Monday, January 4, 2010

Pictures -- Tuesday Dec. 29, 2009 -- Mitch's Last 24 Hours Before Leaving for MTC

This morning started early with a trip to the orthodontist to pick up the retainer that was made yesterday. We stopped at Whole Grain Bread Company for loaf of Apple Cinnamon Swirl Bread. The kids requested we stop and how can you deny your child something he wants when he is leaving you for two years. One last chance to give him what he wants (Mitch and I also stopped for eggnog shakes at Jack in the Box the week before while out running errands the week before). We then went to get Mitch a seasonal flu shot. The MTC stated he needed that and H1N1 before coming. He had already gotten the latter. When we got home Mitch went and played tennis with Ricky, then he was off to see some friends before coming home to spend some time with family who were visiting from Utah. While he was gone playing tennis I got most of his stuff packed to his surprise when he got home. He was a little concerned he would not be able to repack it when he leaves the MTC for Montana since it was done for him. I told him to just do the opposite of how he unpacks it all. We all went out to dinner that night as a family to a mexican restaurant we had all been to except for him. He has heard us all talk about how good it is and wanted to go. One final stop at WalMart on the way home. President Solomon came by at 9:00 and set Mitch apart as a missionary and officially as Elder Davis. It was a really neat experience. We all hugged and cried after Pres. Solomon left. We knew it wouldn't be much longer before we said our final goodbyes to each other. Mitch got to bed later than he had wanted for needing to be up the next morning at 3:45 to leave for the airport by 4:15.

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