play Yahtzee. I think he would join the church but she was just stuck in her old Methodist ways.

Yes I got your package Mom and Gma G. Thank you so much. Those were both fun packages to get! Well I better get going. I love you all. Thanks for the pics. I'm going to put them on my card so I can look at them all later. I hope you all have a great last week of break. Glad BYU won! Elder Ika said that Mom should go to every game if they always win when she goes. Well talk to you later. Love you all.

Elder Davis

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