Monday, January 4, 2010

Picture -- Grandma Gwynn's thoughts on Mitch's arrival and departure

Wednesday ~ the morning began very early for Mitch ~ he said: 3:45 a.m. Though his plane from Phoenix departed on time ~ his arrival in Salt Lake City was late! I saw several new Elders as I waited by the baggage carousel #8. As the minutes ticked away, I began to feel I had missed him! After much pacing a decision was made and I moved toward the escalator ~ and there he was! My lost was found! Baggage was picked up and we were out the door to the van. A cold snowy day greeted Mitch! There was concern about the breakfast planned at Little America ~ we barely squeaked in where Mitch's Davis Grandparents were waiting. All is well! Mind pictures were being added to those of the day for each of us. The hustle of earlier hours was now peaceful. We didn't rush through breakfast but it was time to be on the road to Provo. Mitch seated in the co-pilot's chair, Davis Grandparents in the middle row in the captain chairs and Grandma G in the back row. We arrived in Provo with time to take pictures at the Temple as we had planned. It was closed for the day but a young man with a heavy snow blower was cleaning the walkways around the large entrance area...he was our only competion! Privacy and peace! Snowing a little more there than down in town. All too soon the minutes clicked away...hugs and expressions of love were exchanged with moist eyes and it was back to the van. Wait! Glasses need to be exchanged for contacts. With that chore completed but not as quickly as other days, Mitch pulled a printed pass from his pocket to place at the windshield. We are at the drive and being motioned forward and then a turn and what do we see? Elders and more Elders line the very long sidewalk with big smiles and large waves with some thumbs up from some as we continue to be motioned forward to the very last section. Mitch gets out and immediately two Elders step forward as the back is opened to retrieve the bags. I had turned in the seat and was on my knees to assist and as Mitch reached to close the door, our eyes caught just long enough for a final 'I love you, Mitch' and they walked together toward the building in conversation and disappeared. The van was already in motion. Mitch did not look back. His Grandfather Davis commented, it was like being in a parade...with President Monson inside! Such a heartwarming reception filled with joy! We already knew he would be in good hands when he arrived but the response to his entry said all that was needed. ~Grandma G~

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