Monday, October 18, 2010

Baptism and more - Monday, October 18, 2010

Well I was finally able to witness a convert baptism on my mission! It was really nice to be a part of. Sunday we had church in Chinook so we left there after opening exercises of priesthood and headed off to Havre. Once we got to the Havre Ward they were just finishing church. There seemed to be a special buzz in the air and everyone was excited for the baptism. A few minutes later P and his son C came out dressed in all white. It was so cool to see. P just looked so calm and happy with everything that was going on. The service was held in the gym/baptism font area and I'd say that a little over 50 people were there. It was cool to see all the support from the ward. His youngest daughter gave the talk on baptism and then it was time for the baptism. E.Wahl and I were the witnesses and his son C baptized him. The baptism went smooth and just like that he was baptized! His son did a really good job of speaking out and being loud enough for people to hear despite being a pretty quiet and shy kid. E.Wahl was then able to play the piano while they got dressed. Then Bishop Q who P had picked to confirm him was able to give him the Holy Ghost. E.Wahl and I were able to stand in for that too. It was just amazing to see how prepared he has been through all of this and how you can tell he's just ready to be a member of the church and to get to the temple with his family some day. We had a bbq after at the H's house and it was a lot of fun to just sit and get to know P a little more. We have been going through the lessons and teaching so much it was good to sit and get to know him better. He said he really likes E. Wahl and I and that before he didn't really like the missionaries but that we must have been the right guys for the job because he really likes us. That was another confirmation to me that I am were I'm supposed to be. In good ol' Havre Montana!

Well now I guess I'll fill you in on the rest of my week. Definitely not as cool as P's baptism but a good week. We had team ups with the zone leaders. E. Colf and I spent the day together. We talked to some interesting people. I've never talked to so many interesting people in one day as I did with E. Colf. I told him he must bring out all the weirdos but I guess weirdos need the gospel too. haha. One house we walk up to this guy is walking out and he said we can go talk to the guy inside. Well the other guy comes walking out and right away we have some suspicions about these two. After talking with the one man he asks us what our stance is on Homosexuality?! I've never been asked this before. I just kind of turned to E. Colf probably with a shocked look on my face and luckily E. Colf being the stud missionary he is was able to answer it really well. Well then later this group of girls in their 20's are on their front porch and we stop and talk to them and they tell us they're bi and want to know our stance on Homosexuality. It was crazy. Let's just say I know what to say to that question now so that's good.

On Thurs. we looked at the baptism font and it looked Nasty! There were giant spiders and it just looked brown and gross. So we got in there and did a deep clean on it. I don't think it's ever been cleaned before. Well afterwards we both walk outside and realize we left our keys in the church. So now we are locked out of the church and our truck. Luckily a member lives close by and was able to help us out. It was pretty funny.

Sat. we were out at the J's and helping pick up some large branches that had been blown down from this big wind storm we had had and next thing you know we are over by the corral with the sheep and goats and this dumb donkey. Well E. Wahl yells FLEE!!! and all of a sudden the donkey goes Crazy! and busts through a gate and starts to run away as all the sheep start to run away with him. So we go taking off after them and try to bring them back but E. Wahl not being an experienced farmer like me hahaha, yeah right, runs right at them and they just keep running away. Well like 250 yards later they stop and we are able to chase the sheep back but the dumb donkey just keeps going. Finally we just leave him alone but keep watching him and he comes back. All of this while the Js were off at some farm auction. Good thing none of them ran away for good.

We found out this week that our mission is going to be a pilot mission for the new phase 2 of We are going to do online proselyting through Facebook somehow. Right now it's only open to DL's and ZL's but Pres wants it open to all eventually. The thought is for an hour in the morning when things are slow we could get on and blog spiritual thoughts and chat with non members and teach them online. More details to come and of course it's not for me right now anyway because I'm not a District Leader or Zone Leader.

Well we have mission tour in Helena this Wed. The whole west half of the mission will be there. It will be fun seeing a lot of Elders I haven't seen in a while. Elder Allan Packer will be there. It should be really good. I'm really excited. Well I better get going. I hope everyone has a good week. I love you all and hope you enjoy your first week back to school and work. Talk to you later.


Elder Davis

PS I received a package from Gma and Gpa Davis but not from you. It could have arrived today maybe but we are in Havre so we'll see Thurs.

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